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  1. Only thing EA should do is release the damn code so the EMU Devs wouldn't have to sidestep the hooks in the client with their proxy launcher. Alas don't ever see it happening so we make do with what we got. The legal giant sleeps, the game will never be its original potential as certain things are still missing to date, and of course there are certain things in EMU that weren't in LIVE. I'd love to see some of the things missing return but pretty much given up hoping they do. Because the EMU Devs are limited without being able to have full access. Not their fault either just statement is all, they've done great work.
  2. Answer to Gunney's original question. Life getting in the way, busy at work (coincidentally I work for the company in discussion thru this topic ) and content. Can only do the same stuff over and over so many times. This isn't a dig at the DEVs (used to be one once upon a time here). Games can get stale after while, so sometimes breaks are necessary. I took a break came back to some new (old) stuff was finally added in and I played through that, did some raiding, hanging with people and once repetition kicked in again, kinda got dull so took a breather. But mostly work life is the main reason I don't get on hardly ever. I travel Sun-Thurs every week, and super busy road warrior. Heck I even contemplated taking Kyp's offer and rejoining the DEV ranks. But alas I'm not able to devote the time I'd want to. I do hope others take up the offer and create new stuff. Maybe little more down the road.
  3. Sorry forgot to reply, I was able to land successfully without issue thanks for the quick fix!
  4. Ah perfect I didn't try that! Thanks for the tip I was able to move the accordingly.
  5. So I recently updated my Forum account name, I thought it was just the display name people would see me by. Apparently this changed my Net-7 portal account and wacked everything up. While relinking all my accounts I incorrectly linked an account. I would like to unlink it if possible so it can be linked to the other forum account, and vice versa with an account on there. Please let me know who would handle this so I can submit the account information in a private message and not post publicly.
  6. 3 Toons now all gating, docking and landing on planets fine. Except Primus (Pr12t4r35m M4ns - Pl1n2t Pr3m5s) in Vega... Something going on with this sector/zone? Was trying to do some new (to me) missions but all toons keep hanging at the loading screen for this planet. Submitted GM Ticket for the first 2 thought it was just them, but now 3rd toon stuck all separate accounts.
  7. Put all raids on a trigger, eliminate the current timer rotation. Then you put requirements that the trigger man is L140+, and a timer on the trigger man like the Fishbowl or whatever you wanted them to be that is just an example. This eliminates the Big 3 rotation, and opens events up to anyone willing and able to build a trigger and assemble a group to accomplish it. What does it introduce? The possibility of true griefing (someone showing up and purposely attempting your raid trigger who was not otherwise invited). And people with multiple toons allowed to side step the timer on the trigger man by having another trigger man. But that is risk factor in my opinion seems more logical from an entire playerbase standpoint than the current model, if they spent the time to acquire the trigger parts, arranged to have enough able bodies to take on the raid, then so be it. Oh the other area of contention would simply be people having to wait for one to finish before another could be triggered, this is due to game design unfortunately. Nothing is going to be 100% perfect when dealing with a design flaw from many years ago and the inability to modify that. Other games have solved this problem with instancing their raids in a similar fashion upon first boss kill. Individuals who enter the raid are then timer locked out of the raid for that duration. I doubt EnB has the code to accomplish this and would require major modifications which I doubt will occur. Hence the recommendation for triggers as that is a mechanic and capability currently in game (it would just require the build of the trigger missions and items if you will much easier than full game code modding).
  8. Redd

    Node Finder

    Would something that just states XYZ ores can be found in ZYX Sectors be sufficient or too revealing?  That way you still have to explore the sector and if its already been plucked well keep checking, everything can be had in game with some time and effort.     As for hulks, they we're meant to be destroyed ship wreckages.  Rarely was anything of value found within them, but alas there was some rare items to behold.  As far as the randomness or timer or whatever you wish to refer to it as you have to think of it as such.   Draw a circle on a piece of paper, the paper represents your sector, the circle represents your ore/hulk field, the circle has a few variants that can define the spread pattern lets call it circle/square/scatter patterns.  Now that defined circle holds your parameters for what lies within your circle (hulk/ore field) you populate the list with assets (ores/gases/hulks) level based objects.  Now you have a defined pool of those level based items kept within a database table that the random generator pulls from and those are controlled with percentages (and the code/algorithm).  There really isn't much randomization outside of that other than the percentages of what item from that defined list populates those circles with.  The game is simple and not as advanced like a modernized game that utilizes procedural generation to create a sector/zone and things within it with randomization as apposed to static.  E&B is very static and simplistic (draw back of the game design from what 15 years ago?) she's old and holding up given the circumstances.   Now weather or not the DEVs have the ability drastically manipulate the code base I dunno, I would guess not so much.
  9. Redd

    Drop Rate....?

    Wrong reactor Syber...  Its a Blacksun Reactor that isn't dropping and never was a Mordana drop those were the Juggernaut and Vulture reactors with the Griffon added for the PP .  Currently no one builds this reactor either. https://www.net-7.org/#item/Sentinel%27s+Dynamo   This reactor was part of the other Blacksun series of reactors all from the drones around the gate navs in live and ST4., the last on this list has since changed locations (I get it things change)   L7 Enforcers Plant L7 Tradesman's Source L8 Sentinel's Dynamo L9 Explorer's Force   I was just inquiring if this was intentional and if so why (usual answer is storyline/release but that would mean none of these should be dropping then but 3 of the 4 do and 2 of the 4 are in the correct locations to Live standards, one isn't and one doesn't drop at all.
  10. Redd

    Drop Rate....?

    Ya not since EMU Live but they did drop in EA Live and EMU ST4.  I hope I got the right Mob name (the one at Dragon Nav Point Sahn or whatever (near the gate to Paramis in BBW) not the Controller Raid Prototype one
  11. Redd

    Drop Rate....?

    Couple items to research please   L5 Bricole Max Missile Launcher - Not dropping (DB says so) used to drop, plenty of builders have printed could this get turned back on was from a Rogue Progen in Endriago L20something L8 Amethyst Annihilator Beam - Used to drop in BBW (Live and ST4)  I wanna say it was the Prototype Alpha drone (not the Troller raid one the single one on lengthy timer) L8 Sentinel's Dynamo Reactor - Used to drop in BBW (Live and ST4) off Drones higher level ones (escapes me right now) along with the other reactors off the drones at the drone navs around the gates   Thanks
  12. Redd

    Drop Rate....?

    Ya just asking, figured it was on the level of those other L2 oddly named engines, its mappable so I'm sniffing them out hehe
  13. Redd

    Drop Rate....?

    L2 Shu's Engine - DB says doesn't drop - was this a mission reward or not in game at all?
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