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  1. Regardless of how many worthless buffs are on the device, I agree with Cia, the "randomness" of the lvl7 AA devices appears to be broken. I have managed to get three lvl7 AA and 2 were the same worthless Bahtu ys, the other was an equally worthless AA Yt An.   There are only 7 lvl7 AA devices in the game, shouldn't there be more randomness than 5 of 6 drops being the exact same device?   There should be a 1 in 7 chance of getting any of the lvl7 AA devices when Identifying any lvl7 Unidentified tech, right?
  2. Kyp, My friend advised its still not working. when/if you get an account, the email validation is never received. Its just not being sent to the email address.   I went to set one up to try and troubleshoot and got the following SQL error when i hit submit on a new account:   mySQL query error: INSERT INTO ibf_spam_service_log (`log_date`,`log_code`,`log_msg`,`email_address`,`ip_address`) VALUES(1425794383,'','','e**.g*****@**n.com','71.***.**.***')   I put * over some of my info, for privacy. I hope this helps you find the bug.
  3. I am from BI, but i agree with the 4 names posted. they are very active and very well known. You can do it Mongo!
  4. One of those JD was me.   As Redd said and as I explained in local; merely hunting at a nav does not grant you exclusive rights to all mobs and bosses which may spawn at that nav.   Had you engaged Desash first, I would have left the kill alone, whether I could beat you to 51% or not, since that's the gentlemanly way of doing things.   Desash is frequently camped by 2-3 JD at once and whomever gets the first shot/debuff off is usually allowed to get the rest of the kill, at least that has been my experience. My being the first person there that day does not grant me rights to all Desash kills at that nav for the 10+ hours I may devote to sitting there and killing him.
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