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  1. Hey Johnsilver,   If you can decipher the convoluted thoughts behind the Agrippa missions (and help those of us who aren't able to devote the necessary time and energy to figure it out ourselves) and make it possible to actually complete the missions without the pain and anguish that Byakee seems to enjoy inflicting upon the players who might actually appreciate the work he does, then you will forever have the appreciation of all future Agrippa builders.   Thanks,   Troy   <GENERAL COMMENTS>   I finally decided to start a progen (PW to be exact) with the caveat that I'm going to avoid anything to do with the Progen story line.  As much as I'd like to enjoy the full range of content available, work and school means I have only a limited amont of time available to spend on what is essentially only a game.  I do enjoy EnB, but in the battle between investing my limited amount of available time then this loses (or at least, those portions of it which apparently assume it is more important than my education, family, or income) to the aforementioned education, family, and income.   I can appreciate the thought process behind the thinking that created the Agrippa mission line.  I remember a time when MMO's had a serious opportunity for loss and growth, and at that time in my life something like Agrippa would have been welcome.  Unfortunately, reality is a fickle Mistress and ignoring her is a good way to find yourself relegated to irrelevance.   Respectfully,   Troy
  2. SSSSHHHHHH!!!! Not supposed to give away the secret!
  3. I think it "could" be a fun idea, but unfortunately we all know that it will be turned into a way to grief people. And honestly, the difference between a CL60 going after a TE or PW vs going after a JE... well, I think that one is pretty obvious. A couple of potential problems... 1) Someone decides they don't like a player. Money is no problem, so every time the bounty is cleared, it gets set again on the same player. 2) If there is a significant financial reward to be gained I can see groups setting up bounties on each other, just for that gain. 3) This would give people the ability to randomly interfere with another player, for no reason whatsoever, and I just happen to believe that would be a bad thing for EnB. Now, if the bounty hunter were to be armed with nothing but Pumpkin Chunkers (or similar type of weapon), then the dangers lessen, but it's still there. Thinking outside the box is always a good thing, because it keeps the brain working. I just see this going badly if implemented too quickly without some sort of safeguards.
  4. Could just copy and paste it into any spreadsheet program. Sort and alter from there however you want it... Just a suggestion.
  5. I may run the patcher in the morning (when I'm getting myself situated for the day) then go with your direct approach after that... that way I won't be more than a day behind any content pushes... Thanks for the help.
  6. Just to make sure I didn't give the wrong impression, I'm still able to log in... I just logged in a couple of minutes ago. Just takes a lot longer than it used to.
  7. It appears to be frozen, up to and including the "Not Responding" tag... eventually it gets to working, but it takes a long time. The green bar at the bottom will start, get between a quarter and half done then stop. When it's stopped, nothing happens. I can't change servers, check the server for status... nothing. The whole patcher appears to be inert until it finally just clicks over as ready.
  8. Hoping someone can help with this... Been playing for a few months now, and until about a week ago the patcher would launch, and within 10-30 seconds it would check for updates and be ready to play. Now it's taking upwards of 10 minutes (I know, it's easy to think that's an exaggeration, but I actually timed it). Has anyone had this issue, or a similar one? I've gone through everything I can think of, but please submit any ideas and I'll double check anything I may have tried already. Thanks.
  9. I just had to point out that you kind of contradicted yourself on the bold and underlined portions (added by me). If the field doesn't respawn quickly, and you want to constantly mine, then you have to explore to find more/better fields. By having them respawn more quickly, you'll actually be reducing the impetus to explore by allowing people to sit in one place for long periods of time... My miner has maxed out on all mining skills, so at this point I'll just start cherry picking what I want out of fields. /shrug
  10. Maybe not a full Wormhole, but I think a fold effect could be interesting. End up being more of a nuisance than anything else, unless it jumps you right next to that 50+ manes.
  11. I'm all for poprocks having no give away signature. As someone who mined in live, and I'm back to mining now, I have to admit that I don't understand why you would play a game and then program a script to make it so you don't actually have to play. I'd be all for the game having a way to determine when a macro is being used to mine a roid and turning it into a poprock.
  12. Hello Merlin, If we're talking about ability as a miner (and not as an overall explorer) I think it's the Jen Explorer. I think it's three main things that make the JE better at mining. 1) Cloak. Being able to fly around and gather information on guard movement (and looking at the ores) without having to worry about fighting or running every 2-3 minutes is invaluable in my opinion. 2) Device Slots. Having all prospecting related buffs and also having other stuff installed (warp buffs, deflects, etc.) without having to clutter up your hold is nice. 3) Beams. This is similar to Device slots, but having a full weapons loadout without filling your hold with ammo means any guards/jackaroids (when they show up again) can be dealt with appropriately. I know that all three miners can use beams, but between racial bonuses and combat cloak Jen are better at it (and get level 9, to boot). Anyway, those are my reasons for thinking JE are better miners than the others. Just my 2 cents. Grand Master Demitroy
  13. At 7:15 eastern it showed the server Online-0 and won't connect to the global server.
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