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  1. Thank you for allowing me to play ENB Emulator.
  2. The real problem here isn't an particular Player member of VonVorp Galactic Empire, nor is it any other Players or guilds. In my mind the real problem here is that Player Guilds in ENB Emulator have the power thru game mechanics to exert force upon Players in the game. The game Mechanics should make such actions against Players impossible, tand that is what I think needs to be fixed. Original ENB's and ENB Emulator's ruleset is far too lenient of rules violations of Players and Guilds in an attempt to promote Player interaction. Player Guilds are all fine and dandy, but anytime a Player utilizes a threat of "my guild will get even" there should be an automatic Ban of the Guild and all it's Players. I do not however support the GM department making their enforcement of the EULA and TOS any more lenient, in fact I support a hardcore enforcement of all the rules ingame by all Players. In my point of view a Player should be loyal to ENB Emulator and all of it's Players FIRST, regardless of whether or not the choose to join a Guild. Any actions by guild members that even just threaten ingame retaliation (whether or not they actually act upon the threat) for any action by another Player should be grounds for immediate Ban of the Player that voiced the threat, and his/her entire Guild. This is the only way to ensure a lawful gameplay experience within the EULA and TOS for all Players. If I want to be threatened and harassed, I will go down on 8 Mile. This is a game and should be a safe place for all Players when NOT in the Arena (PvP is different to a degree and allows such behavior against Players). Only the Mobs should be the Enemies of the Players ingame, not other Players. A "threat" of any kind, whether or not it is backed up with action, is a hostile act. The fact that the GM Team has chosen to be more lenient in their enforcement of the Rules is the reason I no longer play ENB Emulator. I could have continued to participate in this project regardless of what else was wrong with the classes, or game mechanics, etc., since this is a game in testing. Also... since I support such a lawful and strict enforcement of rules in MMOs perhaps it's best I not a GM. I completely understand that 90% of all Players and Devs will never agree with me on this issue. Players like myself just eventually leave MMO Gaming due to our point of view.
  3. When I began participating in ST3, I tried out TS3, logged in, and was told my voice sounded like a transformer... after that anything I said in channel was replied to with a statement such as "you really need to fix your voice" or similar. When you are beta testing a piece of MMO software like EnB Emulator, the players do not need to also have to beta test a voice client. TS2 works good, so does Vent. Stick with what works and choose one. The point of the ENB Emulator test server is to stress test ENB Emulator, not test TS3.
  4. The Xbox players now outnumber old style MMO gamers 3 to 1... or more. This is why all "MMO"s are being released now are (in my opinion) just fancy console games for PC with multiplayer content. True MMO Gamers are still out there, but now we feel like aliens in our own homeland. Any attempt to bring EnB back by EA would result in a worse game than the original... worse from the point of view of an old style MMO Gamer like myself. The beancounters that control the MMO Industry now won't allow Developers to think quality and long term, just profit and short term. MMOs diesigned this way almost always disappoint Players that would have been attracted to the original EnB.
  5. Oh yes, a good Beer or Ale is always preferable to lemonade, be my guest
  6. But you say I should get angry, declare war and fight over it? That's ridiculous. Such decisions in real life have led to all sorts of needless destruction and misery and I will not repeat the same mistakes in EnB or any other virtual reality. There is too much drama in real life and I participate in MMOs to escape that foolishness. To you conflict between Players is fun, to me it is pointless in any MMO. Fair enough. To you it's just a game and it has no connection to real life whatsoever. I respect your right as a Player to "play the game" in this fashion. However, not all Players see "the game" as you do. I myself see all MMOs as virtual realities created by Mankind, and as they are created by us, they are by default extensions of "real life"... they are just another aspect of reality. Real people from real life enter MMOs and invest time and energy to achieve goals and to pursue enjoyment. What I choose to do or not do in this MMO or any other does affect other people. I therefore believe I have a duty to treat every Player with respect even if they don't choose to do the same. This is how I "play the game". If I see a Mob being camped, I will move on to do something else for the time being. The Mob will spawn again. I can hunt it another day without creating needless conflict with other Players. When that happens to me I will not whine about it. If you want to camp the Mob, go ahead... all of you will log off and go back to the real life eventually. And in so doing I respect your right to play the game how you choose, while playing the game how I choose. All is good.
