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  1. Would there be a way to ACCURATELY tell if something does or does not drop - I think that much would be reasonable since not all things are in the game yet and that's not really the same as a stable state game...
  2. To see what's in the vaults of our alt toons. I use FPS keys, not the default so I don't even know what C does...
  3. Let me establish some reference. I am going to refer to Shield Recharge and Hull Patch - these skills change their name as they get to higher levels. At the moment I have both with the 2nd Icon - and I don't recall their exact names. I was told in game that when I get to the higher levels, the following will in fact be how it works, but at the moment the lower levels don't (broken?) For either skill the following is true:[list] [*]No Target = "No Target Selected" on screen [*]Enemy Target = SELF Hull repairs or shields get recharged [*]Self Target = SELF Hull repairs or shields get recharged [*]Player Target = Player Hull repairs or shields get recharged [*]Any other target = "Invalid" Target on screen [/list] When compared to other save your a&& skills, like the Jenquai shield (either psi or environment) this behavor is both inconsistent and somewhat unfair. I believe that the behavor should be:[list] [*]No Target = SELF Hull repairs or shields get recharged [*]Enemy Target = SELF Hull repairs or shields get recharged [*]Self Target = SELF Hull repairs or shields get recharged [*]Player Target = Player Hull repairs or shields get recharged [*]Any other target = SELF Hull repairs or shields get recharged [/list]
  4. [quote name='Ryle' timestamp='1328629813' post='53265'] Database/Comps/Resource lists. Maps - PLEASE Forum [/quote] If we can't have all that's under the net-7.org domain then: Database Character Info Maps Forum? Not so much - it's a totally different system anyway. FWIW, Maps seem to work fine as is - fits in the "screen" No side scrolling, no double scrolling (two veritcal scroll bars)
  5. Ok - got it. So is the hull damage reading 0(somenumber) a [known] bug?
  6. Ok, so how did you figure on 0(-96) : 0 damage dealt to shield, 19 absorbed by resists, 77 dealt to hull. - how can you tell "19 absorbed by resists" when there is only a single number... And I agree, I think it's supposed to be DAMAGE DONE ( ADJUSTMENT ) where adjustment is positive for a target that has been weakened or it is negative when a target is resistant. That would make a hell of alot more sense....
  7. Can't post in any of the developer forums... did I do something wrong?
  8. It's there but it's hella hard to find...
  9. Nope. 1st hit, which took shields down to 50% and did no hull damage reads 38(-9) Followed by 25(-23) 0(-48) 0(-96) CRITICAL *BOOM* If the 2nd number is hull damage the first hit should have read 38(0) or, if the -9 was subtracted from the 38, then 47(0). Never mind the aspect of 0(-96) which would seem to be NEGATIVE damage. Aside - was this how it was in Live? And if so, why?
  10. Simply put when attacking a target I see 30(-10) when hitting the shields (Not sure of the damage, IE number subtracted from the shields value) 0(-40) when hitting the hull (results in -40 from hull value) I know how to read the colors of the damage, but what about the numbers themselves?
  11. I'd say reinstall, but [u]I don't know if that will screw up your toons[/u] or not...
  12. tg626

    Job Terminals

    Limiting the proximity of the jobs makes sense (and I thought it did this) it's logical to think that these terminals would be "smart" enough to give local jobs only. (speaking of them in IC terms)
  13. [quote name='Shaddex' timestamp='1328047030' post='52825'] Cant do the Ingame Browser as yet, it is on the list to look at though. BUT.... Small update for you guys..[list] [*]Factions moved to its own Tab [*]Links to Database from Ship View now work as they should [*]Added "Your Avatars With Recipe:" to database items. [/list] Hope they are to your liking... Enjoy ! [/quote] erm? You must know somthing about it, otherwise it would still be trying to go to an EA server wouldn't it?
  14. [quote name='Riz' timestamp='1328051728' post='52829'] Any chance there will eventually be a way to migrate a toon from one account to another as long as both accounts login credentials are known? Got a couple toons I would love to shift to one of my other accounts. [/quote] 2nd'd sux to get one to a high lvl only to realize that multiboxing ROCKS and the toons you want to use are on the same account...
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