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  1. In Live my TE had about 15K sight, and ML range to match. The range on ML's is nothing like it was in Live. 7K or less for ML's? That's not good. My favorite tactic was to lock, fire, and warp to the mob. Fire a second salvo. Both salvos would hit about the same time. That was the tactic you had to use. TE's are not tanks. I would rather have more range like in Live.
  2. What is the minimum requirements to start the Condolences mission?
  3. This is a wonderful idea. Wish I had something to add besides this. Something for small groups(6 man formation). Thx
  4. I played from launch till sunset. Ran the Immortalis Leagatus Guild. Had a ton of fun. So glad it's back
  5. As I have not had nothing to do with EA since they put EnB into Sunset. I would probably  not play.
  6. Oh Crap. Ok now what am I supposed to do with my time? Guess I'll go see what the wife is up too. LOL
  7. having a problem with one of my accounts. Suckage is huge with this.
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