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  1. I can not find the reset box for net7 password change
  2. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1335057273' post='56970'] That's just Win 7 SP1 (based on build number you provided) Sneak, so yeah it'll work. [/quote] thankyou I found that out after I goggle it, its windows home 7
  3. nt sevice pack1 6.1.7601 is the o/s system in question
  4. will this game play under windows 7 nt ?
  5. my account toonsterpw is not showing up on transfer screen
  6. I know how to start a new account, but I can not find out how you transfer the toons
  7. even thought there is a pact between some guilds on raids, it does not stop nor has the other guilds interfered with smaller guilds raiding anytime they want to. too much is being made of this and the smaller guilds can always set up for a raid and get players from outside their guild to help out. I for one am always game for a raid outside of my own guild and have helped out others before. Can we just play the game and be thankful its back. btw I have both a tt and pw maxed out to help out. no one owns the raids it set up for all and can be that way,just need alittle planning on the smaller guilds.
  8. paypal also protects the sender from transactions they did not do , so it feels safer then alot of others.
  9. I tried to tell vaden I did not take anything from his account. it started out to be a black spitter then later he added that i took his ego I tried to tell him I was in noway responcible for the missing items but if he put a ticket in on it I would look into it. Vaden and myself have had issuses as I left his guild and I in no way am a admril nor been promised that rank to rejoin builders. I am at a lower rank then I was in static and lower then what I was in builders
  10. [quote name='Drifter' timestamp='1322666198' post='49024'] The Robot is on Zweihander Planet in the water so I have heard... In [b]Live[/b] the Pumpkin Chucker & Eyeball Popper only worked one day which was Halloween, after that you could not shoot it anymore until the Halloween. On [b]Live[/b] for xmas they didn't have a chunker, they had Santa located in netural sectors handing out presents depending on your level would depend on the tech level of present you got, once you opened the present you would get any random item in the game including event items; one year I got a Lv. 2 String of Heart Shield on one character and a Lv. 3 Bobcat Beam that's what they should do this year imo. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A526OLqZHjc"]12 days of Earth & Beyond[/url] [/quote] I beg to differ with you. I played e&b from closed beta to sunset, and the pumpkin shooters and eyeball poppers stayed active from the start of them til they pulled the plug on the game. I know this to be a fact as I make good money selling them.
  11. why have these items been turned off ? In live they just quit dropping but still worked.
  12. I think the rd faction should take some time to get into the green. My pw did it in 4 hrs and my tt did it in 3 hrs.
  13. [quote name='RojoMuerte' timestamp='1316999420' post='46648'] 95% of all problems/tickets posted are handled in less than 24hrs Sneaky. Your 2 (double posted) tickets were fixed in less than 12hrs turnaround time. EA GMs didn't even have that kind of response... Not saying we should be like them, but I think for the GM crew we handle things pretty rapidly although when playing 10mins seems like an hour in people's minds and that just expands exponentially. Foxninja somewhat accurate (most are normal players too) GM is volunteered time, sometimes we're on our play toons and may/may not see the requests in game (which is why Tickets are usually the best way as they don't get overlooked imo). But I certainly don't always even when on GM sit in game and watch the text scroll for someone to call for help (that's just silly). If I happen to catch it though will definitely assist. Where as Tickets get checked usually every 30mins (and don't pass by with all the normal chatter). [/quote] thank you for your help on my problem and your insight
  14. No derespect meant to any of Blacklung's crew, but why can we not have a gm ingame most of the time. It sucks having to wait a day to get a problem resloved. I understand that the GM'S do it for free but maybe we need to increase the number of them for coverage.
  15. [quote name='Lannister' timestamp='1313245045' post='44682'] I agree, it would be nice to see updated. Sneaky as the advocate should be able to request it from Slayerman. How about it? [/quote] I did ask as you requested and the answer was no.
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