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  1. That was me when I was younger... I weld the stable doors shut nowadays to stop them getting the horses out....
  2. I don't post very often.... But my personal opinion aligns exactly with Cimbad and DaggerDX.
  3.   My post was an observation. It was not a dig at anyone at all.   But if the hat fits.....
  4. Odd that on a busy day such as yesterday the public required assistance from Builders Inc to get the RD Base done. Or maybe it just looked that way.
  5. What are the fair rules of camping?   Can we get them brought out into the open for everyone to have guidelines?   If a player has 6 toons logged on is it fair that he camps six bosses at the same time?
  6. And I thought that it was all sorted and everyone knew what was going on........until it becomes convenient to "forget" or make a "mistake" .....
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