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Curious, KSing is ok now?

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 So im being told by a few different JD's that kill stealing is ok now. Is this true?  Story time>>>


So im boxed up minding my own buisness in cooper, i have 2 little ones i wanted to get a bit xp while i hunt the almighty desash. So i buff up, warp in, and someone is already there, no biggie i go kill the 53's until they leave. about an hour later they left and i move into the 55 camp zone and begin the slaughter, some was mine.... About an hour pass's and no desash, i think hmm did they change the timer? I keep killing.


 Next round i see him pop, im engaged with 3 others at the time, so i finish them off quick, turn to engage desash and get past by warping out jd. Well fml. Needless to say this happend 3 more times till i flipped in local. It was there im told, it is ok to KS deasah even if someone is camping the area. Is this true? There was a gate raid going when i was there, should i have just brought my PW's down instead and killed there boss's while they take care of the trash? Maybe do the same for other targets? They all told me it was "Ok" so maybe i will.


 So what say the you all? Is it ok to ks someone camping a timed boss, whether is be a level 10 or 60, since if its ok for one, it must be ok for all of them. Maybe it would be better to just run 9 JD's so i could use the excuse, i didnt see you there, which is bogus, and, but these are jd tatics.




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While technically you weren't KSd since you never engaged the Desash, I think its more of a gentlemen/woman's agreement on the server if you see someone camping a spot like that (generally speaking at least from my standpoint) that you don't just wait cloaked or warp in kill boss and leave.  Perhaps they never saw you being a JD the moment they showed up? I dunno just layin all the possibilities out there.


Now, granted things to alleviate that scenario again my point of view not a rule/servers opinion show up if you see someone, ask if they are just farming XP or if they are after the boss too, if so find out how long?  And ask them to tell you when they leave.  Would be a friendly approach, to include notifying of your presence at the nav too just in case some people are lying cloaked waiting for boss.


In the end I am not 100% on EMU policy but in live standpoint was merely 51% damage to mob, didn't matter there wasn't much in the way of KS since every mob was open game.  Again here is smaller community and not LIVE of course so a more official standpoint I presume would come from a DEV/GM on their take.  But if I read your story correctly you never even engaged Desash how is it a KS then (again insert all the other components to the picture).  Merely camping a spawn doesn't entitle you to the nav/mob/kill though again see friendly agreement common in community while that is typical, it doesn't guarantee or afford you any rights.


I don't leave things to chance if I see boss spawn I immediately switch to that target, the trash can wait, to avoid losing the kill credit or having someone come warp by and engage it.  Which is another thing if I see someone engaged with a boss I move along I don't try to win that 51% to get the kill (others do though - and that's their prerogative). 


Unfortunately everyone has their own agenda and play style... that's online play for ya.

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One of those JD was me.


As Redd said and as I explained in local; merely hunting at a nav does not grant you exclusive rights to all mobs and bosses which may spawn at that nav.


Had you engaged Desash first, I would have left the kill alone, whether I could beat you to 51% or not, since that's the gentlemanly way of doing things.


Desash is frequently camped by 2-3 JD at once and whomever gets the first shot/debuff off is usually allowed to get the rest of the kill, at least that has been my experience. My being the first person there that day does not grant me rights to all Desash kills at that nav for the 10+ hours I may devote to sitting there and killing him.

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As you explain it Spam, then it would be ok for me to, whether in passing or sitting cloaked, to kill the boss's at the gate while someone else set it off. While i wouldnt do that, by your standards it would be ok if it wasnt engaged. As for asking people that are there killing the 55's if they are after the boss or not, noone ask me anything. If a jd cant see a pw at 10k, they may need to rethink the class they are playing.

If someone wanted to camp said mob for 10 hours, i wouldnt complain, hell im use to that and longer camps. Our rule "EQ Emu" Insert server name here, is simple, people have a set amount amount of time to engage a camped mob or placeholder before it goes ffa. While i know the 2 game differ, we atleast have strick rules on high camp drops. Maybe the actual issue lays with the terrible drop rate of said turbo device. Lets face it, its NOWHERE near live drop %'s. It should me more like 1 in 4 - 6. DOnt even know if i want to worry about the warder turbo dev, im sure thats locked down.

What i cant figure out is this: I havent been playing this in about a year, the players base is real low, you all dont have everything yet? Do people really need the turbo device on every toon they own? I swap 1 between all my warrior toons, its not hard. Just sayin ..... Edited by Zzexx
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*snip*As you explain it Spam, then it would be ok for me to, whether in passing or sitting cloaked, to kill the boss's at the gate while someone else set it off.*snip*



Actually, that is against the TOS and will earn you a ban. That is considered interfering with 'triggered' mobs.


I read your details of what happened and what you are calling KSing is not classed as such. You weren't engaged on the mob thereby nobody could steal the kill from you. While I find it disagreeable that you would be working on a nav and someone else would just warp in and take the boss it still isn't considered kill stealing. Might I suggest the old 'standby' method that many employ? If you can't beat them, then join them. Sit cloaked and hidden and wait for the boss to spawn. Go in with the intent of killing the boss and then leaving again. Many are using this method and there are many gentlemens' agreements revolving around just such a matter.  If someone else engages the boss after you have already begun your assault on him then that would be considered KSing, and while still not against the TOS, many of the players frown upon activity like that and we tend to self regulate that type of behaviour when necessary.


I wish you luck in your search for the goodies that Desash brings.


Fly Safe



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There is much less pressure on most of the bosses. A year or two back there would be a continuous camp at all the bosses. Now it's quite possible to go to Bob, Grupta, most Cooper bosses, even Antares and have a pretty quiet day mopping them up. The exceptions are Desash, Warder and now der Tod.

If you need the drop, go camp. If the boss spawns, kill it. Rinse. Repeat.

My gameplay generally avoids confrontations with other players and I move on and bide my time. Others may be more assertive but it's rare to find someone who simply wont share a site, or at least tell you when they are done. Just ask if a place is camped. You'll get what you want - eventually.

The one place where this breaks down is of course the Warder but that is a totally different story. I really wish this was resolved with random spawns, a rotation, or a trigger.
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