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2019 Active Guilds

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Any out there that are looking for new members? 


I'll keep this thread updated.  Please give ~active members and who to contact about membership.  Please don't include multi-box accts, mules, etc in the active number.  



Guilds                                   ~Active                                             

Recruiting                            Members                        Contact

Nexus                                                  7                                     Thundirr, DeVane, Shakez, Sig, and Jakire.

Damage Inc                                      N/A                                  Ask in New Player or General Chat for a member.

The Antisocialites                           N/A                                  Ask in New Player or General Chat for a member.






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I was told ingame that Damage, Inc. and Epic Gamers are the most active currently.  No idea how many actives either has.  Builders, Inc. seems less active lately.  Just ask in New Players chat for an officer ... I suggest doing that during your most active time period to try and find guys playing when you play.


total numbers in guild doesn't really tell us a lot since some guilds encourage players to have many of their 'toons in guild and others don't.  [I have something like 31 total 'toons and I know several other players with many more than that.]

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Ty Lquan.  I'll try in-game. 


And agreed... I didn't bother asking for total members.  I would hope that, when giving the ~active number, they wouldn't include multi-box accts, mules, etc that are usually on.  I'll update the op with that.

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Hi guys, 


Nexus is looking for new members.  Currently we have 7 active people with a host of 'Red Shirts'.  


Nexus is the reboot of an old guild from the Andromeda server.  During live Nexus was a smaller guild with between 10-15 active members.  Even though we were a smaller guild we hosted a few fishbowl raids and were active in other raid events.  Nexus was built around a small community of members that was inclusive and focused on helping each member enhance their EnB experience.  The new Nexus is built on those same principles.  


We are a growing guild and are currently looking to add new like minded members. Feel free to contact any active Nexus members for more information.  


Thundirr, DeVane, Shakez, Sig, and Jakire would be the best contacts for recruitment or more guild info.

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Damage Inc, is, of course, still active.  You'll see us a lot in the end-game content areas.      Anyone interested can give us a shout out in new players or general chat.


You can actually see guild size, at least for 'public' guilds, on the net-7 web site's guild list.  That can be a little deceptive, because above about 576 members the in-game guild status window stops showing online/offline status properly.  DI's been forced to regularly pare down the list of inactive members to keep under that limit -- several of the really old guilds have not, and have their roster inflated by huge numbers of inactive players.



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