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  1. Ok, so abit more testing... Tried a few different accounts, they seem to work. Just any interaction with my trader (MiniTT) seems fubar. When I try inviting another toon to group, I get the groupinvite confirmationbox on myself, same with trading, MiniTT on both sides on tradebox. Other characters on his account seem to work though.
  2. Just tried on my laptop at work, so different computer and different LAN, but same issue.
  3. Same issue here. Been able to play up to 4 characters without a problem as late as of a few days ago. But when i logged in today i cant have 2 online at the same time. Both toons crash. Even 1 char on 2 different computers (in same LAN) isnt working. Was trying to trade between toons when the crash accurs. The trading character sees his name on both sides of the tradewindow and the inventory goes empty. Then crash Recieving character just crashes, never gets the tradewindow. Logging in just 1 character seems to be working, though ive only tried docking and warping through carpenter. Do we blame Microsofts latest update ?
  4. [quote name='Reon' timestamp='1337308997' post='58046'] My suggestion? A spike damage ward. Give the JS Psi shield back...but a modified version. A short cast (roughly 1 to 2.5 second cast time) low capacity psi shield, able to absorb a couple of hits from a level appropriate mob. All of the shield recharges are a very long cast time, and no way to deal with spike damage other than big PW's with hull damage control, making JD's and often TE's a poor choice for tanking...and when dealing with lower geared players, a group can turn into a nightmare when no one has decent shields because of the long cast times...this skill would start out as a single target psi shield with half the hit points of a normal JD psi shield, and could eventually turn into a group psi shield at lvl 7. It would stack with the JD's psi shield(we don't want to make JD's less useful), and would expire a few seconds after cast...it would stay up long enough for the Seeker to cast a single target or group heal, so maybe a 5 to 15 second duration, and just enough hit points to perhaps keep someone alive while casting that heal. [/quote] Why not add somekind of healing bonus to shielded targets, like for example heals give an extra 25% shield back. Re: the DPS on the JS i think that it needs a boost of some sort. I haven´t tested anything but im pretty sure a JE would out DPS a JS when using her shield leech skill. This doesn´t seem to compute with the Warrior --> Trader --> Explorer DPS chart. Just some thoughts while reading here on this thread. //Mini [img]http://sigs.net-7.org/user/Minije_small_sig.png[/img] [img]http://sigs.net-7.org/user/Minipw_small_sig.png[/img] [img]http://sigs.net-7.org/user/Minijs_small_sig.png[/img]
  5. Hello Got OL75 yesterday and i was just wondering where to go to trigger this mission. I have no mission at all in my log. If anyone could point me in the right direction i'd be very happy. //Mini
  6. Hello When i was exploring Jupiter with my PW my client.exe crashed after stopping at a nav point. Not sure wich one, but i think it was "The mourning Circle". Now everytime i try to log him on the same thing happens, client.exe stops working and kicks me to desktop. All my other characters works fine. Ive tried to log the character in from a different computer but same thing happens. Any chance that he can be moved to Joves Fury or something? Characters name is MiniPW. Thanks in advance //Mini
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