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  1. The answer is NO and NO. You have more than one player slot, so you can try classes that play differently. That's much better than the "everyone has the same skillset but a different texture" type factions other games have. That would remove the distinction between the classes and would make the game boring. Auction House would be possible by using a web-frontend inside the in-game browser or an IRC-like system using in-game chat. No insurmountable technical difficulties. But I don't think the development time needed would be worth it.
  2. Doesn't really matter... I'm no native speaker and I can read it just fine... seems to be a "human" thing Works in most languages. But I agree we need an "Off-Topic Lounge" for spamming the server's harddrive.
  3. You're looking for this: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Westwood Studios\Earth and Beyond\Render Hope you find what you're after... Can't test, I'm on 4:3 here
  4. No, I cannot. Obviously that would be the problem Will permissions be adjusted for the forum users?
  5. Bug(?) Report: When clicking on a news item to read the whole text I get: [#10342] We could not determine which forum this topic is in. This works fine for svn and donations, but not for net-7 news
  6. playing on the same machine is no problem. as it is the only thing the server requires plenty of is RAM. for a single client you would need about 700MB of RAM for the server. shouldn't be a problem for a moderately recent pc. I only have an old version of the source and db here, haven't messed with it for quite some time...
  7. This is strange, it looks like the updater cannot reach the server. Can you try to open http://patch.net-7.org/ ? Does that work? Do you use a proxy server to connect to the internet? EDIT: And hi, and welcome to EnB I am also mostly self-educated when it comes to English skills... I might as well have skipped English classes later. You can actually learn better at home anyways (at least I do, or I didn't get the right teachers). The last teacher I had didn't know the difference between "in spite of" and "although", he almost made me insane
  8. Nice to hear... Thanks for the heads-up, Kyp
  9. Did you have a look at: All Users\Application Data\Westwood Studios\Earth and Beyond\Character and Starship Creator\ all your created characters should be saved there as Avatarx.dat files. Check the Folder for access rights or delete it completely and retry.
  10. Good idea, but nope... Unless you want to develop a new BrowserEngine(.dll) for the client you will be stuck with Microsoft's WININET features. The URL it opens is hard-coded into client.exe (there you would need a hex-editor), it's currently set to http://www.enb-emulator.com Without disassembling the client there is not much you could do.
  11. Actually that's not entirely true... Win2003 Datacenter 32bit can access 128GB RAM without problems. Even under WinXP SP1(!) you could have the full 4 GB with PAE by remapping virtual address space... But Microsoft decided that consumers don't need that and because of poorly written drivers (mostly network cards and GFX cards) that would bluescreen with PAE turned on they disabled it on SP2+ and on 32bit Vista and 7. (see here: http://www.sharkyforums.com/showpost.php?p=2374654&postcount=5 and here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa366778(VS.85).aspx ) Almost all versions of Linux also support 64GB of memory in 32bit mode. The only real limit under Windows is one process can only address 2GB (or 3GB with a tweak) of (virtual) memory if it is a 32bit program. Is explained in the msdn acticle.
  12. I have never before seen the shutdown dialog... EnB never ceases to amaze me But TOS can be changed to our liking (see above)
  13. No, the update script is gone with the forum crash... And ST4 Code also needs a new DB-Schema... Maybe if someone with DB access finds the time to do a structure only DB-Dump?
  14. Nope I never saw that EA Registration message either. But changing the rules of conduct to our own message is a good idea. I copy-pasted the Net7 CoD from the PDF. It's VERY UGLY and I didn't edit it any further so this is just a proof of concept. Copy roc.txt to \Earth & Beyond\Data\client\text\ There you are... new rules to agree to EDIT: the autopatcher will revert to the original file when there is an update. Maybe someone can provide a file with more relevant rules to be included with LaunchNet7 autoupdates. roc.txt
  15. Maybe it's me who was messing with the settings... If I manage to find out if I did something I'll let you know.
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