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  1. In live, i definitely recall lvl 7-9 ore fields being around these navs. 
  2. seems to be so when you click on it under database tab, but when you click database search just switch over to Effects tab and it will take you there.
  3. not sure about these, but can you check:  dolphin tail 6 cat's paw 6 lepus major 9 energy sink senio 6 lepus minor 6 Axe quartus lvl 7 beam Profiler lvl 8 
  4. Forgot to mention some more devices   Greasemonkey plus lvl 6  pyxis borealis 9  delphinius 9  dolphin tail 9  cat's paw 9
  5. So two things, when you say added, do you mean we can get it from mobs after the next content push or automatically now? also when you say added to another mob, you mean that before the item was place on 1 mob and in 1 sector and was on a rare loot table but it is now acquirable from another mob.
  6. Hey, to keep in line with this method, i got a few more devices that don't seem to be dropping or are found anywhere on mobs.   Shark fin 6  Spiderweb 6  Zenshai Force device - Large 6 Pyxis borealis 6 Pyxis australias 6 DV-ER-X3 "Heater" mk. VI lvl 6 Auriga minor IBWS 6 Atrophy quattuor 4 Burden quattuor 4 fornax borealis 4 lethargic quattuor 4  plague quattuor  4 DV-IR-X4 "Tower" Mk. VIII 8 dolphin tail 8 cat's paw 8 Antlia Major BCSR 8
  7. is it also possible to check some lvl 6 mappable devices, these drop more rarely then maybe 50% of the lvl 9 devices. This does not seem to be reasonable, and how would it make any sense.
  8. Yes, it has been nerfed A LOT. I do not know why.
  9. It appears to me there is really no solution that can cover all bases on this issue, well in that case the big picture for now is, what happened yesterday is going to continue endlessly until something is cleverly done about the troller/gobb raid.
  10. Hmm, i understand zack's point about whining on things like the WN going to 12% and the job xp reduced by 1/2. honestly, for me that just gives me incentive to say: ok well i'll figure out another way to get exp and have more fun, besides jobs are boring and a waste of time if you get to 150 and have nothing to do on that toon. But regarding the new things we get every patch tuesday is something i'm aware of and happy to see, for example: i'm sure your eyeballs were scanning the fixed:list to see what you don't like to be added,   but for me this is an improvement: Bug in Energy leech not adding aggro/grav link(also), the ralling cry device works properly now(TY), remove the You uncloak message when gating,content: leeroy junkbins has a mission now, also the gene maps exp and credits have increased!, also the gobb servant/troller drone, doesn't respawn on restart(important).   Every week there maybe some easy button taken away but most of the time issues like i mentioned are fixed or added which improves the game. IF you lose an easy button deal with it and find another way to enjoy enb like you orginally intended.
  11. Well i can see how increasing shield regen rate makes the raid longer, but could it be possible that Devs look at the devices in game and cater the bosses to them such as stop reactor recharge or stop shield regen? there is plenty of devices in the database that have no use right now. Also using devices in raids are always fun, it just gives us more things to do during the raid encounter.
  12. Tell Zackman to bring it back up!!! no sleep for him! :)
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