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Character Stuck In Jupiter

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When i was exploring Jupiter with my PW my client.exe crashed after stopping at a nav point.
Not sure wich one, but i think it was "The mourning Circle".

Now everytime i try to log him on the same thing happens, client.exe stops working and kicks me to desktop.
All my other characters works fine.

Ive tried to log the character in from a different computer but same thing happens.

Any chance that he can be moved to Joves Fury or something?

Characters name is MiniPW.

Thanks in advance

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I had a character stuck in Jupiter this morning as well.

Was passing through Jupiter and CTD. Logged in again, saw my ship briefly, CTD again. Repeat a few times. Managed to escape in the end though I don't really know why. I hit Q one time and warped out without the client CTD'ing.

I think it was just luck that I escaped.
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aye, Ive got 3 stukk in Jup at "Mourning Circle", that nav is killing klients. Got em out by doing the warp trik, soon as the game loads and u see the toon, warp, gotta be really quik, and it may still krash again, but onse u do it enough to get far enough away, then you're good. Just avoid Mourning Circle period. Edited by Adrindaki
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Yep, I'm going to add my main to the List of Undead.

Phorlaug stuck in saturn thats what I get for trying to play at 4 a.m.
I'm questioning the In game ticket I tried to put in, it didn't seem to work right using an alt.
After hitting submit nothing happened, maybe thats normal ??

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I just entered Jupiter and bam my character is stuck. Need help


I have quit the client and then re-entered and everything was okay. I was able to get the jobs done that I set out to do. Edited by Mauiman
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