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This may already be in effect but if not...


For any new player we should :

1. Send a welcome email

2. In that email send a link to a section of this site outlining what to do STEP by STEP on getting the game up and running

3. Include a like for an example on character creation

4. Include a link to troubleshooting or issues


What could be included a section for who in game referred them.  This could be used for in game  bonus crap for the referrer.  


Just some thoughts,


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Hello new player MiMir ;-)


1, Technically what your proposing is automatic spam , most email sent today are opt-in

not against the idea, just pointing out one big flaw with it


2. A.) DEV war december 2018 ?  I proposed , because of a player request at the time, that a Beginner section was added to the forum.

You see a beginner section on the forum ? 


B .) Making a beginner guide on the wiki and pointing to it might be better , due to A









4. See my point #2


I asked ,  again for a player request if a buying skll point option could be added and if they could offer skill point on referal.

Short and polite answer was No ... I spare you the medium and long answer.




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I include here a new recuit scrit I made for Builders inc with new player link and guides


Hello Builders , excellent year and good day to all , 

As you may have noticed , someone made the mistake of giving me recruiting privilege ( the fools icon_biggrin.gif).

So i have been experimenting with a how-to script for Builder Inc recruit to pass on to them the few

simple and not really helping things i Know.


Pre - recruiting discussion :

1. Ask if they want to join a guild in private without nanming builders Inc

 ( they made some request for help , say they lack some type of support , remember playing in a guild in live,

they are supper helpfull on newplayer channel or market, played with them in game and they are really nice ).

2. They play a jenquai explorer as first toon , cause we know the crazy one choose the JE first.

3. They are willing to learn and exchange tips 

4. They can stand me dying or me getting them killed , without wanting to kill me or committing suicide.

5. They are here to have fun not build an empire and be the defacto dictator. ( that's Raideman job ;-) )

6. They appear mature and to be able to hold there liquor/smokin ( legit or not ) and I don't mean the item in game.

Added after fourth recruit : **Get a pen and paper and record name and main toon name**


The first step in recruiting :


0. ( optionnal but highly recommanded ) at some point if they are newbie offer them some credits with the tip system :

/tip nameofrecruit toon amount. I usully send 250k , unless Hawat /freeride ( thks BI Obama icon_biggrin.gifis there and send them millions 

and make me look like a scrooge.  

1. Hello and welcome to Builder's inc you UNLUCKY player. 

2. You got recruited into Buider's Inc the best guild on the sunrise server period.

3. We do a lot of high level content and big raids and are the big guild on the server

we are also part of the big guilds raid rotation.

4. Ask them to register on Guild website ( here ) at http://buildersinc.guildlaunch.com , they need a valid emall

- they can write as much or as few as they want about themself

- They should preferably use there main toon nickname as there login ( still there choice ) 

5. ask Them to download or join on teamspeak , https://www.teamspeak.com/ , this serve multiple purpose :

a) you see that they have the raid communication software installed

b) you get to know if they have  a mic or not and there level of confort.

c) you can show that you don't care if they speak or not ( preferable but not required)

d) you see if they can install , follow instruction and at what leve what type of hardware they use and there qualification to make changesl

e) you see that they can multitask and change windows 

f) you can share links by copy pasting to them

6. You ask if they have multiple toon and want them recruited.

a) shows there level of knowledge about www.net-7.org

7. You tell them about The boss : Raiderman , make  a joke that he may show up today but no promise

and to say hi , if they see him.

8. You tell them to be nice to others in the guild , except Ravina , because he his from Alberta , Canada and smoke too much oil fumes

( get's them talking about where they are and seing that we can be a fun and sarcastic bunch sometimes.

9. You talk about the advocate position a bit , just because Ben his such a cool advocate and as a really good multi-lingual voice on teamspeak

look out for the nice germanish voice on teamspeak. 

10. You try and introduce the player who are online in a good light ( i know sometime it's hard , even more when i am there icon_biggrin.gif )

11. Some dev are in the guild as secret agent , dont bug them more then I would.

12. Other dev pop up in the guild teamspeak channel, sometime say hi or not and be extremly nice , don't bug them.

13. If you see Shadowalker , That is one of the coolest guy in the guild who can do almost everythign but is mainly THE WEAPON guy.

ask for best weapon an weapon setup , he does everything. 

14. Introduce discuss multi-boxing or not here.



This conclude My first Step , please feel free to rip it to piece , add or cry about it , remember I am new at this recruiting for BI.


The second step in recruiting ( the mutual sharing of links : )


1. Ask them if they know about www.net-7.org database when they are logged in at www.net-7.org/database or from the menu there.

