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  1. From the Net-7 Website under Downloads, the Earth & Beyond Client refuses to download in either Firefox or Chrome. Is there an alternate host? Nothing hosted on http://www.bothouse.com/ is loading. It would be useful to have alternate download locations available from the Downloads page.
  2. I have a 15 Mb/s connection and generally enjoy download speeds in the range of 900 kB/s to 2.5 MB/s depending on where I'm downloading from; However the server I was downloading the E&B Client from wanted to download no quicker than the range of 80 to 110 kB/s. Seemed slower than it should've been. Just thought I'd bring it up.
  3. Now that my new computer is finished I'm getting it set up properly (by installing EnB right away). Downloading the EnB Demo is incredibly slow... Has anyone considered hosting with Amazon S3 or some other service that's better established on the internet's pipes?
  4. Welcome back! The GMs are pretty chill nowadays... :-D The game is pretty playable even if it isn't "Full" so you're still in luck.
  5. Will there ever be a way through Net-7 to rename accounts or transfer characters?
  6. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1329264131' post='53736'] As for 1&1 you've been playing on their servers for nearly 3 years now. [/quote] I feel violated. :'( Why does it still make me happy!?
  7. When do the US Servers go live? Have any idea yet?
  8. So... What are the space/bandwidth/server requirements for the Net-7.org & ENB-Emulator.com websites? Maybe, depending on what they are, I can offer space somewhere more stable. Maybe.
  9. 1&1 had proved unreliable for me in the past. Maybe they've changed, but I just know I'd never go their route again. Good luck with them...
  10. I got so close today... I donated $5.50 and you guys received $4.99 I donated $10.64 and you guys received $9.93 My calculations were a little off today...
  11. I've got an AMD Radeon 7970 (à la the XFX HD 7970 Black Edition Double Dissipation) on backorder to complete my new EyeFinity-supporting computer build. Using 3 Dell U2412M (16:10 supporting) monitors. Of all the things I want to play on this new setup it is still Earth & Beyond Online... lol. I think that's a waste of graphical potential right there ;-) ... for now at least ... Well for sure within a couple weeks (hopefully less) when I turn the thing on I can hammer out all the answers that have been sought after in this thread (if I don't forget about this thread!).
  12. @Mimir - Has the application been approved for the market yet?
  13. Have you Devs considered implementing recurring donations?
  14. It's possible to use something like Hootsuite to manage Google+/Twitter/Facebook - Not everyone likes Facebook (Me), or Twitter (Riz) or Google+ (Um... nobody doesn't like Google+), so it'd be cool to be able to follow EaBE on whatever platform
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