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  1. Welcome back Sam,   If you are the same Sam I remember your skills for building were legendary on Orion server.   Although I think I remember you having trouble with a Golden Dragon beam.   I may be wrong, my memory isn't up to much these days.   Welcome back all the same   Uni
  2. Getting pretty fed up with this.   Anyone fancy a character wipe?
  3. It's probably time for everyone getting hot under the collar to take a deep breath and relax.   After all 'tis the season of good will to all men (and women)   Increased hstilities in game or on the forums are not going to help anyone.   Seasons Greetings Everyone   Uni
  4. Be careful what you wish for.   I can see this creating more issues than it will solve.   Some players are by nature competitive. This action could be the closest thing we see to PVP.   who can get formed up first and get the raid done...
  5. /setdecal is used by guild leader to apply guild decals to ships if that is what you mean.   Hope this helps   Uni
  6. Go to Grissom  x -359 y -84 and shoot the rogue mobs
  7. +1 for Efi's post above.   Public raiders are reminded that Static players are available on request to help at public raids if needed.   We still maintain a policy of not rolling for loot on public raids.   We believe that the public should get all the drops from their raids.   Hopefully this issue is drawing to a close for the time being.   We appreciate all the support from all sides and are willing to continue discussions as needed.   Finally we would urge anyone wishing to take matters into their own hands in future to open a discussion and see if the issue can be resolved without drama and without the risk of bringing your guild into disrepute.
  8. I am still wondering why Jamoos and Magoo (TurboTerri) think it is acceptable to take down someone elses raid?   If there is an issue on raid triggers is it not appropriate to discuss it on the forums?   A discussion airing their concerns would have saved all this drama and bad feeling.   As for Alurra (ADV) raising the original post?   This was the best option available for everyone concerned as she operates on a totally neutral level taking into account the views of all players regardless of affiliation.
  9. This is nothing to do with the issue at hand.   Start a new post somewhere else.
  10. The PRS does need some assistance to get it going.   It is not always possible for Blacklung or GM to be online at the weekends to spawn the triggers.   They also have real lives with their own resposibilities to deal with before logging into the game.   The PRS is a separate entity that probably should not be part of the negotiation / agreement equation between the public and BI , VGE and Static.   Although its presence does raise the question why are players who crave more raid action not finding it at the PRS before tearing up raid agreements    and creating ill-feeling on the server.
  11. Do the general public want to leave the agreed raid rotation? Or is this the result of some BI members and unguilded Alts?
  12. I have a spare looted dung cannon if you want one, kick me when you see me next..     Uni
  13. Can we move this along?   I propose the next changeover is Monday 25 May 2015 at Noon EST   Lets try this for a month and then get together with some feedback to see if it needs further adjustment.   Does anyone agree / disagree with this 1 month trial?   Uni
  14. Sounds like a good idea.   How about if it was midnight on Monday?   That way if your guild gets their act together on a Friday evening they will get another shot on the Sunday without fear of losing the raid if the spawn trigger runs a little bit late...   Thanks for suggesting it Raiderman   Uni..
  15. We are live,   There are no more wipes. :D   Welcome back...
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