2. Share the www.net-7.org/wiki link with them.

A) I usually go into how we have some genius editor in the guild and give newton ( new recruit to BI ) as an example


3. I tell them about www.enbarsenal.com and say it's outdated bu still as relevant info.

4. I show them the armory http://enb.gearlist.co.uk

5. the google doc with a good list of mob drop locations https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1H5Yk1GsXnlq_fB1-ICK_MQUfmE-rwZdfWzzmnDd-rXQ/edit#gid=0


this is the item database part of sharing links ) Feel free to add to it or cry /discuss relevency 


Then I share some content related links :

1. High level content on the wiki :


2. Wikia other wiki : 



this is the other content database part of sharing links  Feel free to add to it or cry /discuss relevency 



Then it's on to maps and destination tool :

1. The map of the universe with an NPC search helper :


2. the destination tool helper by race :



this is the other mapping and map part of sharing links  Feel free to add to it or cry /discuss relevency 





The third step in recruiting ( the guides and there links : )


powerleveling guide :


JE guide :


terran trader guide :


the other Guides on earth and beyond Canada



this is the other mapping and map part of sharing links  Feel free to add to it or cry /discuss relevency 






The fourth step in recruiting ( the faction link : )


The facion system :


quick explanation about what it mean , diference between chavez and red dragon as example.


The fifth step in recruitng: multi-boxing ( or the amigo / traint effect  )


1. Introduced earlier but going into more details.

2. Ask them if they multi-box ( use many toons on same computer or use multiple computer.

3. Use Amigo /traint / other multiboxer as an example of multiboxing.

4. explain the benefit of running multiple toon at same time

5. explain the basic of group exploring xp leveling up.

5. the basic of your own controlled group of heros/warrior/healer/explorer.

6. Alt-Tab is your friend.


The sixth step in recruitng: getting them up to equipment standard :


1. Some player come with there own 150 and high gear, most don't and are newbie to the game.

2. Offer them there first tour and to upgrade there equipments

3. show them how to go get parts and use / search the databases.


The seventh step in recruitng: getting them some powerleveling :


1. Some player accept other refuses so it's up to the individual recruit

2. usuualy ofer a tour for some explore point , some combat escorting , some trade run discussion


The big step in recruitng: getting them to comeback :


1. I usually mention the zeke mission as something eveyone is discussing and his fun ( and they believe me icon_biggrin.gif )

hide agrppa under the rug :


2. Tell them not to be afaid to ask question  about the game and for help that is what a guild is suppose to be about.

3.  discuss the 3 new class :



4. Mention the public guild vault and that officer have a guild vault too

5 Ask them to comeback !!! icon_eek.gif icon_biggrin.gif 


This conclude my recruiting script and what I offer / say when i recuit new people , if your not mentionned by name

it's because it's a big guild don't take it personnaly , you guys do so many thing and all are great ( even ravina ) and

it's a recruiting script not a complete  BI Bible. feel free to express correction / addition / request of removal wich I

will pobably ignore , yes i make tons of written word errors ( deal with it , cause I wont ).  

- Moulinneuf / MouliTT ( or something ) in the game , fly safe

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Some more content





Disclaimer: Mistakes will be made, some stuff will be what I considered 'beta'. Mis-spellings. Posting helps, prefer PM's will organize stuff later, just want to get down for now and slowly or quickly organize/adjust. Thanks for reading this. Hoping to turn this into a overall new player guide (Have been informed admins can change titles later). Enjoy. :-)


Main Site with Database:


http://www.net-7.org - Log in with your forum account details. [Edited by Shaddex]


ENB Maps:


Class Guides:


Jenquai Explorer:





Jenquai Defender:






Progen Sentinel:






Progen Warrior:





Terran Tradesman:







Terran Enforcer:







Newbie Guides:




- Most "Noob" tutorials for the different Classes lvl 1-10 - Game Info / About Game / New player Guide. [Edited by Shaddex]



E&B Resources:

You can also use the information from the net-7 database, which I would recommend.
That is a bit more updated, these are mainly for historical purposes, but also have things that are missing from the other.
Equipment Database -> http://www.ebiia.net/Equipment.shtml
Equipment Database -> http://enbarsenal.com/
Station Lists (Sector, Terminals, Comps, etc) -> http://www.ebiia.net/Stations.shtml
Traderoutes (With profit for diff negotiates) -> http://www.ebiia.net/Routes.php
Journeys (Mini Stories) -> http://www.ebiia.net/Journeys.shtml




