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  1. Ore Fields in Der Todesengel

    In live, i definitely recall lvl 7-9 ore fields being around these navs. 
  2. Net-7 Database Buff-Search

    seems to be so when you click on it under database tab, but when you click database search just switch over to Effects tab and it will take you there.
  3. Drop Rate....?

    not sure about these, but can you check:  dolphin tail 6 cat's paw 6 lepus major 9 energy sink senio 6 lepus minor 6 Axe quartus lvl 7 beam Profiler lvl 8 
  4. Drop Rate....?

    Forgot to mention some more devices   Greasemonkey plus lvl 6  pyxis borealis 9  delphinius 9  dolphin tail 9  cat's paw 9
  5. Drop Rate....?

    So two things, when you say added, do you mean we can get it from mobs after the next content push or automatically now? also when you say added to another mob, you mean that before the item was place on 1 mob and in 1 sector and was on a rare loot table but it is now acquirable from another mob.
  6. Drop Rate....?

    Hey, to keep in line with this method, i got a few more devices that don't seem to be dropping or are found anywhere on mobs.   Shark fin 6  Spiderweb 6  Zenshai Force device - Large 6 Pyxis borealis 6 Pyxis australias 6 DV-ER-X3 "Heater" mk. VI lvl 6 Auriga minor IBWS 6 Atrophy quattuor 4 Burden quattuor 4 fornax borealis 4 lethargic quattuor 4  plague quattuor  4 DV-IR-X4 "Tower" Mk. VIII 8 dolphin tail 8 cat's paw 8 Antlia Major BCSR 8
  7. Drop Rate....?

    is it also possible to check some lvl 6 mappable devices, these drop more rarely then maybe 50% of the lvl 9 devices. This does not seem to be reasonable, and how would it make any sense.
  8. SERVER STATUS (current)

    yup server go boom boom
  9. ATTN DEV/GM's Device Activated

    Signed. (static)
  10. Are hulk fields smaller?

    Yes, it has been nerfed A LOT. I do not know why.
  11. Skill Cap Question

    Mattsacre, if you look on net-7.org 2 items only do improved beam skill and the description says increases beam accuracy. The other one is the vibrant beam lvl3(not in game) and it says Up beam skill which therefore then increases beam skill directly by 2 lvls. My whole point in this is the extra .99 of the 3.99 is waste but VERY important cause it makes the player CHOOSE which items to use that has hull patch skill. So if for example the hull patch skill is 4.50 that extra 1.50 lvls is half the 3 lvls added to lvl 7 HP skill. So if the cap is lifted then items become more desirable to use such as a prismatic dragon wing lvl 9 engine that has close to 6.XX shield recharge skill.
  12. Raid Lockout Timers, EnB Style

    It appears to me there is really no solution that can cover all bases on this issue, well in that case the big picture for now is, what happened yesterday is going to continue endlessly until something is cleverly done about the troller/gobb raid.
  13. Skill Cap Question

    The above post makes perfect sense now, but please implement this soon. The whole problem i noticed with hard cap on ABILITIES is there is no "i can get the best item to boost that ability the highest" incentive anymore. So i do understand the diminishing return solution but i think we need more explanation on how increase your skill by 3.53 skill lvls affects the abilities and how certain buffs like for example: increase beam skill and increase beam handling which both of these basically increase beam accuracy. As for other skills, like Hull patch,  the highest can be 3.99 skill increased but does that mean the hull patch ability can be increased by 3.99 lvls?
  14. Skill Cap Question

    I'm still not sure why skills are capped at lvl 10. There are items that make the skill go beyond lvl 10 and most of the time those items become unwanted because of uselessness. I understand that there is no point in using a device with a skill buff that a certain class does not have, but that still doesn't explain why the skills are capped at 10. Plus you can't prevent people from using items that buff a particular skill that a class doesn't have, it may have other buffs the person wants for his class toon. Also, i've heard an explanation that some people would spend points into other skills and keep them at lvl 4 or 5, this is not good because people will BE OL 150 and they normally spend points in skills that are lvl 7 max. All i'm saying is with the skill cap at level 10 you take out A LOT of items that push certain skills past the 10 barrier. Could ya put a soft cap on them all and put it back the way it was? It wouldn't hurt to do so.