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Since I don't see a off-topic forum and I recently been browsing this forum again. I noticed trends currently in all games. 'Hate.' For most part its hate hate hate hate. Starting to get on my nerves when I read posts (here and anywhere). I do play other games. I do hate certain parts to. I do enjoy giving criticism/feedback on things.

I read about 6 topics today, and I wonder has the forums been like this lately? I knew when I left the forums/game I saw a trend of this here and there, but not as much.

Also. I heard JDs are OP compared to progen now? I laughed a little. Though I haven't got on really.

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I haven't really noticed that much here lately, but I'm sure it happens. Usually negativity and arguments concentrate in a single thread which usually end up as a waste of a read so I tend to avoid those especially if it involves subject outside my realm of development.

I'll see what I can do about the JD issue, thanks for reminding me.

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Actually, I really don't see this. I spend an unhealthy amount of time reading and posting here, and I haven't noticed any spike in hostility. In fact, the forums are quite placid nowadays. There were times when bedlam prevailed and trolls roamed the vast forum shadowlands, converging on the aromas of blood and fear... more or less, and today's forums are utterly docile in comparison. It's nice, really - a good place to be. :) And I will break out the cuttin' knife if anyone tries to muss it up! :o

not to high-jack this thread but it does say off topic....

everytime i see JD i think

then one day he was shooting at some food

and up from the ground came a bubblin crude.....

Haha, they seem more the dainty type to me. :P

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My suggestion...Get back to testing! :lol: j/k

Forums are always known for users meeting other users with clashing idea's and competing against one another's strategies, but yeah the EnB emu Forums are in harmony. If this was run by EA you would see 1mill+ on each topic and 50% of those complaints at away to the poor devs, who in the players minds, can't do their work or respond to the players, but see here's the difference. The EnB Emu Staff do care, do listen and have responded to other testers and players alike. It's a wonderful community kinda like Utopia, but on a txt based lvl. :)

"Wanna know what the new crazy hype, or outrage of the century is? Log-in to find out" says Megan. :lol:

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adj., -ti·er, -ti·est.

1.Delicately beautiful or charming; exquisite: "No dainty rhymes or sentimental love verses for you, terrible year" (Walt Whitman).

2.Delicious or choice. See synonyms at delicate.

3.Of refined taste; discriminating.

4.Overly fastidious; squeamish.

calling jenpies dainty make kenu go someth:unsure:ure: someth:unsure:ure:

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