  7. No, I have never been an Employee of Westwood Studios or Electronic Arts. I am a solo Player. I do not join Player Associations anymore, nor do I group in MMOs. "In my Opinion" EnB is a grouping MMO far more than it is a Solo one. I never meant to give the impression that anything I say on this forums can be considered "proof" of anything. Anything I say on these forums is always my opinion, just like anything you say is your opinion, just like everyone else here. Only statement by the Developers of this project or a former employee of Westwood and/or EA can ever be considered "official" here on these forums. So if you are doomed to purgatory, then so am I... we can burn together, you bring the lemonade and I will bring the steaks. Can EnB be played Solo? Yes it can, and I do it all the time. That does not make it a MMO designed for solo play however. To me the design of EnB is heavily focused upon promoting group Player activity as compared to Solo Player activity. Since EnB was designed to be a MMORPG back in the days when the title MMORPG actually meant something, then this makes sense to me that EnB is designed this way and I support that even though the game is not designed for a Player like myself. Years ago I preferred Group play and activities in MMOs, but I have changed as a Player and I do not enjoy Group content anymore. I do remember having loads of awesome fun and enjoyment back then, so I believe EnB Emulator should retain the Group Design philosophy that I remember from Live. I support keeping the EnB Emulator project focused upon a mostly vanilla version of the game with the addition of the three unreleased classes, some extra space sectors, and balancing as needed. If there is somebody that is involved with the EnB Emulator project that was an employee of Westwood or EA I too would desire to hear what decisions were made in regards to your question. If you require Proof that is the only way you will ever get what you seek.
  8. Do I think you were guilty of KillStealing Crichton2 ? No. Do I think your actions/behavior can be considered rude in a MMO? Yes. Whether you choose to be polite in a MMO, behave poorly, or somewhere inbetween... that is your choice. MMOs are about Players deciding what they want to do, when they want to do it, and how they want to do it. I respect your choice in how you choose to play in this MMO, even if I personally disagree with your choices. All that I ask is that you respect the choices of others and myself, even if you disagree with them. MMOs are about Players deciding what they want to do, when they want to do it, and how they want to do it, whether anyone else understands, appreciates, or agrees with, why a Player does what they do or chooses not to do. As for the comments in the screenshot where a Player is professing his/her Guilds awesomeness, All I can say to that behavior/opinion is this... Guild "size" or "rank" is often an overrated characteristic. I personally ignore the existence of any Player Association whose members make these kind of boasts, as I usually find no merit in the "accomplishments" of such PA's.
  9. 5. disparity between ore field value and the CL of the mobs guarding (big mobs guarding relatively low lvl ore fields). *as per Jarod's comment* /signed as I feel number 5 is a problem that should not be put on the back burner. Conflict in a MMO does not equal enjoyment in a MMO, conflict is just one of many possible ways to achieve and/or enhance enjoyment for a Player. There are many places Mobs can be placed in the virtual space of EnB Emulator besides in Asteroid fields/belts. When it comes to Mining, the enjoyment for Players is frequently in the activity itself combined with the experience of being in the virtual world of Space itself, a situation that some Players enjoy that is an impossibility in real life. Some "Miners" enjoy a side dish of combat/conflict while Mining, but many do not. Having a few belts with high level guardians is cool, but most belts should have a guardian at or below the level of the Ore in the belt. If there is a much higher level guardian(s) than the level of the belt, then there should be a reason for it... be it rare ores, a mission objective, or rare loot drop from hulks/wrecks present in the belt. Unless the act of Mining itself earns the XP of Combat, there is no reason for a Miner to engage a high level guardian just so they can mine the Ore there.
  10. "Payback"? An interesting choice of word there. Thank you for your comment concerning the issues presented in this thread. I always appreciate it when the Devs keep in touch with us.
  11. I actually like your ideas Xulei, the problem is that I get the *impression* from what I have read about the future of this project that Mob AI is getting a significant boost, so sitting waiting in cloak for a Mob to move away.... I am beginning to think the Devs will put an end to that. In a group of 5 to 10 Mobs at a belt it would only take one to uncloak you and then warp speed scotty time. You can't get any mining done if you are either waiting for Mobs to leave, or warping away to excape them because you are strong enough to survive a fight. No, I fear (yes I said it) that the Devs will make the Mobs smart enough that the only Miners we will see in belts are Progens (I think even the TS's will have a hard time to be honest). I do not think Jenquai are going to do very well at all. I have seen Dev Teams "improve" combat in other MMOs, and it almost always ending up favoring the combat specialized classes/professions, and diminishing gameplay opportunities for classes similar to JE in philosophy and gameplay.
