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  1. I'm probably the minority in this but I miss the competition for triggers back in live. Was the closest we ever got to PVP in live besides the arena.
  2. My mistake then Prrekoorb. I could be talking out of my ass but from the last few weeks and attending the Troller, RD Base and GoBB it just seemed besides having jumpstarts ready for GoBB they didn't seem that difficult but like I said I've only been active for just over 3 weeks and so far I haven't seen any drama or issues between players in TS or in game chat. In fact everyone has been very helpful to me and it's gotten to a point I'm feeling guilty about it. I have been invited to raids even not having the ability to help much and even telling these different raid leaders this they encouraged me to join and even roll on loot I couldn't use yet. Sorry got off track there but from my personal experience I think if Panda just asked nicely I think he could be invited to many raids.
  3. A few? These past few weeks I've seen just 4 players fill 3 groups on their own but I agree it takes more then just having the ability to run multiple toons to complete raids. I rarely seen anyone without multiboxing at least 2 toons. Don't get me wrong I like multiboxing and can manage 6 toons pretty easily and I plan to push that to 12 in the long run thanks to some software tips I was given by a GM. I think a few people can easily handle any raid currently in the game and it's a good thing. Allows any small group of players to handle any encounter without worrying about low population.
  4. Flamingpanda you don't have to be apart of this player agreement rotation. Kyp stated earlier that no player owns the rights to content. I've only been playing this emulator for under a month so maybe there's more to this then submitting to a few multiboxers who have an agreement but from what I've learned the public rotation had to be forced upon the big 3 multiboxers. So get some buddies together and go have fun. The developers just like in live allow the player base to make its own rules as long as it doesn't cross the lines of their code of conduct.
  5. Like the man said damage owns triggers.
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