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Still here :)

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Howdy folks, just popping in to let you all know I am still around. Yes not dead yet :P In anycase I am currently busy with MCSA and just passed my second exam today. So 1 more exam to go and I can come back to the game, wish me luck, no seriously wish me luck, I barely passed todays exam :)

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For some reason I was not feeling confident enough to take this one so i rescheduled for next week friday, thanks for the vote of confidence though. One last thing Prre, why do you have so many JEs?

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As you can see ,most of them have area specific names . Raggy is parked in Ragnarok , Antar is in Anares , Boony is in Cooper etc etc  all with max wh , js and some of them have max prospect  ,handy to have in such way out places if i need a js or a lift lol , Smurf (parked at FPO with SE/Carp/Kal WH ) and Jetliner (Paren with SE/Carp/ Kal WH ) are just 2 extra that i use from time to time as storage and whatever :) And Tarsis can just wh me from Tarsis to SE/Carp/Kal which is still handy from there. :)

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It was a cool Friday morning, but the exam room was exceedingly cold. As I sat down I could feel the pc glaring at me, taunting me even.


Then it began, the first 2 questions knocked me clean out of the chair, the following ones were a blow by blow situation. Then the exam let its guard down and I picked it up by the tail swung it around a few times and threw it against the wall, it tried to get up and I mopped the floor with it.


What I did to that poor exam was a shame, I beat it to a pulp and then some. When I got to the last question I didn't want to leave I was on the roll, the invigilator had to pull me out of the exam room.


Long story short I passed :)

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