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  1. ??? Update? Bug fix? Server Crash? Server is down. No news that I can find atm.
  2. Server status? Is there a link anywhere to show if Sunrise is up or down? I suddenly cant connect....
  3. OK, TY, will do that.. If were still needed. I am with family at the hospital atm, so cant get to my comp. will get a PM to Arthur as soon as possible.
  4. I have been watching, for some form of alert that we were either required, or no longer required, and have yet to see anything. Tonight I see players with beta tags, and have to wonder why those of us that served so long are being replaced? i just did another quick search of the forums and don't see anything about beta accounts.. am i just missing it? Understand, I am not truely upset. Just feel a little slighted. Nothing that will get my panties in a bunch, just wanted to know the story behind the decision. Thx!!! Knite/Refix
  5. TB Knows shield charge is broken and said he would "try" to get it fixed next patch.
  6. I try to leave new player channel on so i can answer questions, though after answering the same questions over and over again every fifteen minutes it gets annoying so i shut it off for a while. i also shut off channels when I see people swearing and generally arguing like 12 year olds, then turn them back on again later... Yes, there is an OOC channel, and it "should" be for such things, but, people enjoy talking, and if the convo happens in another channel it really doesnt bother me, were all here to have fun after all.. if i don't like the convo i shut it off.. no big deal... if you take a step back.. and put into perspective what it is your getting mad about.. you may realize that it isnt worth getting mad, or even slightly upset about. relax, and enjoy.
  7. That would certainly be of GREAT use, and i would vote (if my vote made any difference ) for it wholeheartedly.... however, my issue is, that it is very hard to try to be a good builder without having multiple accounts just for storage of ores and comps... I guess I am just spoiled by the other online games I have played that allow more or less unlimited storage space. EVE being one of them.... TB Quote; the vault size is locked in the client AFAIK If thats the case, then I will resign myself to having 16 alts just for storage (No really! LOL) and hope for the guild vault... can such a guild vault be restricted in some way? Guild rank perhaps?
  8. OK, I guess you have to have an Active forum account, i guess he never re registered on the forums whent he old one went down, and I KNOW the wife never did, once I re registered my son on the forums it all worked fine, tyvm Avani for making me think a little
  9. OK, I registered fine, but when i try to register my sons account, of my wife/daughters shared account, it tells me "forum user not found" user not registered" or some such.. what do i need to do to get around this?
  10. ??? Ive done the Progen lvl 30 HU mission dozens of times over the last couple of years with a PW and never had a problem doing it at all. ive done it with my PT as well, the only issue I ever had was doing it with a sentinal. Just didnt have the firepower even at lvl 40 to take down that dern captain....
  11. hehe, this isn't a thread for, or against change.. I was more or less wondering how many people (like myself) quickly close a thread as soon as the arguments FOR or AGAINST a proposed change begin?? To be Honest... I really like the way things are going. The Dev's are already planning new things. I could argue that the PW is too strong, has too much hull.. but then, If I thought that.. I should probably play a PW.. I could argue about terran's ability to negotiate, or Jenq's ability to WH, fold space and cloak... but, why? Why not play that class rather than argue about it? thats just my humble opinion. were not PVPing, so if I want to play a weak class, then I just need to ally myself with a strong class.. if i don't like terran's having negotiate and getting more money when they sell, then I need to trade my goods to a Terran and have him sell them for me.... etc etc... I think.. thats what the intentions were originally. To get people together. TBH, my ONLY real issue with EnB.. is vault size. Trying to be a mega builder, storing ores for comps, parts for weapons, Shields, Devices, etc etc... will have a vault filled to the brim in moments. JUST the ores needed to build the different comps will completely fill a vault from top to bottom. IF, mining for a specific ore was easier, this wouldn't bother me as much. As it is, your flying to 9 different systems looking for that specific ore. Oxium for example. A lvl 6 ore. Ive gone through about ten different systems that had lvl six and seven roids trying to get Oxium. It took a lot of time, and I never did get enough. So what it comes down to, is that I am constantly saving any of it I find. Oxium is just an example, but relates to most other ores as well. By the time you have all of these ores stored in your vault. Along with components to build things, even trying to build a few 200% items to keep in stock for sale.. you have three different characters with their vaults filled to the top.. What this means to me, is that I need to create, one, or two accounts.. JUST to hold my supplies. Doable? Certainly. I could even keep components on other characters in the same account, but it means constantly bugging someone to help transfer. It is much easier with another account, and doable, but.. like many other games I have played, the "vault" "Bank" or "storage" area usually doesnt limit you, and you are not forced to make secondary accounts. Of course I can get along without a larger vault, so can you. However, if it is not difficult to increase vault size, that is what "I" would ask for. I really have no desire to see any other major issues changed from how they are. I am not worried about balance, cargo capacity or the ever present DPS arguments. When I see the arguments begin I usually close the thread and browse elsewhere. All in all, I think everything is going great and dream of the day I see the post that says... "NO MORE WIPES!"
  12. by using the force update it allowed me to finish updating, but the initial problem still remains. I tried scootermagoos workaround, but when i click on it it just opens the text file. I have tried hooking this comp into the modem instead of using wireless, as someone said they had a prob with their wireless.. I am running windows 7 on this comp, and XP on the others that work fine if that makes any difference?
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