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New Mining sector 1 to 4 and 5 to 9 with a fee based npc entry

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++ TRIBUTE to dead DEV and Player who Died recently ++


It would be nice to have two new sectors in Adriel region of Universe

with NPC controlled entry with a credit sink fee


One sector would be level 1 to 4 mining 

the other sector 5 to 9 mining



The entry to the new sector would be controlled by a key sold by the nearby NPC


suggestion of NPC name could be players and dev who died recently and be a tribute to 

them and a quick storyline to listen to about there time and contribution to the universe.


Their Ships could be posted as a guard to the special mining sector or inside the sector as explore points.


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Speed typing?? a few errors. suggestion, story, their, contribution, Their, the.


Nothing against you Moulinneuf, just saying a few corrections would be nice :)

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True, I see a lot of errors, in this case seeing as it could be a suggestion that 'could' be looked at, it should be correct as best as can be in my eyes.

I can see what is being suggested and having a monolog of their time in EnB would be an interesting read through.

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