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I see lots of Neg votes over to the side...

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Not much voting in reality , negative or positive.

Not much public commenting/suggestion/discussion/proposition either.




You don't seem like you have pissed anyone / group or are targeted for Negs votes.


Hence i submit , reload your browser window , change viewing setting to change your somewhat innacurate perspective.


Or Stat up voting 


Just commented because I watched 6 new account got created in last 24 hour and tought I could waste 2 second 

to see if it was somekind of exploit. Don't seem like it is to me.


Excuse me will i go down vote Ravina because he his from Alberta , it's a pipeline / political / provincial thing ;-)

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Seems every time I make a post my neg number goes up one,  at -3 for the week so far

Doesnt bother me much but Ive noticed others getting the same thing

The red neg's arent common here, and the recent wave caught my eye is all

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I fell and broke my leg 2 weeks ago so I have a perfect solution for stopping neg votes....don't post!


Bonus I have lost 10+ pounds... (not associated to no neg posts)


Just saying,


If you post you run the risk of getting dinged... Some just can't find anything to contribute other than hit the down arrow.  Luckily they can only hit you one time per post. 


P.S. LOL Thank you for the ding....Made my day. 

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