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the game didnt make icon and cant fine e&b exe

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hi all, i am useing win7   i made account and dpwn loaded what i needed it . it didnt put the desk top icon to start game 

and couldnt finde the ebexe luncher start

help thx : )

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the steps to get in the game:


1). D/L and install EnB Client and files.


2). D/L and Install the Net-7 Launcher program and files.



3). Once the net-7 launcher is installed  run it and update all the files for the launcher and the EnB client.

IF you have not yet done so you will need to log on to the Net-7.org site (AKA the net-7 portal)  using the same password used to sign in to Emulator

forums.  once you have signed in to the Portal page you will need to go to  the account tab  click on the selection for create game account. Remember and or write this info down  you will need it to actually log into the game.  


4).  once account is created and all the files for the game and the launcher are installed,  Ster up the Net-7 launcher.


4A).  Look at the Server Host block and ensure  that it points to c:\program files(x86)\EA Games\earth & beyond\release\client.exe


4B) next ensure that the four blocks  Packet optimization, prototype reorder, Disable mouse lock, and delete *.th6 files are all marked 


4C). local IP on the right side of the page  should be your computers actual IP address.


4D).  if you have completed all these steps  click play on the bottom right corner of the net-7 launcher and watch the game start.


5). Once you get in to the game sign in with your previously created game account and password  then create your avatar (NOTE : you can access all 9 professions on then character selections screen use the inside arrows on the bottom of the screen the Progen Privateer (PP), Terran Scout (TS) and the Jenquai Seeker(JS) do not have an audio track.  once you have made your avatar and customized your ship log in to the game.

(note if you have never played this game before the learning curve is extremely steep. Just ask the players for help  when you choose your avatar name if you add the initials of your profession to the end of the name (TT, TE, TS, PW, PS PP, JS, JD, JE) you can use the command: /capitalize.   to capitalize the initials  for example GeorgeTT instead of Georgett.


6). you can have 8 sub accounts under each Main account and 5 avatars on each account (total of 45 avatars)  you can use the portal page to check out you character missions cargo vault and installed equipment on your avatar on the Net-7 portal page.


Woodstock HGM (Head Game Master)

owner proprietor The Peanuts Gang Guild

Chief operator Peanuts Gang Rescue Squad (PGRS)


(PS) if anyone see some thing i forgot please add if to the list with the same numbering system i used so it can be made more accurate

Thanks, Woodstock HGM.


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did you use the net-7 launcher or the Ea Launcher  the Ea launcher DOES NOT work



The EA launcher is try to connect to the nonexistent Ea servers  you need to use the net-7 launcher  if you haven't done so make sure that your anti virus and your firewall let the game and net-7 through

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hi agin dont know what u mean on the packets and disabling  mouse lock and so on to deleting thats were u lost me lol ?  and  dont know were that is   

thx : )

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You should have a Net-7 folder somewhere - there's a launcher in there called LauncherNet7.exe.  might try a search on your comp to find it. That's what you'll use to play.

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ok here goes agin i went ahead filly got the anti viruse to work and unlock all to free game up  yay   the rest i found  and did the updates and to run it a few times  and yes it finally  got the net7 laucher icon on desk top yay     when i ran it to play   it still got stock on  connection retry later ?   what did i miss ?

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sorry fpr all the questions lol just make sure i do this right here goes agin     on sunrise server 65 people online is that max ?? for reason i cant get on ?  i saw pack op box and prtototype box do i need to check those off ?  

the 2 other servers were off line i saw  thats it pls let me know thx

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Do you write/speak in french ?


- no 65 is not the maximum

-Yes checking the 4 box on net-7 launcher box has been known to help.

-have you done a first setup of the game using E&B config ? ( it's an utility that launch from the tab "tools" on the net-7 launcher , 

it's above he client line that say C:\Games\Earth & Beyond\release\client.exe ) It help setup your monitor resolution and sound card


when E&B config run and open on the tab video press "performance test" once and adjust the monitor resolution to your liking and computer

performance availibility once it's done

On the same software for the tab sound , press "test sound" and "test music"

When that is all done and working  press ok


close the net-7 launcher and relaunch it.


once net-launcher re-open press on tab launcher again above client line in text and run check for updates


once that check is done if it had no upgrade press play wait a E&B term of service should appear a bit after press I Agree


use your login and password here to get into the Emulator server and create your first playable toon which you wil be asked to select.



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