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  1. The gate crashing effect of a complete clear and instant clearing (closing) of the client is exactly like the mechanism the development team had in place for a short time, preventing more than 2 clients to pass through a gate at the same time. This measure was instated to avoid people running multibox tours for xp (mostly aimed at macroers). They reverted this mechanism in favour of a manual gating at every unknown gate. It really seems to me like this mechanism is back, either by design or mistake. I have yet to do intense testing, but a few trial runs gave an idea what is going on (this was done with 4 clients running or more).   In the trials I found that gating seemed unproblematic while travelling asyncronious. A program clearing was almost guaranteed if I gated in form, or with clients close to the gate. This kind of predictable behavior cannot (in my eyes) be explained by some networking that sometimes work and sometimes doesn't. To me it is clear, it is either a bug or by design.  
  2. Please also note that the token system missions are not limited to Agrippa. Agrippa is just the building part. There are several fleshed out missions that involves the tokens where combat occurs.
  3. First server crash of the week. Might want to do something about that, if possible :D
  4. I had this particular thing happen to me without any external part trying something fishy. The particular setup of this happening is related to my client hanging or crashing in some way. The server doesn't really see you as logged out, and when logging in again, you get said message. If your situation is similar you might not have any evil doers trying to access your account :D lets face it. There is little incentive for anyone to "hack" accounts around here.
  5.   A technical solution like this is never easy. EnB emu does not have instances that can be locked down to prevent access. Corpses can be opened, raids can be started with alternative characters, account-wide lockouts, while they might be plausible, wouldn't help either. Basically anything I can think of, can be circumvented. By example I could counteract your little suggestion with one activator on an account not used for the previous raid. The only possible way to restrict loot given I can see is through a mission system with token drops that can be handed in. The problem with this is that, if account wide, it would provide a range of miniumum one item per week (which I think is well beyond the pace the developers desire), or through an extended token system it will act like valor points in WOW, where you earn your item through weeks of participation slowly. Some people consider this a tedious approach that takes the fun out of an encounter and playing becomes a chore. If not account wide restricted (and similarly if players were to circumvent account wide restriction) "power" players would feel a desire to do this loot progression with multiple characters. This has the danger of again sucking the fun out of the game, or clogging up the raid spawns and fights ensue over who goes when (in popular raiding hours).   I'm sure an elegant solution could be made for this, but the balance consequences are quite severe. Furthermore we have limited development due to the nature of this project, and I think additional content is preferable rather than mocking around with something that may or may not work.
  6. Everything rotation related on Pegasus wasn't working too well, if I remember. The auction idea on the other raids was good, in my opinion though. Wouldn't work in emu though.
  7. Thanks for verifying that for me. I'm still stuck in the way I think in the holy trinity paradigm mmo's, and I have a difficulty adjusting. So there's a whole slew of things going on agro wise and then there's the healing spell that wipes the stuff completely clean. Seems like such an odd and clumsy mechanic. I can see it's an easy way to create a little challenge, at least for the healer.
  8. Interesting SiSL. Are you verifying my observation that healing causes agro reset? And is this the case on first heal of fight, or every heal? I have yet to play with enrage/befriend, since I'm still leveling up from player wipe in november. I would love to hear if the perceived benefit of those skills is actually positive. Most of us deemed them useless in old live and old things are hard to delearn. Before wipe I tried using enrage, but had problems landing the skill and stuff like grav link/hacking seemed to generate a lot more agro.
  9. I apologuise for not including the explorer class predicaments in my post and I'm happy that you managed to cover some of it in your post. The role I see for explorers are JSing, buffing and debuffing. I haven't tested this myself much, other than JS'ing seems not to generate agro. For me, again this role should be played, so that it's possible to die doing it, but with proper skill use, this chance will decrease. That is the ideal I hold for all roles. The problem this game has in this kind of thinking is the limitless JS nature of the engine. The fail/wipe scenario didn't really come to play in live, unless the lag monster proved too much. Since you could technically brute force something for a very long time, encuring many deaths. This is in contrast to most MMO's where recovery from in combat death is seldon and costly (mainly in cooldown of skill).   But a scenario where healers, and perhaps buffer/debuffer get's targetted down and killed too many times during an encounter, the game become sluggish and not fun. Especially considering the (comparetively) low amount of content and (comparetively) low amount of reward.   Let's hear more people on this topic.
