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  1. Cimbad. So glad to hear from you. Dont worry about us. If your health does allow it and you feel like it, join us on teamspeak for a quick chat. All my best to you and Woodstock in that fight of yours. Ben
  2. As I see it, Enrage is of no use in the current game mechanics. Various reasons come to mind. Landing-rate in a Raid Scenario and the effect possibly gained from it. just do not justify the use over other skills. On the Enforcers side, it would be Bio Repression in its various tiers or Hacking. On the Progen Warriors side it would be Shield Sap or Gravity Link. The debuffing effects of Hacks and Repression are well suited to dim an enemies damage down to a value that can be take on even a tier 8 shield, given a maximum set of deflects for the task. While Sap in its max:ed stage does a single value of damage which almost guarantees to draw the enemys fire. In addition to this, there are multiple ways to crank the passiv dps of warrior classes to help them hold the enemies attention, so the Trader Classes can ensure the groups survival relativly undisturbed. Considering gear, the Master loot comes to mind - Considering skills. both, the Environmental Shield and the Repulsor Field add to the damage returned. In this regard, I consider Befriend equally useless. The effect of it might get you in a spot where 2 or 3 Group Heals will be forgiven before the Boss turns on you again. However, in a 2-Group Setup, a Traders job should exceed the wellbeing of his group and himself. In plain words: If you group is fine, the other is likely not. So taking 8 seconds to cast Befriend locks you out of the task the group expects from you. To make Enrage usefull, a higher value on the casters Aggro-Meter is mostdefinitly needed. As for Befriend, lowering the casttime to 3 or 4 seconds would make the skill viable. Keep in mind tho. The EMU player have setups, raidteams in live could only dream of. If the Mechanics regarding aggression would be the same as in live, the damage soaking part a Raid would be a Progen-Warrior one-man show. So cranking up the aggression from Shieldrecharge is a good thing in the sense of posing a challange to the entire Raidgroup. I can only recommand the FishBowl video on Youtube for a laugh or two.
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    I agree, finding orefields or uncommon enemies of the beaten tracks is what makes the explorer class fun. However, maybe some explorer missions could be coded leading people to content they usually would not come across when exploring the Questionmarks in the sector. If the missions also would require a certain amount of positiv faction towards the station owner of the sector, this could be a great addition encouraging people to take care of thier faction early and do terminal jobs for other reasons then XP. Lets say for the Capella Sector, different NPCs could start spreading rumors about hidden content,hinting players at stuff, at 2000 positiv faction. More accurate information could be handed out at 5000 positiv faction. At 8000 faction a small mission could be handed out leading across several hidden points of interest. I understand from a post Kyp made regarding the raidtriggers, that the DEVteams view on the game has different foci then the view of us players. While we want it all and now, the DEVteams concern is to keep us entertaint and able to discover hidden content even after months or years of playing. Maybe a compromise can be reached. Cheers Hestha
  4. Yeah. Polls will not get anything done. If there is a poll, it should likely be about who will replace Syberfly as spokesperson for the public.    Once that is cleared up, approach have the newly elected approach the guildleader of the major parties involved here and call for a meeting to discuss this issue on teamspeak.   To clear some things up about my previous post:   1. I understand that the PRS is BLs baby. What I am suggesting is a short annoncement maybe a day or so before he has time to run a PRS so people know when the Raids in there will be available. People in the euro or western timezone can spread the word and perpare. Also people from EST will know about it and can decide to help make it happen.   2. About the data of the raidslot holders performance in the past 3 month. I see there is concern on the first glance that DEVs will refuse based on thier commitment not to parttake in the serverpolitics etc. But once you think about it, it is not an issue. Its just a set of names and numbers which is truely objectiv and cant be questioned. Whatever conclusion we all draw out of it, is up to the community alone and doesnt require any DEV to hold our collectiv hand or play favours towards any of the involved parties. And I think if any of the Big Three would be opposed to be under the lookingglass in this manner, I would totally respect that. It would be a conclusion in itself tho.   Murf, Holyman and Gunneey. Maybe you 3 should get your heads together, collect some more input from the public players on a position you guys feel the new spokesperson should represent on your behalf.    Cheers Hestha
  5. In essence you are right. It is only a gentlemens agreement to keep things peacefull. Since pretty much everyone agrees on the terms set by said agreement, people are equally irritated if someone doesnt follow. The senior players might give you an idea on how it was without rotation and why there is a strong sense to stick to some sort of placement to create order when it comes to who raids what. If you have been getting bad words thrown in your direction, its a sad thing and unworthy of this community. As you can see by what people wrote so far, its difficult to find a modus that is fair to everyone. So far you have been slightly off topic to be honnest. I hope this post adresses your input adequatly.   To Efi.  Its hard to argue with a well thought and well writen post. I agree. the modification to the raidrotation shouldnt be changed in the sense Holyman suggested. That suggestion doesnt reflect the playernumbers and activity. While I also agree that clarification on how every slotholder in the rotation handles adding "out-of-guild" players, I think that is a step to be taken once we find a new common ground on the underlaying issue. From my point of view that would be doing raids with boxed toons or not doing them at all while a bunch of good people are just sitting around and looking for something fun to do. And I think all Guild commenly refered to as Big Three have been guilty of that.   