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  1. damn its down.. I just made my new TS last night before the shut down.. now I can't play today either.
  2. I think there should be a "buy back" option at the vendor just in case you do this. That way there is a price to pay for not paying attention.
  3. thank God... and C Del of cores
  4. [quote name='C Del' timestamp='1302117659' post='38404'] Help has arrived. Sorry I didn't know about it sooner. [/quote] its ok.. just get the game working ! thank you
  5. This is the best idea yet... For those of you how ever played "WOW" there was a market on it where you could post items for sale or go to too look for a item. It would be a very handy thing to have here in this game. This would go along with my other suggestion about the mailbox by sending it to you, or you could eliminate the mail box and make it go strait into your vault.. I think this would help make an economy in the game and make the credits worth more then they are. Credits are to easy to come buy and nothing cost anything in the game so they have no real value!
  6. Bonez420

    Auto Fallow

    [quote name='GenghisBob' timestamp='1301439940' post='37713'] So, you want auto-follow to auto-kite for you... :-) [/quote] yes .. unless there is a way to set it and i just don't know how
  7. Bonez420

    Auto Fallow

    The "Auto Fallow" would be some much better if it would stay at your max weapon range. I use missiles and it wants to get right up on them, so I don't use it. But it would be nice if I could use it. just another thought..
  8. I love this game but the one thing that really got me twisted when i started playing in like 2001, or when ever, is that you CAN'T land on Earth!!! What the **** is that? I mean that was the one planet I would have thought out of them all that we could land on, but NO.. Anyway I think it would be very VERY cool if we could have more planets to land on. I don't know, maybe I'm the only earthling that would like to do this.. lol .. this might be imposable to do, it might not, but its a cool thought
  9. I think it would be nice if there was a mail box so if people want to send items or whatever to a friend they could. You could make it cost something to do it and take like 24 hours or something. That way there is a down full to mailing something verses meeting someone some where. but if you don't want to fly half way across the galaxy to get a new weapon or something you don't have to. if you do this it would need to be done like the mailing system we have in life. price buy whatever the item is or make a weight for each item (that might be hard to do). Maybe a % of what its worth or how much money your sending. like 5% so if you have, for example I need a "Gliding Falcon Level 5" if you go by what it's worth (60k) then you would have to pay a charge of 3k to mail it to someone or pick it up from the box. sounds good but I'm not sure how easy it would be to add.
  10. ok this is not working for me... I get to pick my player but it wont load into the game
  11. [quote name='Bonez' timestamp='1301273125' post='37445'] where do I put that?? how do I use that ? [/quote] never mind.. I got it
  12. where do I put that?? how do I use that ?
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