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Taking out the trash

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Hey all,


I have picked up a mission in Mercury called: Taking out the trash.

You get one piece of debris in your cargo and are told to "jettison it into the stars corona".

I have visited the nav points in mercury and flew at the sun until I hit the sector border. Can someone give me a hint as to what to do here?

Thanks in advance!

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Data Satellite 4 ... start at The Launching Point.  Warp to Nav Glory's Orbit 3.  Then, without moving your ship, right-click to allow free warp and continue warping straight ahead.  Data Sat 3 is first and then 4.  Mind the Red Dragon guards [CL 35??] in the area if you aren't friends with them.

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I also have this mission.  It is picked up in Star Clipper station in Mercury sector, not mercury station in Glory's Orbit.  I have taken the debris to data sat IV and nothing happens.  The convo with NPC says Mercury's atmosphere.  I have flow around the planet quite a bit and have not been prompted to due anything.  Please, any advice would be wonderful.

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Data satellite 4  in mercury sector. it is a very hidden nav  there are several others in the sector also  if yo explore a bit off the beaten paths.



it took me awhile to find it myself.


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