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The Real Cost Of A Dg

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Someone asked me today in the forums how much a DG costs to build from scratch since he didn't have ores and a eye so i spent a bit of time figuring out out so for the sake of argument here is my cost to build a DG with the negotiate level for each level of the build.

Devistating Gaze costs from raw ore lvl 5 neg on parts and ores lvl 7 neg on beam build
1. DG 2,072,688 level 7 negotiate
2. Lens 337,613 level 5 negotiate
3. refine 522,427 level 5 negotiate
4. Ores: raw cost and refine cost
A. Pagion 1244 x 5 6220 + 61285 level 5 negotiate
B. Promethium 1782 x 5 8910 + 87795 level 5 negotiate
C. Tiberium 1620 x 15 24300 + 79842 x 3 level 5 negotiate
D. Balderium 1352 x 5 6720 + 66587 level 5 negotiate
E. Astralite 1728 x 10 25920 + 53332 x 2 level 5 negotiate
F. Aesirium 1728 x 5 8910 + 85143 level 5 negotiate
G. Modredium 1515 x 5 7575 + 74539 level 5 negotiate
H. Rutha 1674 x 5 8370 + 82492 level 5 negotiate
5. Quark Optical Relay 1,126,628 level 5 negotiate
6. Brimstone S7 Brazier 183,844 level 5 negotiate
7. Evolver Actu8 XRC 203229 level 5 negotiate
8. Nebula Power Vamp 9X 179536 level 5 negotiate
9. Terror's Gaze 511135 level 5 negotiate
Total cost: 6,038,056

Hope you enjoy it

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Wow, Magoo, thanks for the info, I can appreciate the work you go through to provide is the info on costs and requirements for different items in game, Thanks

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I even get to 6,397,186.

I use the "Cookbook" functionality on the portal which is listing all prices for the components (down to ore base).
This is without the costs hitting the build button.

Cookbook says even 7.6 Mio. in total - maybe there are the build costs in (need to check).
But seems to be accurat comparing it to Magoos list.

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Cookbook may not take into consideration negotiate skill, so the .5-1.5 mil discrepancy could probably be explained by that.

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I did all that with ore in the game and the jupiter vendor, refine and build cost it's listed there as in the game with the negotiate levels next to the prices if you want to verify it yourself MargeChavez is a 150+ terran scout with lvl 5 negotiate and Tradermagoo is a 150+ PP with level 5 negotiate and Blondie is a 150+ tt with lvl 7 negotiate

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Nice !

i just wanted to compare the prices to the cookbook, because you did the "deep test" and cookbook is only using prices from DB - but still pretty close, so usable for an price orientation.

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