  12. Yes I can back up my statement that EnB is a game built upon grouping... Just look at the skills that each class (individually) has, compare the strengths and weaknesses, then look at the whole system from a big picture. Interdependency is built through out EnB in the classes. No one class is a Solo king, and all do much better in a group, the more diverse the better. No Player trade hall system, no mail system... this demands that Players work together just to get things done. That's why I say EnB is a "grouping" game, and EnB is one of the few true MMORPGs in existence. Many online games claim the title but few actually have earned it.
  13. No, because PP is a halfway capable combat pilot and TS is a halfway capable Trader, JE is neither. Thus JE has nothing to fall back on like the other two Explorer classes. There is no WH business now like there was in Live, and Build Reactor is now more profitable with JT. JE is the weakest combatant in the game, always has been... and now with a push by this Dev Team at present to upgrade Mobs's AI and make combat more challenging, JE's even now are feeling the stress. For most JE Players that are Miners first and foremost (and avoid combat simply because they don't enjoy it like a warrior Player would), CL 30 Mobs guarding lvl 1 and 2 Roid fields/belts is simply just not worth it. I played a JE mainly in Live and I remember how it was then.... Now that I tried JE I am retiring any thought of leveling one now in EnB Emu. JE Miners are usually NOT Combat Pilots... It's a Mindset thing, not a character skill set thing. I can't explain it any better than that. The other Two classes attract a different kind of Player than a JE does. Some of it is the skill set and some of it is the Racial Philosophy that makes JE special and unique. If I wanted to be a "guardian" I would play a JDefender, if I wanted to be a Jenquai Builder, I would run a JSeeker (my main in ST4 is a JS due to that class now having Build Reactor skill and better combat survivability as a whole). I run a JE to be an explorer and a Miner... the Explorer part is good, now we need to make the Miner part more survivable. Not only do I support the addition of more Plasma Beams available ingame (manufactured instead of loot drop), but I would also like to suggest creating a whole new class of Beam Weapon that does Chemical damage to offset the energy resistance of some Mobs that guard asteroid belts (Some Radio waves can create a chemical damage like wound depending on frequency, harness this as a Beam Weapon). Make them usable by all, Progen restricted, or Jenquai Only, your pick, but I would support Jenquai only with the idea that it was Jenquai Scientists developing a new technology and they wish to keep it within their own Race for now. You Devs are welcome to do what you want with Mobs and their difficulty, just be advised that some of us from Live are attracted to EnB because it is NOT a mandatory combat centric game, and your recent and intended future changes are making it one. Too much combat in a space MMO is why I don't play any other space MMO, especially when it comes to being a Miner that enjoys the simple peace and quiet of a nice Roid Belt and the soothing sound of my Mining laser. If this experience is diminished or drowned out by the sound of my Hull exploding from a Belt Guardian 5 times my CL while I am mining Copper Ore... Well it will be time to retire as a Jenquai Miner permanently. There are many other classes to play in EnB Emulator that will be far more Player friendly with the current and future changes than a JE is and will be. No, I don't mean to sound rude or obnoxious with how I wrote this post, for me "these are just the facts" about the situation. I wanted to be honest with you and the rest of the Dev Team. *edited for content and additional suggestions*
  14. In regards to changes in EnB Emulator from what it was in live.... I am willing to let the Devs use their talents and creativity and see what they come up with. I considered original EnB unfinished so I am willing to wait and see what happens here. That's not to say that I will like or agree with the changes... it's just that I am not a Dev, just a Player. I do not really get a say in it all. If I had the talents and the education to be a Dev then maybe I would request to be a part of the team and have a more direct say in what changes take place, but I don't. Go for it Devs... you are doing a great job so far, keep on doing what you have been doing. In regards to Tienbau's suggestion of Guild Vaults, it sounds good to me.
  15. I voted for option one; no and no. I see no practical purpose for macroing in this MMO. and I also believe in running one character at one time with only one account in all MMOs, even this one where there is no mail system and no shared vault. EnB is all about grouping and working together to achieve ingame goals.... even though I am not a member of a guild *yet*, I still support how EnB was designed.
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