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  1. TeddyZ77


    Thanks for the discord channel Jr ..hope it will be used a bit more. anyway we can get permission to the other chat channel??
  2. I like that we have the discord but doesnt seem like too many use it right now. And cant seem to get permission to use the one and only chat area?
  3. Sorry really late to this post. guess it couldnt hurt to get bumped up again if needed. Also thinking arent there turrets at all gates?? Not sure what their range would be. I have seen the Vrix at alot of gates if u dont move right away they will scan then shoot. Guess they dont want loitering at the gate??
  4. I was a part of the live experience I think pretty close to the beginning of the game till the servers went offline. Twas a sad day. Just days ago I was searching for any old info about the game and dug up this N7 emulator. Can't believe I didnt know this existed for so long. Well i am back at it again and must say the devs have done a great job. Keep up the good work.
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