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Greetings Everyone

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[font=georgia, serif][size=3]Hullo Everyone, just came back to EnB since 2004 it's Amazingly Awesome to be amoung you again, Shout Out to Everyone that's working, and testing on the Game we so much Enjoy, I Kowtow to All of you Thank you sooo much [/size][/font][size=3][font=georgia,serif] :D[/font][/size]



I Tweaked the map some to show the Sector names, hope you don't mind, if so I'll remove it, no infringement or copy rights intended, with the New Sectors I needed a map to display on another monitor to guilde

All Credits and Props to [url="http://enbmaps.de/"]http://enbmaps.de/[/url] Most Excellent Site Thank you Dodger Edited by Brack
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[font=georgia,serif]My bad, I should of done that, am glad to give credit an props to [/font][url="http://enbmaps.de/"]http://enbmaps.de/[/url] most Awesome site to help us, Thank you for reminding me Dodger, all I did is input Sectors in to guild me, I have it displayed as wallpaper on the second monitor when crusin, am new to the Emu it's a different from Live so many many years ago, in allot ways it's much better, Props to [url="http://enbmaps.de/"]http://enbmaps.de/[/url] for providing the most excellent site
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