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  1. Is there any idea when it will be completed?
  2. Hello, We got a little confused on the rotation. I partook in that Gobb raid. No point in denying it. I also used to belong to one of the 3 main guilds, also at one point tried to get a smaller guild in on the rotation years ago. when their wasn't even a public raid week. It was Static, VGE, BI. I will say that for the most part I enjoy playing with all of you in the game. You guys do go out of your way to help others in need. And for that I am gratefully thankful for. I am not asking to go to war, and all this nonsense. Because clearly in the end, we smaller guilds would end up with nothing, again. Been there done that more than once. And while a week by week "Agreement" is nice, as it does give some order to chaos, it still in a lot of ways unfair to public guilds. because now instead of you main three guilds fighting for it (Or as one of you stated it WAR) all of us smaller guilds have to fight among each other. While the three main guilds have their week all to themselves and basically rubs our collective noses in it. Look at me look at me we get a whole week to ourselves........ Sucks to be you, as this entire thread as based upon that. Not saying any one of you do this directly. Again, I do enjoy playing with everyone on this game. And I am sure that all of you can agree to that. Just my two pennies.
  3. Not sure where to place this thread at, as I am not a dev and putting it into technical support wouldn't be fitting. I been seeing a discussions here and there about running the EMU on tablets. So I will give a few of you who plan on purchasing tablets in the near future and try save you some confusion about what this game will play on. Firstly it needs to be a Windows based tablet, either windows 8, 8.1, 10 (beta, yes it iwll run perfect on this OS as I am doing it on my main computer) can either be 32/64bit OS. Now the next thing you need to make sure of is that you DO NOT get a ARM Based CPU, as the instruction set is totally different from what this game requires. You will need a x86 based CPU, which can be Intel Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs (if you can afford it), now there are more affordable based x86 CPU's on the market which translates to affordable Tablets. That being a Intel Atom Based CPU's. I currently own a Dell Windows 8.1 Intel Atom quad core Based Tablet and this game runs great on it. May not be the fastest thing on the planet, but it will give you plenty of umpth to play this game on them. Also with a Windows based x86 based tablet you can still do everything you can with a home computer but with a handicap (is what I would like to say). You can use keyboards/mice on these types of tablets and play this game. I just hooked up a normal keyboard, and used the touch screen to control my guy in game, made things lets say interesting... I hope this clarifies things up a little bit, as always if you need help just ask. I am sure someone here will be more then willing to give you a helping hand :).
  4. the lvl 9 Ambushing Jaguar is a great little beam weapon for anyone actually. I have one with me as well. I love that 4 second reload. I am not saying get rid of them, just discussing the possibility of making them manufacture-able. Also opening up certain weapons to all classes. (notice I said classes not races), making a lvl 9 beam weapon progen restricted, or "Jenquai only", seems kind of moot, same applies to lvl 9 missiles, and projectile launchers. When they can only be used by the intended classes anyways.  So the sarcasm has become moot, or null and void. Now I have heard, from other people that the MTL was open to all classes, and that it wasn't unique either. and of coarse peeps would strap on 4 of them along with a Devastating Gaze or Glare of Destruction. Now making certain weapons unique does serve a purpose, and I am all for that. You could make all lvl 9 weapons unique, that would force players to use other based weapons. instead of strapping on 4 bile missile launchers and a Smiter's wrath. or 4 Eye of Destructions, and a Devastating Gaze/Glare of Destruction, or the Progen weapon systems from the fish bowl.
  5. they are very good points, and I will have to agree with you on some points. But, in reality of things who actually here even uses some of these weapons? the Zenrei cannon for instance? The Eye of Fang Fiend? I just recently got a Eye of Fang Fiend for my JD, so i can open up a device slot for certain applications. And when I asked on market for one, the first few tells I got were, that thing is useless, you should use a Deadly Focus and go with this weapon set up. And be honest here, do you run with these weapons on your guys? or recommend these weapons to others?     As far as the Controller raid and the weapons it drops from there, those weapons do not really buff that specific warriors abilities. Ie. Emerald Devastator, it only gives 4% extra damage, and 104% beam range. It is still a nice weapon, but it does not buff a JD specifically, unlike the Defenders Pride. So it could be used on the other two classes of Jenquai.
  6. Hi, I been notice that a lot of players hardly ever use certain weapons because they are deemed useless. So therefore certain raid items never get used, or they stop doing the raid completely because of the weapons and such are in a sense useless anymore compared to other weapons. Now I been thinking, why not revamp some of these weapons once again. Therefore making them a bit more useful to plyaers as well as giving players more options for weapons. Now my suggestions are: Zenrei cannon: make it buildable to 200%. Tengu reaver: buildable to 200% Eye of Fang Fiend: buildable to 200%. In all honesty the only other option we have for weapon energy conservation is a Deadly focus for JD's. Made to Live: open to all classes Emerald Devastator: Open to all classes (Same could be applied to all of the weapon drops from the controller raid) HellBore missle launcher (both): reduce the timer on the reload from 22 seconds to 16 seconds. also make the ammo buildable. (quite honestly it is a worthless weapon IMHO). These are the ones I can think of right off hand. Because once Dertodesangel opens up, the use of most of these items will become useless, as well as the raids. because when asked for a lot of different weapon types we automatically respond or get told they are useless because this and that is better. In a lot of cases it is. Ie. Oni communication Device raid, then Red Dragon Base raid will become moot, after Dertodesangel opens up.
