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  1. Nouva

    Credit Sink Idea

    I agree with you whole heartedly.  I despise credit sinks, but only when they make absolutely no sense.  For instance:     1. Paying an upkeep on player housing is a stupid credit sink.   but   Paying an upkeep on player housing that goes toward building a "player city," is a cool credit sink.     2. Paying to change your avatar appearance with the same options at creation is a stupid credit sink.   but   Paying to change your avatar appearance with options other than what is offered at creation is a cool credit sink.
  2. Nouva

    Consumable Items Suggestions

    I made a suggestion in another thread for a "gate" key that would unlock a gate to a special raid or prospecting area.  Keys are 1 time use and must be used before another can be purchased.
  3. Nouva

    Credit Sink Idea

    Or why not have money sinks for:   1. Create extra clothing, facial, make-up and hairstyles at the avatar station. 2. Hull & Wing Variations at the ship paint station. 3. "Gate" keys that unlock gates to special raid or prospecting areas. (Keys are 1 time use).     It's too bad the devs do not have access to the source code, otherwise come cool idea would be:   1. Ship fuel.  Sold by NPC's only.  Less effecient reactors use more fuel. 2. Gambling Dens 3. Extra vault space  
  4.   Dude... a PW with 6 slot missiles and turbo wouldn't need Shield sap, inversion or gravity link, LOL.
  5. Mine were:   Nouva - TT Bandoe - JE Vladimyr - PW
  6. If the Build Weapons Skill builds both weapons and ammo, why is there a separate skill to build ammunition on the PS and TS? 
  7. Nouva

    Guilds in General

    Any RP guilds?
  8. Nouva

    Which Server?

    I guess my question would be more, which host?  
  9. Nouva

    Which Server?

    When logging into the game, I have a choice of like 4 servers.  Which one do I choose?
  10. Nouva

    New Player Soon

    I'm new to here too, but I played during launch.