  10. Greetings all   Let's see how far I get into this and if I manage an actual suggestion. If nothing else I suggest that agro management and/or AI is discussed in detail.   Goals of the discussion: Discuss current mechanics versus goal of the develeopment team versus player request /fun factor/game concerns   My motivation for starting this is two fold. Firstly, through chats with guild mates and other players on Sunset I have a built up notion that healer classes encrue a lot of xp debt and destroyed equipment during raid style play. Consequences of this will be discussed later. Secondly, I performed some simple tests in Antares myself and further questions came up than questions answered.Addressing my test first my observations were the following:   Damaging mob tends to gain agro (although I had a few occasions where agro dropped again after some time without damage, and random targets were chosen). Device activation and skill activation similarly gains the attention of said mob.   Healing generates agro and amount of damage done by other ship to shift agro was roughly the amount of the heal. So a 30k heal required 30k damage to switch agro. This happened for me if: fight starts with 1 single shot to mob, wait for shield regen to kick in for mob and then "start" fight with heal (no distinction between heal and overheal as far as I observed), when starting fight with all out shooting, healing done and agro switched where upon damage could reverse agro switch over time. This is a mechanic that makes sense and may or may not seem balanced. But there was a problem in my testing. The mob I did the most of testing on was a cl48 voltoi with around 120k hp. At the max I waited until 15k hp remaining to fire the second highest rank of shield recharge (around the 30k mark shield gain). Shield recharge prompted the voltoi to switch targets to the healer. In general it seemed agro was gained with first shield recharge no matter what. In extension it seemed like there was no "agro buildup" by doing a lot of damage to the mob. In other words agro from healing had to be overcome by "new damage" each time it was performed. This view was obstructed by a couple of lower level shield recharges that sometimes failed to draw attention of the voltoi. I was unable to pinpoint the exact circumstances of this event though.    Now, these observations were simple, quick and quite possibly flawed. They should only serve as a starting point of the hopeful constructive debate. I will pass this subject along for discussion with the following questions that I would like answered:   Is Earth and Beyond a game where the tank/healer paradigm is a desirable by the community and a goal of the developers? Are there currently flaws in the mechanic of agro tables or AI in the game, when compared with the actual goals of the developers? What kind kind of paradigm would be best fitting to suit the memory of the game lost, the engine we work with, and game play issues in a forward view? Is it desirable for the development team to spread the knowledge of the internal workings of agro rules / AI twitches, or is it another learn and explore issue? Is the current system fair and manageable? (in my view based on my testing, it is not) Are your observations different?   I guess I will finish off with a suggestion of my own: I believe in the tank/healer paradigm, and that agro should be balanced between damage, skill use (hereunder healing), item usage, and possibly visibility/distance. Agro table should be cleared perhaps on full shields regained and maybe a reduction upon incapacitaion/cloaking. It wouldn't hurt if skills like befriend and enrage played a larger role in this agro game than it did in live.Balancing this agro game should be nontrivial in a raid scenario. With multible targets almost always present this would be very simple, even with a lowered agro gain from healing, since healing is AOE and damage is not. If it is difficult to maintain agro as "tank" on a single target, harder mobs will require further spamhealing, resulting in having the incapped/js game, or outfit healers as tanks and everone else is just there not taking damage. So I propose a scenario where there is an equal (or close to) chance of being incapped regardless of role.   With a wish of a good discussion   Yours truly   Morganis/Killcrasy        
  11. So as TT I'm stuck now at testing the lvl7 weapon part. As far as i know there is no way to bypass this. You should either block the possibility for the mission (perhaps weapons missions for TT altogether) or allow for a blank form approach to be used (to get a PW to test the weapon). Right now I have a dangling mission and a dissapointed builder scenario, which makes me sad.
  12. Hi, I'm having problems with my TE Zoke's hull upgrade missions. Currently stuck in the bonus mission line (from HU30), where I can't deliver the lasers to Jerriv Kivok-Vechina. I did get the hull upgrade by talking to the ship yard. Now I am also stuck with the lvl50 HU, since Mckenna won't acknowledge me with anything but her standard talk tree. I submitted tickets, but I thought I would post here as well...
  13. When using multible accounts I have also come to realize that the hitpoints of a certain mob does not necessarily update for the 2nd party right away. This only makes it harder to avoid "kill stealing". I'm sure we are so few and friendly that this shouldn't happen too often.
  14. [quote name='Syberfly' timestamp='1320448271' post='48063'] I have done the mission 3 or 4 times with 9 different toons and none of them worked...Hmmm [/quote] I did this recently and the following happened: i did the mission for the woman in the station going to jotunheim and talk to an npc there, then back to pluto to kill the mini voltois there, then to jotunheim and back to pluto again. When handing in the card an empty vendor screen appears. Even though it's stated it's a one time use, it doesn't apply. If you talk to him again, it is then possible to see a full vendor screen and buy RD related products.
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