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  1. Elana (JE), Meilyna (JD), Irissa (PS), Kyrin (TT), and Elexys (PW)   Miss them all   :)
  2. <3   Loved working on those files.  Very first one to be animated was one of the Earth sectors.  Spent a lot of time working with the speeds to get it to feel just right, and if you watch it long enough, you can see a solar eclipse with Luna.   :)
  3. I'm not really here. Stop using hallucinogens
  5. Must be a per-user thing. I had my graphics tweaked so much through my vid card control panel, that there weren't any jagged areas anywhere for me, except where water intersects land in planets. (which is unavoidable)
  6. [quote name='Phorlaug' timestamp='1320762394' post='48212'] You know that would be a little frightening to see a ship like that. Kind of like a Borg or Reaver [url="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0379786/"](Firefly/Serenity)[/url] ship and add a couple of partially Decomposed head. Gives me chills just thinking about it. 4 [/quote] Funny you should say that, I like both of those factions, haha! Maybe I'll model up an example of what I'd want to make. The basic idea is a Jenquai fore hull, modified Scout aft "profession" section, and modified Sentinel "sails" for wings, then splice it all with a V'rix explorer vessel, and make it chrome.
  7. I would actually just combine things I adore from each of the three explorer classes. ...and I'd probably want to reconfigure bits of each race's ship hulls to make a disturbing hybrid ship. and maybe a couple warrior skills. Skills: Combat cloak Prospecting Hull patch Repair equipment Jumpstart Nullfactor Field Passive: Scan Navigate Negotiate Builds: No thanks. Not interested. Can I have Afterburn , and Power Down instead? Weapons Beams -L9 Missiles - L7/8 Tech: Reactor - L9 Engines - L9 Shields - L8 Devices - L8 Those, along with my skill build from live, and I'd be a happy girl.
  8. I'd kind of like to see mobs that are not killed/do not kill their target apply a debuff to the miner that triggered it. Have the debuff use a very long duration, and every few minutes, has a chance to cause the mob to spawn right on top of the player (so long as they are not in warp), fully hostile to them specifically. Debuff would be removed when the mob is killed by the miner or his/her group. Then make the debuff stack, increasing the spawn chance, and number of mobs.
  9. Elana

    New UI concept

    Indeed, and that's about as well put as it could possibly be.
  10. Elana

    New UI concept

    It's not really as simple as that with EnB's handling of graphical assets and the UI, but yes, that could probably be done. Unfortunately, to make it actually function correctly, is a little involved, and time consuming (so far that I've seen while poking around in it myself). As such, it's not likely to be something that will be addressed anytime in the near future, but again...not completely impossible.
  11. Elana

    New UI concept

    Modifying client files is, for the most part, a no-no. We've done a few small changes here and there, but in general we avoid anything more involved, as EA still owns everything (client files and geaphical assets), and could shoot us down over any changes to their software if they really felt like it.
  12. I should hope so! As you said, it is unlikely to be a full list of item names, but I'm sure that when the items are added in with new class specific buffs, it will be mentioned in the patch notes for the most part.
  13. The other three classes were not anywhere near finished at any point during Live. All of the available data for all of the above discussed things exists in a number of different control files in the client. The three unfinished classes were extremely skeletal in their designs, and had very few skills or information attached. The idea that time was the only thing keeping them from being added is completely false. Also found in those same sets of files were the skeletal remains of the tech-sharing plans. "Lore" skills that would have allowed the building of various racial tech for whomever would have put points into the skills adequately. However, as previously mentioned, the addition of the two "new" trader classes makes those lore skills an obsolete idea.
  14. My Opinion --> ES should protect against all environmental effects that existed in Live, while possibly not protecting against a few select new ones to be added in time. Nullfactor should be about the same, really. Here is where the differences between them are, as i see it: Environment Shield is targetable, has a cost per application, and a defined duration. Nullfactor Field is more a constant. It has a reactor capacity reduction, and a small buff to recharge rate to even it out, but has a limited range around the Scout ship, in exchange for having no defined duration (instead being a toggle).. In formations, or close proximity, Nullfactor is more efficient (no "cast time", no remembering to refresh, blankets the whole group in range). In all other applications, such as mining groups who must spread out to make the most of a field, etc...You'd really rather have ES, because it doesn't force everyone to stick together. As more environmental effects find their way into the game over time, each will help more in some cases than the other, so neither becomes favored. As for ES/Repulsor colors, they worked just like psi-shield did. As you leveled the skill up, the shield would shift tint colors. Max level would have been red, while minimum level would have been blue, with gold-ish being the middle color.
  15. I don't remember seeing anything about it being changed, though I could have missed it. I think what MAY have happened, is that the environmental effects have only recently all been done up, and Environment Shield might just require adjustment to work properly with them now.
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