  7. I know this has been mentioned, but I wanted to make a separate post. I been back on the emu for a little over a month now. And since I am now at the point of using lvl 9 beams (have been for about a week and a half), i also been participating in Fish Bowls/Gate raids as often as I can since I hit lvl 135. Which has been fairly often needless to say. And I have yet seen either of these weapons or the Eye of Zethren Ti drop. I have seen more Fury of the Master, and Smiters Wrath drop as well as Asperities of the Master The Destroyers Gleem , Heart of the Master, and just about any other junk that these two raids have to offer. I have better chances of landing a Ancient Artifact then we do with the above mentioned weapons or Eye Of Zethren Ti.  
  8. I been on long enough to get a better understanding of these two raids. Now I am curious as to why are the devices can only be built by Tradesman classes only, and not those classes who can build devices? Now I understand making the Gate raid an activated to keep people from setting off the raid, accidentally. The Fish Bowl, was never restricted to just tradesman on live, any one who could build devices can get the map and then build it, and anyone could just activate it providing they had a face device. Just trying to gain a better understanding.
  9. not to mention that it does more damage then a lvl 9 beam... and it is only lvl 5
  10. thats the biggest complaint I have currently is the eye for the dg. It is easier for me to get a bs then it is a Dg eye. I have better luck getting a ED then getting an eye.. it shouldnt need to be that hard to get. DG ok, i can see to a point making it difficult. and thank you sir for listening.
  11. They have a terran advantage that does that...
  12. I was wondering if someone could fix a name on one of my alts.. it currently is Velicoraptor, Supposed to be Velociraptor.
  13. The drop rate sucks.... When we were on live, and during the gate raid we always got either an DG or an Eye for the DG, and or both. The FB bosses always dropped either the ML, PL, GOD, (and sometimes did all three) and parts for the EOD and Bile ML/PL always dropped. But the way you have it set up, we may or may not get it in 3 through five FB/Gate raids..... And on live, if I wanted to get a DG built, someone somewhere had the Eye stashed away in a vault of there's... Doesn't make it worthy to do even do these raids, because the damage we receive on our equipment, and the amount of debt (why people complain about it still fascinates me)..........
  14. I am always wanting something new, it is not a problem for me to get my sig to nothing and have a extremely high recharge rate. They added a SSR7-0 reactor, which is cool, and a nice reactor, but trying to get the parts is next to impossible. Terrans could use a equipped sig reduction of let say 50-65% for when they are soloing. Honestly there are not really any good engines out there for a JD that buffs his unique skill set that gives us a low sig, plus buffs our unique skill set. Trifid is ok, but it is @ 3750, Io decent gives us HDC, but what good is that if you never really get shot up into your hull, Ursa is more for a JE, but has a extremely high signature. Aspiration takes care of a high sig, but not everyone runs an Aspiration of the Faithful. Most want the HotM, and I am one of few that doesn't, But having an engine that gives us a shunt to reactor equip plus a low sig will open up more possibilities. The reason why I brought this up, is because a lot of people have the crystal just sitting in there vaults somewhere not being used.
  15. Just a suggestion, but the imbued synthesized crystal that drops from the Voltoi boss in Dahin, only gets used in two items, the Intent of the resolute, and the aspiration of the faithful. Now i know a lot of guys prefer either the HotM, or the SSR9 reactor (for obvious reasons). As a suggestion would it possible to make a lvl 8 version of the reactor, and engine made from this particular crystal? Same approximate buffs ( not as high as the lvl 9's counter parts) but similar, this way this mini raid would be used a bit more often. Being the SS8 (solar Sail) isnt in game, and we jenpies do not really have a good alternative engine, and terrans being restricted to lvl 8 reactors all races could benefit if there was lvl 8 and 9 of the reactor and engine.  Right now the only ones that get to use both at the same time are progens, which is kind of one sided IMHO...
  16. He already had a account as he returning back to emu, blacklung got him all squared away for us :) ty...
  17. Hello, I am trying to find out where the baronness is located at. it is a 5 step mission ending with me having to locate this person. Does anyone know where it is???
