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  1. i kinda agree and don't agree with you there .    agree since by the end wow was dumbed down and there was a lot of hand holding in the end , and a trained monkey could do end game content .which i despise .   don't agree because i believe the golden age for WoW was burning crusade , when things were kinda harsh . i don't believe many players managed to finish the end game raid even by the end of the expansion i think number was 0.5% of the player base, it was quite an achievement to do so . and heroic dungeons were harsh as well.    i also don't blame them since before WoW we had EA which abandon an MMO because "they can never succeed financially" and moved to greater things like Sims online.  so while now we attacked with bad wow clones , i still believe someone will indeed dare to do things a bit differently and make a fun game to play :)
  2. I don't agree with the statment in the article , and here is why.   End result test - World of Warcraft is the biggest MMO out there , 8 years , 12 million subscriber , for comparison the sandbox equivalent eve has like 50k subscribers ? World of warcraft is content driven MMO that was done correct . not everything there is peachy , but enough  was done right to keep you logging for years . the single most important thing they did correctly compare to other games is the fact that the added content is ALWAYS endgame . new expansion , higher level cap higher equipment and bosses . they didn't add lvl 2 missions , they will add missions dungeons and raids for endgame players , because they know this is what the majority of their players DO when they log.   If i take swotor , most content is leveling content , you are maxxed level and you have nothing to do ,  it took them about 2 years , what they added ? 40-50 planet .... most people are 50 ! they have no reason to do it , what would you keep playing ? monetary system which sucked ,  P2Win , slowing the pace of the game enough for you to not enjoy the progression , they soled bars for action items ffs! (you cannot use cloak or foldspace unless you pay 5$ a month)   no raids for more then a year and a half , dungeons which were horrible beside the first 2 .  not to mention horrible battle mechanic , and horrible responsivity on the skill system .  and pretty bad endgame gear mechanic.   and then they blame the content system on their failure .... brilliant . btw the leveling experiance in this game was superb , start a sith / inquisitor level to 30 and delete the game , you will enjoy it    so anyhow i just responded to this because of  pakkart ;) .   i don't agree with you good sir ,  I like the game feeling of EnB , and the recreation is superb , i feel like playing in live .     but calling it success in almost any judgment beside personal nostalgia is incorrect .  we have a tiny player base (but great souls) and have a missed chance to be much more , if the develop decisions  will be correct. You will get into a game for stuff to do , everyone here are 150 on multiple chars , the thing to do is end game pve challanges .    we don't need another 20 quest , if we will do it it will provide us with 2 hours of entertainment at best , and 0 if we just skip it .  How many hours we spend on fishbowl ? 100's  per persion by now ?   we need more end game content , we need it badly , the diversity and stuff to do will make a differences if the population will go back to what we had in ST4 or stay like 50 die hard fans in two years .    if i want to talk to people i will join team speak .if i have stuff to do to keep developing my characters and challenge myself i will log into the game client. 
  3. Here are my 2 cents about this issue , with things i believe should help the hard situation :   Devs: there is a reason why mmo's moved from this way of restricting  , its simply bad. move the encounter to instanced areas (aka fishbowl) , have restricting element as locked up period per account , and / or hard to get  activation device. have content harder , which will slow the player advancement by game mechanics , and provide much needed content and progress . (one thing they did great in WoW) have more end game content . lets be frank , 90% of the player base is maxed out , and the content in most demand is no holiday event , or quest in SE , its end game content . more of it = more happy people better player experience , no frustration , same balance , more fun , win , without client coding. and a big boost to the game . when your only limitation is bigger demand then supply for content , this thread happens , no matter how kind people be , and believe me by far the community here is the best i ever saw in an mmo .   Public organizers: be transparent: post on the forums before you doing a raid ,  post the time of the raid post who was in the raid post who won what  when you are transparent , its hard to fault  you correctly or incorrectly. we have small enough community which it will be very easy to tell if something fishy is or isn't going as long as the suggest post will be requested for each raid .   here some of what i think its fair , it shouldn't be taken as rules , but an idea on what i believe some guidelines could be , given of a vote or a result of a discussion public raid should be as simple as possible , just because its a group of random people , its hard to support private channels or complex loot systems. and lets be honest , 10 min is bullshit . no raid even a guild one start 10 min after the officer came online , something reasonable as 1 hour for public to react seem more honest / correct (unless full of course) public raid should be done when an agreed  representor  or trusted public member  is around.   i personally see no fault in organizer receiving something for the effort , its a hard job to do correctly , and i appreciate those who do it really for the public .  that said , reward should match the work invested , and new players should not be taken advantage of .    3 big ones we cannot assume everyone playing by the rules and i see no issue with 3 big one , acting as cops , preferably together  , preferably organized in advance , having "cops "is important. . keeping people specially under anonymity honest , when you have a lot to gain and little to loose by being dishonest .    daath  you helped me a lot when i returned to the game , and it sadden me to see you so frustrated  , know that a lot appreciate what you do and i do hope you will be able to hear it over the complainers  that been said i do hope you can reread everything and see that nothing was said to assault you , and i am sorry to see you wrongly assault back people who do not deserve it , and are really good people , with best intentions , i can testify it by first hand if my word worth anything ;) .  i do hope you will be back into raiding , maybe co-oping or just raiding for less pressure , you good organizer  , and good representor for "the public" view .  public  speak more :) , seriously its hard to be organized as public , but stuff i heard privately should sometimes be told publicly , if you wont speak for yourself don't expect anyone else to do it for you , this thread is mostly for the fun of the public , no one else will gain anything by it.   just to summarize my post i hope all can work on keeping the public raids honest and working , until the devs will solve the issues for us , we will have to do it ourselves , at least for the time be.   Haflo , out.    p.s i apologize for some spelling / grammar mistakes , English is not my native language .
