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  1. The Chosen is looking for new members to revitilize the guild.  Many of our members left to form Damage Inc or are inactive.  Come join us and help us build.
  2. a lot of members were in The Chosen.  Damage Inc was created by The Chosen members who broke off after the EMU went live
  3. Yea - login problem started a few days ago with my vista desktop and now with windows 7 laptop.    Something is interfering with my XP computer loading the game.  Net 7 runs - get the I agree window, then enb flashes onscreen and dies.  May try to reload windows again.  I only got one computer left that runs enb - my vista laptop.
  4. Yea - my vista machine does the same also. Closes down after login. Pop up saying net7 has stopped working. Yes it is wireless, but so is this XP machine and works fine. Okay - so Devs don't like Vista, but it's what I got. Any chance of a fix?
  5. [sup]Is anyone going to fix this?[/sup]
  6. no go. Mourning Circle is in target window and cannot stay on long enough to clear it. Ridger and Meir are stuck.
  7. Same thing happened to me - will try warp trick .
  8. My toons get dumped as soon as they login. Had my computers running two accounts and they both crashed at the same time. Since then have been unable to log them in.
  9. On my XP machine (not my Vista) I have to load the IP addy into the play box to show EnB online. Otherwise the launcher tells me the game is offline.
  10. [quote name='mounas' timestamp='1309001353' post='42528'] I can get on with my vista machine but not with my xp machine. [/quote] got on with ip:
  11. I can get on with my vista machine but not with my xp machine.
  12. [quote name='sockual' timestamp='1305909626' post='40941'] hey i got an idea WIPE it tb yes do that and we can start as newbi yes it would be fun but anyways hey what ever happened the the solo game did yous just wipe it out maybe you should try to get it going again just for fun when we have down time like this we could play that in stead hey just an idea anyway keep up the good work guy its aways worth the wait hehe:) [/quote] Speak for yourself. Database, I thought, is separate from server. My hands are far worse than the last wipe, and I do not know if I will be able to play the game. There are others in this game with MS. A wipe is probably inevitable at some point, but I would like to play as long as I can. Fun is not the same for everyone. Fun for you would not be fun for me.
  13. [quote name='CheezeBaal' timestamp='1305904536' post='40936'] estimate on the downtime? got work in a few hours. [/quote] Will prob be down until someone gets home from work. Wouldn't hold my breath too long.
  14. [quote name='JenqDude' timestamp='1305223128' post='40602'] Lower level Shields in VT were leeched like crazy. You could get near the station in VT and your shields would be completely gone. At some point, when u started get higher level shields, the leech would stop. I have Screen Shots that show full shields in VT. I don't remember if getting near the stars would even drain higher level shields, and I think there's A LOT that all of us don't remember. But I think the point here was that Environmental Shield isn't working as intended. [/quote] I see no shield degradation in these screenshots. And I know what I am talking about. Radiation bled reactors dry and then shields could not be supported with no reactor.
  15. [quote name='Terrell' timestamp='1305217740' post='40596'] Radiation, depending on the severity leeched both in Live. E-shield; however, at L3 should block all the effects of radiation. [/quote] Actually it did not leech shield - reactor went down so bad your shield failed because of no power. So you would die from the effects of radiation. Makes sense.
  16. I see now radiation completely circumvents environmental shield. The whole purpose of that type of shielding was to protect against radiation. In addition, radiation never never never leeched shields - it leeched reactor. I once griped about not being able to renew environmental shield in warp like we could in live, but that gripe was no longer valid because radiation no longer impacted our ships so I backed off. So is this just a new facet of the game that will never be like LIVE or what?
  17. eh - doesn't really matter. Looks like this disease has got the best of me and learning new skills is a no. I'll be on, but not doing much.
  18. [quote name='Tienbau' timestamp='1302663063' post='38977'] sorry what is it you want me to do? I know the standstill thing is a pain, I keep meaning to fix it but then I have to fix connection issues instead. It was done originally to fix the problem where you'd be static and you'd still get that 'you must stop to mine' message. I will make it less sensitive. Any other problems? [/quote] Hey - you gotta do what you gotta do. I am not the only player in the game. The way I see it, the majority must take precedence. I was simply asking for a return to what was fun for me. By the way... No drugs involved yet, and the immunosuppressive injections I must take daily have not arrived yet. They do not sound like fun. Less sensitvive? True dat
  19. [quote name='Telpahak' timestamp='1302634778' post='38908'] Dance? Do you mean hit the emotes and spin/roll/loop/dive the ship? [/quote] No - I think one might have to have been really into mining to understand the emotion behind it. Mining was like a dance. Now with all the various interupts, it is like a chore. I seldom mine anymore, and even like glenn with that horrible woman telling me I cannot mine yet because my ship is in motion (I used to use the very act of mining to sling my ship into a stop.) the pleasure is gone. Some of us are miners and some of us are hunters. I am a consumate miner - or I was....
  20. You call this a stress test and it is. I signed up to play the Earth & Beyond I knew so well. I built up skills in LIVE. One of them that carried forward was the ability to dance while I mined. Now I know this does not mean a lot to most of you, and that is okay. But I am now afflicted with Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, and dexterity is definitely a problem for me. You call dexterity a skill, and I can assure you it is not. I am losing mine. And I do love mining. Please consider giving us back the ability to dance in the clouds. I miss it very much.
  21. Earth and Beyond has always been a different sort of game. It appeals to a microcosm of humanity that seems to thrive on compassion and generosity. Perhaps we will some day get to the point where, like in China, we will auction off human organs of those paying for their own bullets to the head crimes made far worse due to an execution oriented drive for organs for sale which Americans and others in the world paid to join that exclusive club, but I will not be one of them. Earth and Beyond brings together some of the best of us. And when we yield to the desire for pure profit, we will have lost what we are....
  22. I'd much rather see the server borked while I am lying in a hospital bed. I refused to bring my laptop while I am here, but am rethinking that decision. Think I am going to get a thinkpad. Keep the game warm for me. )
  23. Eh - just got up to have coffee before a long day and poof.
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