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  1. I played a little over year before EA sunset all of us.  This was my first MMO.  Despite playing many other MMOs since, nothing else has ever been as much fun or had even close to as good a community behind it.
  2. Gate crashed and now my comp gets to the load map showing the universe and it hangs there.  When I close out the program I have an error message saying server failed to respond to sector log in.  Also the number showing online is just stuck 211.  This happened a few weeks back and the server had to be restarted.
  3. I am having an issue with my missions tab.  Yesterday I noticed at times when I'm either inside a station or undocked all my missions will disappear.  Sometimes redocking or undocking will make them show back up and sometimes it doesnt.  Logging in and out also doesnt seem to fix the issue.  If I use the /fmu command that mission will show up but clicking forfeit does not remove the fmu mission entry and no other mission reappear.  Once the other missions do show back up, I can then click forfeit and it goes away.  This is making mission running all but impossible.  For example:  I take a sat. launch mission, undock, the mission tabs are blank and I have a sat. sitting my hold that I cant do anything with.   I am running the game in XP SP3, both client and launcher are running as admin, delete TH6 files is ticked on, and I did a complete uninstall and reinstall of the game and launcher yesterday hoping to fix the issue on my end.   Anyone else seeing this or know a fix?   Thanks, Rogue
  4. I guess at least this rules out its on my end.  :)
  5. Commander Trask who teaches the damage control skill to PWs bugged when I completed her quest line. She accepted the final part of the line as completed but DID NOT update my character sheet with the skill. The skill on my character sheet still says to see her about the training but she only tells me that she has nothing for me and to come back when I have more experience. Is there anything that can be done to activate this skill? As a PW I really need that skill active. I have submitted a ticket with no response sadly.
  6. Having the same issue. Everything was fine yesterday but now I get the inv-300 each time I attempt to connect. Ticking Local Cert gets me to the load screen with the galaxy map but then disconnects me before my character loads.
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