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  1. Been awhile since I posted this, and I think I may of not said it correctly. I never joined into the big fights, fish bowl etc, I was in a small group and we werent privi to such events. These I look forward to in Sunrise. I was thinking more of the builders end of it, keeping prices low on items and still trying to make credits at it. The way it is now building isnt really a money making profession. miners really werent money makers before, JE's could cash in as taxi's, PS had recall but PW's were the money makers far and above, and it was those privi to sell those rare drops who made the most. Im one of those guys who would like to see a way where the miners, builders, transporters, healers etc can all get an equal share as the big guns. In a game where 1 person can do all the above with relative ease, it makes that impossible, I understand that but a guy can still dream cant he?
  2. Im 99% sure I created a 2nd account but cannot for the life of me remember the name for the account. Is there anyway to track it via the E-Mail?
  3. OK, after a break from playing and dealing with the issues, I deleted everything (again) and reinstalled with the new method (client/net-7/let it update) and everything works, no masks in game, Megan doesnt take the game and run away from me laughing after logging in, font is a bit queer but Ill work on that.... NICE N-7 Installer =)
  4. [quote name='Tienbau' timestamp='1304840447' post='40373'] I have sent you a PM with a link on it with a modified client for you to try. Could you let me know if it works. thanks, TB [/quote] Can I get a copy of this client? Ive been having issues and would like to give it a go also. (can get in on Debug mode but have masks) Is it on a clean instal or ontop of existing?
  5. Ive gone through the gauntlent on install, tried everything listed in the "E&B install from scratch" thread. When the Game loads up and runs 1st time after each fresh install of the game, there is no mask, 2nd try and its CTD after Megan (TCP connection on port 3805 was reset ) (I dont see the proxy list that port in debug mode). if I run in Debug I get in but have the mask on
  6. After getting a new puter and Win7 I ran into a nightmare trying to get E&B past megan on the loading screen, 1st try it worked after that CTD Mindlessly poking at buttons I hit the debug launch one and I was in game!!! My char and others are wearing the monster masks (related or just in game ATM?) but I am in. My Q is, what does this box do and does it relate to my issue?
  7. [quote name='Desolator' timestamp='1303852573' post='39804'] I am having the same issue, all the download thing gives me is unable to select database [/quote] It works for me, click the little blue box in the link colom then the D/L agreement pops up, check agree box and then the D/L box under it
  8. OK, if I run the game with the "Debug Launch" box checked I get in, un check the box and it crashes..... Is there an issue running the game with this box checked?
  9. OK< I deleted everything to start from scratch, or thought I did 1st time running game my char name came up in the login screen - not balsto's-. Anywho same as before, 1st attempt I get into the game, any further attempts it crashes after Megan. Ill try all the compatability and admin things but it seems darn odd to work the 1st shot then crash after that. "TCP connection on port 3805 was reset" is the message displayed in the Net7 Proxy made a 2nd account, new account CTD after login also with error "TCP connection on port 3805 was reset" If the game will play on other systems running Win7 then Im left to belive something is differant with my system correct? How do I figure out what that would be? C Del has in a number of diff posts that he belives it is a compatability issue. Is the login screen part of E&B? If so what is differant from the char selection portion? Could it be the Vid card? Sorry for rambling here, its just frustrating to get a "New and improved" computer to solve issues yet create other issues just as bad [IMG]http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp70/Mousejockey_pics/Capture.png[/IMG]
  10. No Joy I think Im going to wipe it all and start the process all over. Is there anything I need to do besides uninstalling ENE by windows?
  11. Ran config as admin and now its back to CTD after megan. Tried the lower res and no joy =/
  12. Its like the game isnt changing size when I change res in the config tool?
  13. Updated the video driver and I no longer crash, but graphics are still not to good. Text is blurry no matter how I adj res or text size in game?
  14. Win7 new computer ATI Radeon HD 5570 Installed e&b, Installed Patch, installed N7, ran e&b config, launch N7 and went through a lengthy update. Log in and got into game but graphics were terrible (1440 x 900) rerun e&b config to lower res , get to Megan enter password hit enter and crash to desktop.(Error = TCP connection on port 3805 was reset) Tried various resolutions even back to 1440x900 but still crash after megan. Game set to winXP sp2 /sp3/win2000 no change, E&B allowed on win firewall, and on Norton firewall. Any ideas? I have also deleted all and reinstalled per instructions with the same results, 1st try in game w/poor graphics further attempts crash after megan.
  15. Where is the 'exploit' in here?
  16. As I toot along in the game there is one thing I have noticed that is different from when the game was live. There is a lack of competition between the classes. On one hand the peacefulness is a great change from every other game out there but i cant help to think of the cut-throat days when the game was live. I understand the testing, and unavoidable wipe have a hand in this, but...... Do you think this will change when the game returns to 'live'?
  17. I think this is the root of many of the player wipe complaints. To many are so wrapped up in being "the top dog" that they view a wipe as a setback.
  18. I do not think the Devs will "get mad", in fact on many occasions in the past they have asked for input knowing that they may not recall just how things were in the game. My issue is with your wording of what should be a simple question. Why are you so worried about how your thoughts would influence the run of the thread?
  19. I too am clueless as to what the bleep the OP is saying or trying to get someone else to say, or the reason behind it. Call me a 'fanboi' all ya want, but I am grateful for what they have done, I sure as hell couldn't of done it and ya sure cant beat the price.
  20. LOL Guess I was lucky, havent had a lick of problems in here, but I guess thats one of the advantages of smaller groups. In EVE however, the "CEO" or guild leader, Honestly belived everything in the corp was his, ended up having to start a new corp without him and transfer all the assets over. Was abit of a stink, 1/2 of the community belived his stories and called us thievs.
  21. This seems to of happened in every game I have played. Someone finds a way to do something they shouldn't be able to do, the GM's 'fix' the issue then the person(s) find a new way to do it. I am not knocking the GM's (Here or anywhere) at all, simply pointing out not to underestimate the creativity and devious nature of a 13yo.
  22. Bump.... and nailed to the wall if I could......
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