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  1. I see some more decals have been added, but still can't see the one for RebelsofEarth. Can someone clarify if it is added ingame yet or not ?
  2. According to Net-7 Site our decal is live. However I cannot find ingame. Can someone please investigate this.   Guild is RebelsofEarth.   Ty.
  3. Is it worth restarting the server if its going to crash again within a few mins. Would it not be better to leave it offline till a fix has gone in that will resolve the constant crashes. Which have been more constant since the last patch.  All thats happening at mo is the peeps that have miners camped at hulk spawns are getting richer. While everyone thats into combat is building up a massive xp debt.
  4. im also having the same problem logins in fine lets me enter password and selects my character then stays on galaxy map and progress's no further.
  5. Laods of mission mobs missing in Luna. Also the miners in 61cygni are all missing peeps cant get their missions done. Think a server restart is in order, and a Dev needed to check this issue. Also i've attacked various mobs arond the galaxy and they just fly off ignoring the fact their being attacked.
  6. Kandrell

    Temporary Outage:

    global server down again at 13.57 uk time
  7. Have tried all the advice i can find about the screen resolutions. to no avail. Whatever i do i cannot get the game to run in anything but a small window at top of my screen. Any Advice would be welcome. Running on a 22" hd monitor with nvidia 9800gt graphic card. [attachment=1068:ebscreenshot.jpg]
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