Buff: Something used to give increase stats to, such as Deflects(Resists) (Activated)
Debuff: Something to decrease stats of usually against a NPC. (Activated)
KS: Kill Steal
RL: Raid Leader or Real Life
Assist: Assist Target
GW: Gravity Well
DPS: Damage Per Second (Refers to numbers on weapons or classes that can do alot of damage over others)
NPC: Non-Player Controlled
GM: Game master or Guild Master
Quest: Missions (Sometimes see this)
TL: Trade level
CL: Combat Level
EL: Explore Level
OL: Overall Level
HU: Hull Upgrade or Hull
PW - Progen Warrior
PE/PS - Progen Explorer/Sentinal
PP/PT - Progen Privateer/Trader
JE - Jenquai Explorer
JD, JW - Jenquai Defender/Warrior
JT, JS - Jenquai Trader/Seeker
TT - Terran Tradesman
TE - Terran Enforcer
TS - Terran Scout
WTB: Want to Buy
WTBU/WTU: Want to Buy Upgraded/ Want to Upgrade (usually a lower level item to higher level item)
WTT: Want To Trade
WTS: Want to Sell
CTD/GTD - Crash or Gate to Desktop
CTM/GTM - Crash or Gate to Megan
Crash: Disconnected from game to point where they do not control character.
Tour: Group of players to explore Nav's or Sectors.
PST: Please Send Tell, Means whisper them if you want something they offer.
MT: Mis-tell, Means they didn't mean to say it in that chat/to you.

Damage Types & Colors
Chemical (more damage Vs Hulls) - Green
Plasma (More damage vs Shields) - Purple
Energy (Energy Damage) - Blue Yellow
EMP (Once working, should drain reactor energy) - White
Impact (Impact Damage) -Orange/Yellow
Explosive (Explosive Damage) - Red Yellow

BBW(SR): Blackbeard's Wake (Smuggler's Run Gate)
Somer: Somerled (station), New Edinburgh, Tau Ceti
F7: Friendship 7 (station), Glenn, Beta Hydri
GO: Glory's Orbit (sector), Beta Hydri
VT: Valkyrie Twins (sector), Aragoth
VG: Varen's Girdle (sector), Aragoth
N7: Net 7 (station), Saturn, Sol
OMP: Orisin Mining Platform (station), Carpenter, Beta Hydri
AP: Aragoth Prime (sector), Aragoth
Cloud: Nifleheim Cloud (sector), Aragoth
QAR: Queen Anne's Revenge (station), Blackbeard's Wake, Smuggler's Run
Nif: Nifleheim Cloud
ABA - Asteroid Belt Alpha (sector), Sol
ABB - Asteroid Belt Beta (sector), Sol
ABG - Asteroid Belt Gamma (sector), Sol
Jot - Jotunheim (sector), Aragoth
DCO - Detention Center Onorom (Station), Sol, ABG

RR: Roadrunner
RR+: Roadrunner Plus
Fotm: Fury of the master.
COTD or Claw: Claw of the Dragon
Skull Shield: Shields off Controller, Dreadmail
CFB: Crimson Force Barrier
CVE: Contained Voltoi Essence
AOW: Aegis of the Warder
PB: Plague's Bite
FVE: Focused Voltoi Essence
AWCS: Advanced Weapon Control System

Faction/Places/Skills/NPCs, similar info.
RD: Red Dragons
PL: Projectile Launcher also sometimes Power Level, not seen as much though,
ML: Missile Launcher
FB: Fish Bowl( 'Raid' in Cooper)
Controller: Raid in Blackbeard's Wake
WH: Wormhole
TR: Trade Run
JS: Jump Start
Heal: Shield Recharge Skill or Hull Patch.
BBG: Black Beard's Ghost

Job Locations Credit to Omorb for starting thread on this.

You can do jobs 15 levels below said Job Level. Jobs are located in the left room in each base when you walk into lobby instead of right(Where Merchants are)

Net 7 50
Endriago Plant 50
Plut/Charon 50
Venus 50
Ishuan 50
Aganju 50
Margesi 75
Arx Tiberius 75
Dahin 75
Valkyre Twins 75
Glory's Orbit 75
Swooping Eagle Planet 75
Aragoth Prime 75
Altair III 75
Zweihander Plant 75
Ragnarok 105
Somerled 105
Mars 105
Endirago 105
Earth 105
F7 135
OMP 135
Xipe Totec 150


Space Suit Turn Ins

Class | NPC | Faction | Sector | Station | Where

JE | Fujiko Ohiya | Sha'ha'dem Explorers | Capella | Paren | Lounge
JD | Shou Shen | Shinwa Warriors | Sirius | Prasad | Main Lobby
JS | Master Sevti | Sharim Traders | Jupiter | Joves | Main Lobby
PW | Markus Kahn | Centuriata Warriors | Vega | Arx Tiberius | Main Lobby
PE | Vinda | Sabine Explorers | Endriago Pl | Pourvenir Mons | Main Lobby
PP | Zieg | Collegia Traders | Mars | Arx Magister | Main Lobby
TT | Lady deWinter | InfinitiCorp Traders | New Edinburgh | Somerlad | Main Lobby
TE | Stephanie Baird | EartCorps Warriors | ABA | ECS Dauntless | Main Lobby
TS | Admiral Herrera | Hyperia Explorers | Planet Zweihander | Jagerstadt City | Main Lobby

Slash Commands:

Other Commands: Help -> Commands. Ingame. These commands do not show.

