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Are hulk fields smaller?

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I've just started playing again in Live and I've noticed that every time I go to hulk fields I'm seeing far fewer hulks than I saw in ST4. Where I used to see 15 or 20 I'm now seeing 3 or 4. I've tried 4 different hulk fields so far and at different times of the day. Is this just bad timing or has some change been made to the size of hulk fields? If anyone can confirm or deny this I'd appreciate it because it's driving me nuts. Hulk mining was something I really enjoyed in ST4. I'm really hoping it hasn't been nerfed into oblivion.
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The hulk fields in ST4 were placed in overabundance and scope.  It was intended to make hulks and their drops much more rare in the live patch, we got to it a little late however.  As of about 2 1/2 months ago the hulk fields were adjusted down tremendously.


Remember ST4/Beta is not a good benchmark to judge things on how they should be, etc.  Practically nothing was balanced then, and even now it is still a work in progress to get some other balance issues worked out.

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Thanks, Stanig. I agree that in ST4 the hulks were far too numerous. I just think that the adjustment down may have been a little too much, seeing fields of 30 hulks reduced to 3 for instance as with the ones in Jot at the mining platforms. Then again I'm just bitching because I need a cent gene map for the 50 HU and my crappy CL5 JE has to mine it, rather than kill a CL 17 progen. As a suggestion, is there a way to increase the number of hulks a little but alter the loot table to keep proto's rare but still allow for the other things that we need, like gene maps, to be available? But anyway, thanks for the response, and thanks for all the hard work.
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