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  1. The server went down.... sorry to bother you. Thank you.
  2. We need more women in our guild...so I won't be the only one!
  3. server just went down. 6/217/2020
  4. Still down, 18:21 cst. Everyone pray.
  5. Anyone in guild needing help with their banner can email me a screenshot of your toon with what you want on your banner. Just /t me for my email address.
  6. [bLacKsTaR] is recruiting players with L9 guns for FishBowl. Lower-level players always welcome too... Contact Wizaster in-game. (If not online, try Yorkastroid, Lonny, Techcat, Mindy, Cody, or flag someone down in space.)
  7. I think the thread got hijacked...
  8. Wizie


    I don't believe in macro-ing. I think if you are going to play a game, you should be responsible enough to sit there and play it. I also think games, old and new, have too much content based on repetitive actions, say trade runs, faction gaining... when that happens, you can expect the macto-ers to start macro-ing. I would be more than willing to help write storyline/missions if it would help cut down on the busy work (trade runs). But...I DID all my trade runs in person. *sigh* I have to admit, though, I had one of those L6 shields that reflected quite a bit of damage on the Chavez without my direct observation in Live. I have friends that macro'd, too. People that have to work for a living may want to macro the "not-so-fun" stuff so they can spend their play time as quality time. I know I can hardly wait to get home from work.
  9. Customizable [bLacKsTaR] banner is now ready for use. Enjoy. (Wiz's banner provided for example.)
  10. [bLacKsTaR] is almost ready to "tackle" the big fishies. We are actively recruiting players who are interested in getting some of the higher level items from the Fishbowl. Send an in-game /t to Wizaster to join. You need not be a member of [bLacKsTaR] to join a raid; of course, preference is given to [bLacKsTaR] members.) L135+ players are encouraged to apply for membership. Lower level players are welcome too...we'll do what we need to do to get you ready for the BOWL. We are here to help one another. Join today!
  11. Ya'll gonna seriously make me cut the grass today???? Bleh.
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