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  1. 10 mins, 20.4288 seconds. Logane/Chisa/Jadechan
  2. Yea, I don't really fire until mob is debuffed first. So to summarize, the weapon skill accuracy is capped at lv. 10, but more handling still increases damage? I don't follow. The description of the buff, in game, reads as "[b]Increases ________ Accuracy by ___ Skill Level(s) when equipped." [/b]The key word here is "accuracy." Should the description be changed, or should we all assume that more accuracy still increases damage. I have heard that the highest, effective weapon skill is level 10, could a reliable source please confirm or discredit this statement?
  3. "Realistically I think the best way to really stop Terrans from kiting mobs way over their CL is to give mobs a bonus defense vs MLs" (Crighton). That is effectively the same thing. The only difference, is all players would be effected by [b][u]distance[/u][/b] in our proposals. This statement implies a change to all missile using characters at any distance.
  4. Comparing the emulator to the [b][u]live[/u][/b] version of Earth and Beyond is to compare one unfinished piece of work to another. Balancing in [b][u]Live[/u][/b] was never really handled very well, as I'm sure most of us would agree. Aru, I'm having trouble understanding what you're trying to say here. It sounds as if you're happy playing characters that take little to no skill to play. That may be very well good for you, but it leaves little room for those of us that like challenge, to have a feeling of accomplishment after mastering something. If I were a poker player, for example, I wouldn't go to Vegas to play slot machines. Killing things at long distances without any penalties is not challenging, but it gets the same results of those of us that may experience XP debt while combating the same targets at same levels. Again, the proposal is a [b][u]suggestion[/u][/b] that may provide means of balancing things in game.
  5. [size=5]Jenquai Defender:[/size] [center][size=4][color=#00ffff]Psionic Charge[/color]:[/size] The next Psionic Shield activates instantly. Lasts 10 secs, 10 min Cool down, maybe a negative buff, such as Mental Strain, where Psionic Shield cannot be used for x amount of time.[/center] [center][size=2](Psionic Invulnerability can absorb up to 48k damage with equip buffs.)[/size][/center]
  6. [quote name='will' timestamp='1340375381' post='59423'] We already have level and skill based accuracy, which makes it near impossible to hit anything 20 levels above us, and while that may seem high, at least 16+ is neccesary for us to be able to hit, otherwise we would never hit raid mobs. I don't think we need another factor, besides beams are supposed to do reduced damage at 50%+ range anyway. Kiting with beams and a Coma was a viable strategy in Live, and should still be one here. Involving debris for weapon accuracy doesn't make much sense when we can fly straight through stars with just a slight shield drain. Our missiles are supposed to be self-guided, they know their target, and aren't going to detonate on anything else, they may get bumped out of the way, but they'll correct themselves. And they are certainly capable of dodging "large" obstacles, if you've ever noticed the maneuverability they exhibit when flying to their target. Your max ranges are a little low: Jenquai max beam range is 8.68k. Terran max missile range is ~8.5k. Progen max proj. range is ~6.5k? As for the Aquila: Many ways to play, you can have L9 devices but still only be on L1 weapons, especially if you aren't using your race's preferred weapon or aren't a warrior class and have other priorities than combat. Then again why are there L9 Progen Warrior only devices? [/quote] The point of this proposal was introduce a possible balancing mechanic that would prevent raid mobs from being laughed at, and provide an answer to the "why can Terran's kite anything in game?" question. Just simply saying "the missiles know their target" is a lot like saying "I have powers that make me able to do it, that's why I can do it." There was an implementation to stop Jenquai from firing too far away. I suppose it was a problem because it actually got done. Now, how come beamers are the only ones affected by the range of their attacks? If distance really does matter, and beams of light energy are affected, then why isn't something that actually has sizable mass, guided or not, subject to basic laws of physics?
  7. [quote name='Ryle' timestamp='1340408100' post='59551'] Lasers, even in vacuum, diffuse over distance. (though for a laser as powerful as something that can cut steel hull, id doubt it would diffuse all that much in only 3km of distance, physics wise, it would be more like 3 MILLION km) Kinetic energy fired projectiles or rocket powered missiles, would not. That was the general rationale behind it in live. [/quote] Ok, but, I thought beams were light energy weapons, light travels in waves and particles. . . and for extremely long distances. a few 1,000 kilometers I don't think would degrade this scale of intensity.
  8. Max beam range is 8.58k? Could someone explain this, please? Also, I wasn't playing when the beam distance thing was implemented, what is the justification for giving beamers a distance Nerf and no one else?
  9. I like this idea, and came up with a revised version for the thread: https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/7079-accuracy-rating-of-weapons-and-distance/
  10. Question: Shouldn't accuracy be affected by distance? Things to consider: 1. Beams having to travel max distance, about 5k, with a Vindis Beam Focus would be 5,000 Kilometers. Even one degree off would vastly change the direction of the beam and or projectile weapon's ballista. throwing off accuracy to beamers would mean possibilities of various beams doing 0% damage, since they missed the target, and provide a undeniable amount of incentive for firing at close range. A Jenquai using stealth, ambush tactics to position behind a mob and strike would have the advantage in this scenario. Jenquai who choose to remain in formation would have to incurr the penalty of accuracy loss. 2. Propellant was mentioned with the missle discussion. Wouldn't there be a reasonable degree of error where the missle could run out of propellent, due to possible obstacles or vectors in transit? How about debris as a possible medium for early detonation? While fighting, there are visual chunks of debris or etc that could collide with the missle and cause a premature eruption, or at least change the missle's trajectory. Its been awhile since I had a max level TE, so the best I could recall is that their max range is 7.15 k, which is 7,150 Kilometers. At greater distances the events of a failure to make contact have a higher amount of combined probability. 3. Progens may take the lead in over all damage once again after distance affects accuracy, because the usual tactic of a progen is to remain still, take aim, and volley off volley after volley. I still think that distance should affect all weapons' levels of accuracy, but progens would benefit the most from this since they are the often the ones to buff beam and projectile accuray, and they have the best shielding and other defences to take the beating of a point-blank grudge match. As a side note, I was told that the maximum level of weapon accuracy skill was 10. Why are high level improved handling equipments, such as the Aquila Prime, giving more than 1 skill level, if the maximum is so? This is something worth considering along with the proposal.
  11. Does anyone remember the primary build terminal pane to have a list of "recent builds?" I do. I have no idea how devs would make that so but it sure would help builders out, especially those that only make a few items like ammo comps, ammo, or just comps.
  12. The reason why the reactor does not recharge for Jenquai is because cloak drains energy over time. Shields did recharge in live while cloaked. I have no idea where this idea came from, but I can assure you I spent many a time cloaked and waiting for my shields to recharge in VG, for example. I think you guys are grasping at straws for a quick an easy fix here. The cloak buff taking 0 secs to initiate is the bugg. Focus!
  13. I looted and mapped way too many devices from Niff. Cloud, and crashed the server. I'm sorry. :0
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