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  1. Just tried to open your site. I get a 509: Bandwidth exceeded error.
  2. Damn! DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN !!1!!!111!!ONE!!!11!!ELEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!ONE!!! I've been sitting here trying everything I could think of for months trying to get past the " Server Failed to respond to Login attempt " BS error caption. Every godamn thing except checking the local IP address drop down. Never had to look at that before. Clicked on it and saw the network IP address for my PC so selected that and DAMN THING FRIGGING WORKS AFTER MONTHS OF PISSING AROUND!!! I'm so damned angry and yet so damned happy to be able to log in again.....
  3. I'm getting this error message as well. Tried two different game accounts and a brand new toon. Everything going smoothly until I actually try to log into the game from character selection. 30-odd seconds then error message as post above
  4. unfortunately I've not got all the credits others have or time to track down all of them on sunset and ptr is never up otherwise you would have gotten a full list by now. As a start the Taniwha's Pride definitely has this problem. Will pm others as and when I find them
  5. Regarding the licensing issue, I suppose it depends on whether or not you look at Earth & Beyond as a game or as a concept. The game itself in the form of code and database is worthless to EA as it stands right now. Their client and server code is over 8 years old now and so out of date as to be practically impossible to work on. Either for the EMU dev's or for EA themselves. The game design and surrounding intellectual property as a brand, however, holds significant commercial value for EA and it is not beyond the realm of reason for EA to develop a second game, of whatever flavour, based on the E&B franchise. Unfortunately for the EMU team the old game code is worthless without the supporting design documents and EA is not going to release those without someone handing over several million dollars for the privilege - if at all. While the server code is all Net-7 the client and the copyrighted material it holds isn't and the second EA get even a sniff of someone other than themselves profiting from use of the client and the copyrighted material they'll be all over Net-7 like a really bad case of Ebola. Better the current status-Quo for all concerned tbh
  6. A good number of the debuff devices such as Taniwah's pride are not activating on target due to range errors. The Taniwah, for example, will not activate on targets within from 0m to 1Km at all despite this being inside the described activation range. There are a number of other debuffing devices that are acting in the same way
  7. Confirming this bug as of 19:17 GMT. I start Net-7 Launcher it tells me there is a new update from version 326 to 320. I accept the update it crashes out with a checksum error telling me my files are wrong. I cancel the update and the launcher closes down safely. Update. Third time of trying Update accepted and starting up OK
  8. [quote name='Tienbau' timestamp='1302059175' post='38334'] Right on! Would anyone else be interested in seeing the results, with a brief explanation of what the offending method does, for the top 10 or so bottlenecks? [/quote] While I'm not NERD enough to want to look at all the raw data and process it I am GEEK enough to be interested in what the results of the processing look like and what it all means
  9. My playing style is almost exclusively as a JE. I do have a PW for those few occasions I feel the need for a little mindless violence but those times are few and far between. For me personally given the class I like to play grinding faction purely through combat is just unnacceptable tbh. Strange as it may seem I'm quite happy to sit in a bunch of ore/gas fields all day sucking the life out of them while dodging the big nasties than sitting at a nav point blasting the s**t out of some poor unsuspecting bunch of pixels 30 or 40 CLs below me. The first is a challenge the second is sanity sapping tedium. I'll shoot stuff like that if I have to but it'll take me a year of Sundays to get any kind of faction change at all. Having terminal jobs that give out faction for RD, etc. as they do now is very nice but they appear far too infrequently and are of such low faction value for that low frequency to be a viable alternative to the combat grind. There does need to be alternative paths such as missions and prospect only hand-ins but those in and of themselves can and probably will be as tedious a grind and demoralising (in my view, not necessarily in the view of others) as the current combat only grind. We can currently get XP from combat, missions, trade runs, mining and job terminals all of which are modified by class and/or skill level as appropriate. Each method is also balanced in such a way that to concentrate singuly on one way of xp gain hugely frustrating and takes a prohibitively long time. I personally would like to see alternative paths available to those currently in game but I would also like to see them done in a complimentary way so that no single method of faction gain is ultimately superior over another method. Say some combat/prospecting/terminal grind to open up missions which then open up trade runs. If a player wants to just continue gaining faction combat/prospect grinding then bully for them but let that grind be a means to open up other ways of faction gain rather than a means unto itself as the grind currently is. EDIT: I suppose I'd best put some figures in here. As we're talking specifically about RD faction grind for access to Smugglers Run here Starting faction is between -7000 and -9500 depending on race/class I believe. So, combat/prospect/job terminal grind up to -5000 to open up missions. Some moderate/difficult (still bad faction here) none repeatable missions plus some more grinding to get to -3000. At that stage trade runs open up that give faction only (and maybe cash) rewards, no Txp gain for these trade runs by the way. Still bad rep and slowly proving your worth. Smugglers Run gates open up at something between +500 and +2000 faction depending on race/class. after all, if - according to their story line - RD's REALLY hate terrans enough that they're starting rep is -9500 said terrans are going to have to be REALLY liked for the RD's to let them in to their home system
  10. Hi there, I've made a couple of attempts to check out what's happening on Mantis but keep hitting the username/password wall. Are we supposed to be using our forum account, server account or do we need to create another account for Mantis access? Would be nice if it was a little clearer somewhere either on the Mantis log in page or in the Mantis redirection link on the forum which username/password we're supposed to be using.
  11. Dear Father Kenu, I've been a very good boy all year and dilligently helped test as much as I possibly could for you and all the other Dev's over ST3 & ST4. As a special christmas development present for me and all the other good little boys and girls in E&B land would you please, please, please sort out the job terminals so that all the combat and trade jobs give faction and none of the jobs send us to closed sectors anymore? Oh, and more jobs that give lots of RD faction would be nice too. Some of us are good little boys and girls that want to hug the poor Chavez people with our Hugs'n'Snugs teddies not gun toting maniacs that want to replace their faces with big bullet/missile shaped holes. Thank you very much Father Kenu and a very merry christmas to you and all your dev's in server land. Yours, Jerioca
  12. Play server has stopped saving character changes again. Location, XP, cargo hold contents & nav points definitely affected
  13. Oh I'm sure the Dev's are already queueing up to bite your hands, arms, legs and other appendages off to get those documents off of you. I would suggest you try and upload them to the Downloads section of this forum or Send them in a PM to David, C-Del and/or Kenu.
  14. As long as there is an opt out option I've no real problem with PvP in E&B. If you do bring any PvP in though it must be consented to by all parties involved otherwise it doesn't go ahead. None-consentual PvP would, imo, would go totally against the flavour of the overall game environment. Like many others I played in Live because E&B was seen as a PvE only MMO and bringing in any kind of PvP that is forced on the player base would drive me and, I suspect, a lot of others away.
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