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The Controller Central Core

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yep im in static.. but it was late and most people were afk.. im lvl 142 with +2050 rd faction.. any help would be appreciated.. I have gone to shang li chun but i all i get is the normal 3 dialogs. knife fights-huh-and nearby assitance..



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Pulled from net-7/wiki   i don't think there any requirements , just have it in ya hold .   can the core be put in ya vault ? if so try it in ya vault and see is you get the mission. good luck


Insane in the Mainframe
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Mission giver  Shang Li Chun
Mission requirements   ??
Mission reward  Your choice of either the Dragon Dread Mail Elite Mk. VIII shield or the Dragons Dread Mail Elite Mk IX shield

The Controller is causing problems for the Red Dragons. Destroy it.

    Destroy The Controller and obtain it's Central Core.
        If you have The Controller's Central Core in your ship's inventory talk to Shang Li Chun on this step to pick which level of shield to receive.

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Shang Li Chun still wont give me insane in the mainframe. Is there a GM around that could help me out?

Put the core in your vault, then try talking to him. See if he'll give you the mission then.


I had to transfer mine into my vault, then back to my hold for him to recognize that I actually had it so I could finish the mission I had in my logs, FOREVER! :D

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