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  1. hyp

    Agrippa Blank form

    Thank You for the help.
  2. I seem not to be able to get the blank form blueprint I have received the blueprint for the stage 2 electronic authorization  and did the turn in but was never  offered the next part for the blank form now I just get the 10 for 10 trade on the auth  any help would be appreciated.  Hyperpp is the toon
  3. hyp


    Condolences to the family.
  4. hyp

    If EA turned the servers back on...

    yes think I would
  5. hyp

    I need a hug

    Got love Roddy Piper!
  6. hyp

    CE3K Eruption II

    ya sorry was going say critting ammo
  7. hyp

    Builders Inc.

    Everyone here has been so helpful great Guild !
  8. Wanted to donate but cant seem to find a spot to the right to enter the amount ?
  9. Been a while since anyones posted here. I was tinman,hyper, and a bunch of others