  18. When it pertains to customer service, EA has been really good to me.
  19. I been thinking about this, and really adding a small delay to the cloak would be optimal. Now the delay does not even have to be a long one, a short one of like 3-5 seconds would be enough to keep us Jenpies for soloing everything. because it be just enough of a time to get our butts handed to us. Live for a short time had a 2-3 sec delay on cloak (it didnt last long as they were trying to keep JD's from solo'n big bosses) until they were able to come up with a premenant fix. at the same time a 3-5 second delay would not hurt us in the least, just we would have to adaopt a new fighting style is all. A JD still be able to solo all other mobs in game with considerable ease, I know this because I don't cloak right away, I wait for the 5 seconds of CC to run out before reclocking and I have no issue on fighting.
  20. EA is like microsoft and apple, all they want is money they don't care they get it just as long as they make it. EA also is one of the companies behind the prohibition of used game sales, there is just so much that EA is doing it isn't even funny most of it is bad.
  21. Thank you everyone, and again I have adopted the cloak shoot bit, Just that I uncloack shoot, allow the wepons to shoot the second time then recloak. And my damage taking has signifgantly been reduced. So I am not against trying or listening to different ways on playing a specific character/class. And you are correct on some baddies I will use the Coma, but having a extemely high recharge (BOTD, Scutums, + SS8) does help conpensate for that. As far as the martyr, I want to get one just to try out the cloak shoot cloak, which would require a large cap and a martyr to compensate for recharge loss. Like most fighting styles, there is always a optimal way to fight them. My way works well on some while the common way works best for others. My complaint was mostly because i do things differently doesn't mean I die all the time, I just shot at a bit more then others. And yes I do have to plan my attacks bit more carefully, one slight screw up and I am toasted.
  22. Firstly, I am known as Drexen, Draex, Drexion in EnB. Now the other day I got into yet another discussion with several individuals ( why is it these guys come in packs, its never just one it is multitude like one person cannot defend him/herself by themselves.) about how I am handling/playing my JD/JS incorrectly and that I have to do things everyone else's way. Now if everyone wants to fallow a specific way and fallow what everyone else is doing then so be it. I do not fallow, I lead. Now I can see if I was having serious issues with my character when it comes to combat, which I am not having any issues at all. In fact I manage to stay alive in some of the most grueling circumstances that most people kringe at. I have not died yet and again I manage to do quite well. (other then me biting off more then I can chew, when I got brave enough to tackle GoBB a few times alone, or when wondered right in on Troller territory) I am getting fed up with having these discussions and it always ends up I am an idoit, I do not know what I am doing yadda yadda yadda. I do know what I am doing, I have not asked for anyones help in regards to how I play my character. If and when I want or need help I will ask. Yes, to everyone who plays a jenpie, I do know how to fight like you guys do. it is not a "Secret", I do not need to be trained on how you play your characters, and yes I do have the equipment to play the way you do. HOTM GOD ED DG BS The only thing I lack is a Martyrs Heart, if I set my mind to it I can get one very easy. But instead I choose to use shorter reloaded weapons for the fighting style I have adaopted, it works for me. Heart of the Dragon DP EOD DG BS EOFF Along with a few dozen other devices that are at my disposal that I can use for just about any situation I find myself in. i am getting tired of having to explain myself to just about everyone who apprently is a expert on being a "JD,JE,JS". i do not claim to be one, but I do know how to play one. And people wondered why no one seen my ugly non JD playing ass (this seems to be the concensus on what everyone else thinks about me) on EnB for the last Six months. Basically I bolted left, did not return, uninstalled EnB, never reinstalled it, I did not even come here to the forums either. In fact i completely forgot what my account was and its password. This was one of the major reasons (if you don't understand why read above), there was 1 other reason but that I hold to myself. Now I am all for discussing different tactics, or ways that could possibly improve our combat capabilities, but I refuse to listen to anyone who is un-willing to even listen. You know exactly who you are. So what I cannot solo GoBB, or the FB bosses, or the Troller, but I can solo everything else in this game which means I must be doing something right. if someone asks me what type of weapons they need to use on a Jenpie i will give them my opinoin, again it is my opinoin, it is based off what i learned on how I do things. There is always more then one way to do things, basically more then one way to skin a cat. I leave you with this, It is my character. I will play it how ever I seem fit. Don't like it tough, that is not my issue. i don't tell you how to play yours do not tell me how to play mine. if you want to discuss different ways of doing something and are willing to have an open mind and listen then I am all eyes. Until then please leave your opinoins about how I do things out of it. I do not wish to get any one in trouble, this is not the purpose of this post. The purpose is because I cannot say this in game (limitations on characters and such, plus it would not get the message out clear enough).
  23. A thirty second delay would murder the JD class, unless we are giving much larger shields. but at the same time though being able to clock shoot cloak shoot isn't exactly right either. To balance things I would have to say a 10-15 second delay to the cloak wouldn't completely hurt the JD class, just make the JD class unable to take on GoBB or FB by itself. I am a JD, even I think solo'n GoBB and FB is a bit over the line.
  24. When i started agrippa, my cent faction was 5500+ and my RD faction was +11K at that time. with a +20% faction per point good for a rival faction (ie RD's) would have seriously hurted me. or you saying there is a cap @ 160%?
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