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  1. Would there be a way to ACCURATELY tell if something does or does not drop - I think that much would be reasonable since not all things are in the game yet and that's not really the same as a stable state game...
  2. To see what's in the vaults of our alt toons. I use FPS keys, not the default so I don't even know what C does...
  3. Let me establish some reference. I am going to refer to Shield Recharge and Hull Patch - these skills change their name as they get to higher levels. At the moment I have both with the 2nd Icon - and I don't recall their exact names. I was told in game that when I get to the higher levels, the following will in fact be how it works, but at the moment the lower levels don't (broken?) For either skill the following is true:[list] [*]No Target = "No Target Selected" on screen [*]Enemy Target = SELF Hull repairs or shields get recharged [*]Self Target = SELF Hull repairs or shields get recharged [*]Player Target = Player Hull repairs or shields get recharged [*]Any other target = "Invalid" Target on screen [/list] When compared to other save your a&& skills, like the Jenquai shield (either psi or environment) this behavor is both inconsistent and somewhat unfair. I believe that the behavor should be:[list] [*]No Target = SELF Hull repairs or shields get recharged [*]Enemy Target = SELF Hull repairs or shields get recharged [*]Self Target = SELF Hull repairs or shields get recharged [*]Player Target = Player Hull repairs or shields get recharged [*]Any other target = SELF Hull repairs or shields get recharged [/list]
  4. [quote name='Ryle' timestamp='1328629813' post='53265'] Database/Comps/Resource lists. Maps - PLEASE Forum [/quote] If we can't have all that's under the net-7.org domain then: Database Character Info Maps Forum? Not so much - it's a totally different system anyway. FWIW, Maps seem to work fine as is - fits in the "screen" No side scrolling, no double scrolling (two veritcal scroll bars)
  5. Ok - got it. So is the hull damage reading 0(somenumber) a [known] bug?
  6. Ok, so how did you figure on 0(-96) : 0 damage dealt to shield, 19 absorbed by resists, 77 dealt to hull. - how can you tell "19 absorbed by resists" when there is only a single number... And I agree, I think it's supposed to be DAMAGE DONE ( ADJUSTMENT ) where adjustment is positive for a target that has been weakened or it is negative when a target is resistant. That would make a hell of alot more sense....
  7. Can't post in any of the developer forums... did I do something wrong?
  8. It's there but it's hella hard to find...
  9. Nope. 1st hit, which took shields down to 50% and did no hull damage reads 38(-9) Followed by 25(-23) 0(-48) 0(-96) CRITICAL *BOOM* If the 2nd number is hull damage the first hit should have read 38(0) or, if the -9 was subtracted from the 38, then 47(0). Never mind the aspect of 0(-96) which would seem to be NEGATIVE damage. Aside - was this how it was in Live? And if so, why?
  10. Simply put when attacking a target I see 30(-10) when hitting the shields (Not sure of the damage, IE number subtracted from the shields value) 0(-40) when hitting the hull (results in -40 from hull value) I know how to read the colors of the damage, but what about the numbers themselves?
  11. I'd say reinstall, but [u]I don't know if that will screw up your toons[/u] or not...
  12. tg626

    Job Terminals

    Limiting the proximity of the jobs makes sense (and I thought it did this) it's logical to think that these terminals would be "smart" enough to give local jobs only. (speaking of them in IC terms)
  13. [quote name='Shaddex' timestamp='1328047030' post='52825'] Cant do the Ingame Browser as yet, it is on the list to look at though. BUT.... Small update for you guys..[list] [*]Factions moved to its own Tab [*]Links to Database from Ship View now work as they should [*]Added "Your Avatars With Recipe:" to database items. [/list] Hope they are to your liking... Enjoy ! [/quote] erm? You must know somthing about it, otherwise it would still be trying to go to an EA server wouldn't it?
  14. [quote name='Riz' timestamp='1328051728' post='52829'] Any chance there will eventually be a way to migrate a toon from one account to another as long as both accounts login credentials are known? Got a couple toons I would love to shift to one of my other accounts. [/quote] 2nd'd sux to get one to a high lvl only to realize that multiboxing ROCKS and the toons you want to use are on the same account...
  15. Having to scroll the site all over (up/down and Left/Right) is a chore. Fixed width is set a bit wide, even by todays standards, and even worse is that it doesn't fit in the in game terminal screen. Is there anywhere to control where that Galatic Net terminal goes? I notice there's a address bar for a split second when it first opens...
  16. tg626

    Job Terminals

    No I mean a few months ago, but not as far back as September... Terminal in Question is in Pluto. Maybe it's something off with that terminal? Basically I did a bunch of explore missions off that terminal for my TE, and PW (lvl 50 Satellite and Trash runs to Clarke Docks in Mercury), I used to get 5 or 6 missions for each run and now a month or two later, I'm there with a new toon and can't get squat,
  17. Not sure if it's a bug or not so I'm choosing to make it a suggestion. We need more jobs coming up in the terminals. It used to be better, but as of late there are few jobs and they take forever to reload/refresh. The only time a decient list of jobs seems to appear is when the double listing bug kicks in...
  18. How does the game know to go to net-7.org when you open a Galactic Net terminal?
  19. Cons Log in isn't persistent Account takes you out of ap and to the website in safari Pros Database looks great! Server Status is nice too!
  20. [quote name='Slayerman' timestamp='1327572328' post='52357'] We could modify the code to check the mofified date on a file, if its over 24 hours run a script to update it and recreate a new file, from them on, load the file for the next 24 hours. I was going to do this, however our forum did not allow dynamic images to be used in signatures, so this would need enabling too. [/quote] Why? Every time I update my sigs on Net-7 they a reload of any page showing my sig here on enb-emulator instantly updates. I wouldn't worry about seeing it change WHILE someone is viewing it.... I'd think a once a day update would do - even once a week if the server load was too much. It seems that you are discussing two approaches, one simply doing the same thing as when I click on the signature automagically and then still having a cached image to be viewed, the other creating the image "on demand" (using php's imagepng() I'd assume)
  21. [quote name='StarbuckJD' timestamp='1327463790' post='52240'] Retains copyright, distribution rights, and general idea or theme much like you cant write a book about R2-D2 living on Tatooine servicing a moisture farm. But you can now create and sell an “Earth and Beyond” mug. Edit: Note: Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer. End Disclaimer. [/quote] You could not, however, leagally use the logo we all know - I think that would be covered by the copyright on all the game art. Previous to this if you made anything named "Earth and Beyond" you'd have been in trouble, now you can use that name on a product/service but not the logo.
  22. Oh, and while this is a ? about net-7 topic, it'd be nice if one day we didn't have to manually update our sig/banners
  23. Just seems like it would make sense to me. Of course it's not so much an issue for those who surf in on the web, but since it's also a resource to be used in game (or at least I use it, maps - database - my other toons inventory) it should fit. As far as I can see there's nothing demanding that width. Interesting to note that maps fit perfectly...
  24. Doesn't seem to. The website is based on a wide screen resolution. I have the same problem in a regular web browser - a wide screen monitor is fine, but a 4:3 monitor (1024x768 to be precise) I have to side-scroll. I run the game at 1024x768 even though I have a wide screen monitor, so that I don't ge the weird warpage/stretch that you get forcing the client into a wide screen aspect ratio. I first noticed it with a monitor that was also 1024x768, but now that I'm on a 1280x800 monitor I still run the client in it's intended 4:3 ratio.
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