Everyone here can make bold claims about thier activity and whatnot. As an example, I am not entirly certain that the Big Three make up more then half the server population. Its hard to tell actually with Alts and multiboxing.   For now to propell this discussion forward in a manner that serves the issue, I would suggest we ask Cimbad to take a couple things to the DEVs on our behalf.   1. Inquire if we can get some preannounced PRS raids for players in europe and the west coast. 2. If the staff is able and would agree on making the schedueled raids triggerable. If costs for the triggers are fairly high, there is even a chance to jumpstart the creditbased economy in the game again. 3. Inquire if the Staff is willing to give out infos regarding the raidattendance and frequency of the participants of the raidrotation. I see it as vital to gauge the "fairness" of the current system in place. I might be totally of track here but right now I assume there are shocking gaps across the participents in the rotation.   On another note: BI just switched forums and its not fully implemented right now. When I get ahold of Tef, Ill ask him to hand me our set of rules regarding our own raids and those when we join the public. Maybe the other guilds can post thier rulesets at some point so we can clear up that part and see if it creates additional issues.   Cheers Hestha
  6. As I said earlier, a can of worms.   I would suggest the following, leave the rotation as it is. Just add a "Do NOT Multibox a schedueled raid" and "take the trigger down withing 26h of it being spawned" to the gentlemens agreement and we are should have a big issue about the unfairness of the loot distribution out of the way. Of cause there would have to be some monitoring on people sticking to that praticular rule, but it is something nobody can seriously argue; Live Player over Boxed Toon any day! The Guild assigned to the particular raid would be in charge of the organisation (set a time, put the groups together and doing the lotto). This gives VGE, Static and BI the chance to look after the interest of thier playerbase by picking convinient times to launch the raid.    Bonus: All raidgroups are filled with live players. All raids are taken down in a timely fashion while an element of planning for the particular clan to get a lot of thier own players online remains. The CoreIdea of the raidscheduel remains intact.     It will likely promote a big change.     It would still not adress the issues of Raids outside of Eastern Primetime being a rare event. Maybe Cimbad can discuss this with Woodstock and BL to see if the PRS can be untilized to adress this.    Cheers Hestha
  7. Hi guy. In on of her previous posts Alurra put it perfectly: Dont fix what is not broken. The thing I disagree on is: I see the Raid-Rotation as pretty unfair and it could use some fixing.   As a community, we are small. And skrinking in size actually. So it should be everybodies concern to keep as many of us as happy as possible. Having that said, I agree, there has to be some sort of order/rotation/distribution name it as you like.    However I dont thing we can call the big three rightly so anymore. I explicitly include BI here. We have been "guilty" of leaving the 2nd rated Raids (DT & RDbase) up for days at times simply we couldnt generate the interest to field a raidforce among those we had online or could reach via messenger service. From what I have seen VGE and Static suffere from the same lack of interest when I passed the raidtriggers on thier scheduel. "The Public" is the only raidforce in the rotation that does thier raids always within 24h.    So yes, we, "the big three", are taking from the rest of the community by letting opportunities to raid go to waste or fall back on multiboxing to fill the ranks. As for BI, we take people, friends. commarades into our raids from time to time. By far not as much as we should. I have little to no concept on how the other two handleing thier raidforce.     One thing is for certain: this is a can of worms. Redistributing raids according to playernumbers will produce people who see thier faction as loosing something that they consider thiers and there will be claws and fangs.   So there will be no solution however it is worded or put into action that will make everyone happy. I gave this some thought over the last couple month and yeah, not possible.   The only way I can think of is to ask GMs and/or DEVs to give the raiddata of lets say January 2016 to the playerbase as objectiv data. That way, we get an idea in which terms the current system can be described as fair or unfair. It should show how many multiboxers attend a raid and the time a raidtrigger is spawned and not taken down. Getting that data for everyone to look at will likely destroy any agrument against a change in the raidscheduel.   In case there will be a poll and an outcome that forces a change on the current system, I would suggest a fluent system of determining who should be on the rotation. Criteria could, for example be: Activity, Capability to complete the raid and willingness to add "out of guild" help to complete the raid if the own numbers dont add to raidstrength.   Cheers Hestha
  8. The idea is to make a mission line to access a permanet or termporary device to lower the faction lost when killing Red Dragons.    In my book the grind of cl 23-28 Chavez to fix the Red Dragon Faction after you have been naughty at the Red Dragon Base or in the 46s Red Dragons in Cooper is tidious. Especially when the toon is not a Progen Warrior or Progen Privateer.   The item could come in 3 fashions: Letter of Marque Bronze (Reduce Faction Lost by 33% equip), Silver  (66%) Gold (99%) if its a temporary device (lets say 6 hours).   Or put the chance on the item to loose quality every kill. Lets say 25% chance to loose 1% each kill so it would hit 0% and become useless around 400 kills on average.   I dont know much about coding so if this is impossible or simply too much work for this minor improvement of the gameplay, please discard the idea.   Cheers for all the awesome work you guys put in this for all of us.
  9. Seems especially for the RDbase, it would make sense to make a PW-heavy group with impact for the 66 and a mixed group running chem for the 53-adds. I will ponder this. Thanks a ton for all the work you put into this.
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