  4. http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=437074 ,   since i got no help i went and posted on my own ,  hope you guys approve .
  5. Hey all , does anyone here originate from "Friendship-7" / gallileo galaxy.   my main was Katiyara if it rings any bells.    I just started leveling again and would love to catch up with the old gang .    Right now i am just looking for a friendly home to level up with .    glad to see this finally up and running.  though i am a bit late to the party i hope to catch up soon .    i just want to say thank you to the people in new player channel that helped me getting started again :)
  6. hello all .    just found out (on quite random nostalgic search) that the emulator went live , cant wait to give it another try! :) so thanks for all the hard work from the devs and all . glad to see it finally happened.   anyhow to this subject , the emulator really could use some publicity , since my English ain't that hot i prefer not writing a post myself , but i would highly recommend posting something here: http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/index.php?show_part=12   Team liquid although its mainly sc2 / dota website is a wonderful community which i am sure we could find some support there ,    and i am sure there are many other likewise sites ,  if anyone (with decent English) have the time to make a  post about what is enb and where to find information about ti i would love to spread the word and i am probably not the only one.    Anyhow cheers , and see you once again in space!
  7. sounds exactly what i had. hope it help for you , nothing personal but i really hate reposting it for the tenth time ...
  8. 1. run net7-config as admin and save your options 2. in game option->graphics untick "use recommanded" and set all the bars to highest value except gamma. make sure to click on save , and close . solved it for me , and i hope it will help you
  9. okey , so the DG seem not to fall yet on the server , although the FB is raided daily The Eye of Destruction (L9) - is still missing , with his mob nexis the hand . and the Jenpies do not have high-end manu weapon like bile / cannon . any chance of someone looking at it please ? so we can be abit more balanced .
  10. this solve the problem for me and a few others . I posted this the fifth time now ... but i agree its not easy to find it . C Del , I really don't want to undercut you . but you are gravely mistaken about the subject.
  11. i am actually fine with having to faction grind to enter BBW , just fix the faction restart on server restart . once was enough .
  12. thank you for the information. appreciated
  13. as far as i know tienbu planned a restart of the server to push a terminal fix and a little suprize (150 jobs terminal!!!) the server was restarting but then went offline . so i guess something went wrong , but they know and trying to fix it
  14. nexis the hand . which is still a level 0 default mob in the fishbowl
  15. thank you very much for the information . as far as I know the controller does not spawn any more (please correct me if that is not the case ) so in that case i think i will try Black Streak - 216.67 dps, Energy, 3.6 reload (BBG) Glare of Devastation - 139.55 dps, Plasma, 11.0 reload (FB) for turbo and awesome dps (i know turbo does not stack but even without it i think its best to equip both). 3 spot left one i go with 1 enhance beam Eye of the Dark One - 78 dps, Plasma, 3.5 reload (FB) Or Eye of the Fang Field - 85.87 dps, Plasma, 7.5 reload (Desash) EotdO - worse stats (and too fast for combat cloak) . however 30% increase to beam damage eotff - nicer stats (and lower reload which is good) but only 27% enhance . which make me uncertain , math is too much for me i will have to try both so two left ,without too much buffs needed , i will just try for harder dps as possible so it seem either 2xgolden dragons or 2x pitbulls again i will have to try both setups , but since i dont have energy weakener i am leaning toward two pitbulls . anyhow thanks for all the thoughs if any more comments or thoughs would love to hear them
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