Command ---------------- Arg/option-------------------------------------Effect
/shieldwarnings -------------- 1|2|3|4 ------------off|25%|50%|75% - this changes when you hear the sound effect stating your shield percent.

/packetopt ---------------------on|off---------------Changes your UDP packet size. On=a size of 1400. Off = the default size of 512

/ircon -------------------------(none)---------------------Enable chat in the #enb IRC chan.
/irc ---------------------------(message)------------------You can talk with others in the #enb IRC room.
/ircoff-------------------------(none)--------------------Leave IRC/Turn chan off.
 - I dont think the relay is working (Edit by Slayerman)

/random ----------------------(number) (number)---------- Randomly generates a number between the values specified. If used in a group, the number is visible to the group.

/time ----------------------------(if none)---------------------------------Shows GMT time

/time ---------------------------(+/- hours)(ex -4 for EDT) ----------- Current local military time

/capitalize --------------------(letters such as JE,TT etc) ------------This will capitalize the last two letters on your name - note I don't believe there is a lowercase command or undo.

/greactor---------------------(none)------------------------Shows % of reactor level of group members

/greactormax --------------(none)---------------------Shows Capacity for group member's reactor

/displaydps ----------------(none)--------------------Shows approx DPS for the next single weapon fired after the command.

/away ----------------------(message)---------------Auto responds to tells with the message you typed. If not message is typed it responds with " is currently away. Try again later." Type /away again to turn it off.

/afk ------------------------(message)--------------Same as /away


/delag ----------------number--------------------------
/delag 1 will suppress movement packets under lag conditions until packet queue is not exceeding a hard coded packet threshold anymore
/delag 2 will change mobs shield update packets to a rate of 1/10th
/delag 3 will change weapon animation packets to a rate of 1/10th
/delag 4 will change "flying damage numbers" to a rate of 1/10th
/delag 0 will turn off all delag switches.
/delag 100 will turn on all delag switches.
All delag switches are individually combinable, so you can use (eg.) only /delag 1  and  /delag 4  in combination. You can also submit multiple switches like this: /delag 1 2 4 (space separated, will toggle these switches)


/rpon ---------------Turn on the Roleplay Channel


/rpoff ---------------Turn off Roleplay channel


/rp ---------------------(message) --------------- send message on the roleplay channel


/meetdevson --------------Turns the meetdevs channel on (coming soon)


/meetdevsoff---------------Turns the meetdevs channell off (coming soon)


/meetdevs -----------(message)-------------- Sends a message to the meetdevs channel when enabled.  Note - this channel is only on when a meet the devs session is in progress.  Additionally your message may be moderated and not show up unless the moderator allows it.

/unstuck ----------(none)-------------------------------For use when stuck due to packet drops in a job or manu/analyze terminal. Note - you must click on a job before using this command at a job terminal.  This will not help if you have already lost your link to the server.


/endtalk ----------------------(none)--------------------Removes you from stuck dialoge with a vendor or NPC


/hidelogins ----------------(none)-----------------Toggles on or off the the announcements of who logs in and out.


/hidedebris to turn on/off sector effects like "fog" etc



Use Scroll Lock to take a picture. It automatically saves it in C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\EAGames\Earth&Beyond\Data\Client\Output. C: would be whatever your hard drive with Program Files is. The screenshot is titled Screenshot01, Screenshot02 etc.


Guild Ranks & Abilities




Petty Officer

Master Chief

Recruiting - /gc recruit

Promotion - /gc promote (up to own rank)

Demotion - /gc demote (only below own rank)


Recruiting - /gc recruit

Promotion - /gc promote (up to own rank)

Demotion - /gc demote (only below own rank)


Recruiting - /gc recruit

Promotion - /gc promote (up to own rank)

Demotion - /gc demote (only below own rank)


Recruiting - /gc recruit

Promotion - /gc promote (up to own rank)

Demotion - /gc demote (only below own rank)

Removal (kick) - /gc remove (only below own rank)

Guild Message of the Day


Recruiting - /gc recruit

Promotion - /gc promote (up to own rank)

Demotion - /gc demote (only below own rank)

<p style="box-sizi
Edited by Moulinneuf

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Pretty much what I was looking for.  The issue is, how many new prospective players do we loose due to no directions? I have been talking up EnB but think those that I have sent this way were intimidated by the forum.  Let's get them in game before they are exposed to the likes of me. :) 




(not so new a new player)


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