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Consumable Items Suggestions


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We are working on a variety of items for people to help both with increasing longevity as well as money sinks.

With that in mind I have come up with an idea which will "serve" as a consumable.


Now just to put this out there to clarify a pure consumable item is not "feasible" at this point.

It would involve re-writing alot of code, so I've come up with a unique way to solve this little issue.


What I am going to do is create a one time use item that once activated will be useless after used.

Now what I need are suggestions on what you would like as consumables.


I've been following a lot of threads and have seen the following:

  • EXP boosts
  • Self Rez Items
  • Wormhole Items
  • Single Buffs
  • Party buffs
  • Enemy debuffs

That's just a few of the ideas.

Please give us your feedback on this, we really want to help give you guys what you want :)

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Now just to put this out there to clarify a pure consumable item is not "feasible" at this point.

It would involve re-writing alot of code, so I've come up with a unique way to solve this little issue.


I don't understand why pure consumable items are not feasible.  Aren't Terminal Controllers and triggers like the Oni Communications Device examples of pure consumables? 

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My understanding is they don't function as such, I will check though.

If we actually can do consumables then that would work better, but I have not seen a way to do it.


For example the Oni is required to summon the Zenri Guardian Tempest at the Continuum Wrinkle and serves more like a mission trigger then a consumable.  That's far different then using it as a buff.


Also with your example of the terminal, that is "used" in the process of another script and is summarily removed in the process.


What we would need is for the server to recognize the item has been used without any attached scripts and then completely remove it from the game. However there is no current way to do that.  As mentioned above both are used in another process. 


Only way I can think around this is to use a one time activate-able that the players then destroys or sells after use.

Does that make a bit more sense?

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A stackable device to overrides/controllers.  You equip it in a device slot, and when you use the terminal, it disappears.  It has the same effect as an override/controller, relatively small, but perhaps you'd get an addition 3-5% expected quality on your build, compared to what you'd otherwise get.  Usable by all races/classes, the L8 one would work for L8 and L9 builds, while the ones below that would have to be equal to or higher than the piece of equipment being built.

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And the devices used for Call Forward.. those are used up when ANOTHER player executes a command.. can't be that hard to retool that, is it?


Again that involves another process in the mix.  It's not the item destroying itself.

Trust me when you have to re-code how an engine works, its hard.

I take it you have never wrote a major program where a simple ; can break 1 million lines of code. :)




The quality issue is going to be moot since with the trader specialization items you get a massive boost to build and analyze.

It was a common complaint that it's harder to get good quality on lower items until higher skill levels when they are useless.

That is designed to remedy that problem.


So basically if things go according to plan instead of only have 2 skill in build weapons, with the trade spec items you will have 4 or even 5.

That will essentially net you a 200% on the lower items that you can use AT your level.

It makes the trader much more viable.

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  • 2 years later...

How about something as a consumable that was never actualy implimented, but there was a "slot" in the building terminal. Even if it isn't actually built by us but some consumable reward, the entent for the future was there.


What was it?


How about a temporary factioned npc that you deploy as a "drone" that if you are attacked it helps out, or acts as a decoy, that it is preset to build agro to any enemy in the area or hasa high sig to draw in mobs. Don't know if it could be untethered enough to follow you etc. But if you are in a camping situation, perhaps something can be done, other things spawn when you do an action, maybe something could be done with a self activate npc.


Another thing that had mentions and buld terminal slot and comps but was never put in.


How about once again, something that is temporary and tethered and aligned to the player (so if it goes off it don't hurt them) that if a enemy enters  the proximity of it goes KerBoom! It don't have to be mega, maybe like in the range of setting off a pop rock is now near a enemy.


If it could be activated as buildable in the terminals it would most rock of all! But barring PMed, as a reward for some task via npc.


On a side note, why are you needing a sink? Credits are just epeen markers, you don't need to "sink" them.

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