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  1. I'm excited to see the EnB community come together to help solve some of the missing pieces of the this puzzle. keep posting the issues at hand and lets see how the rest of us can help assist with them as a team we are stronger. I Love it when we can pitch in and help.
  2. I want to see this game continue well into the future, and I will help out if I can in any way. Being negative and a doom and gloom commenter DOES NOT promote good feelings.. Sure you may think/feel a certain way don't bring everyone else down or get them depressed by saying things like that.. I support the DEVS, GMS, and Anyone else who is behind the scenes who takes the time out of their day. I wouldn't blame them if they take a time off for themselves instead of spending every waking moment repairing the game. they aren't paid. they don't owe us anything, THE LEAST we can do is support them. they aren't robots but people like you and I with their own lives. KYP, since you seem like the Spokesperson for the group how can we assist in this rebuilding.
  3. Well.. I think we are getting anxious a bit. I am for certain i religiously check this feed hoping to see KYP with an update. I know there are a lot of lines of code to sift though. Everyone keep hanging in there.
  4. I was there from the Beta, to the final moments. So many people who helped me then, and so many who help me now. JD Galileo Server lvl 137 when it shut down. did not find out about the Emulator until 2022... fondest memories include farming in VT, fighting tengu, and being invited to a FB Raid before i made lvl 100. see you all when the server comes online again!
  5. I've been playing SWTOR, Civ 6, Fallout 3, 4 and New Vegas. after a full 8 hours of work of course. also cleaning up the home a tiny bit more i guess.
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