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  1. I also have been in one of the big 3', I also took part in said raid. I also know that we thought it was publics week, not that I really have to explain myself! now with that being said, what makes anyone think that they are more entitled to doing a raid then anyone else is? you squander over a lost raid trigger and the rest of the server is still waiting in line to get a chance without having to join a big guild! some have been waiting years to get what some of us have! tell me most of you don't have high end gear, or is it just the main members with it all? here's the thing, the devs brought a game back we all enjoy, and have done a mighty fine job of it, THANK YOU ALL! but if only the chosen based on the few are aloud to do the raids and have the cool stuff then why would people want to stick around. i mean think about it, 1) they cant do the big raids for fear of getting in trouble (sorry, but I'm not 5) 2) they cant get the cool stuff due to not having the 500mil creds someone wants for it, not that they cant earn it but for some it is harder to get! 3) if they do get to be in one of the big 3' they have to wait for their time to be able to join the raids and hope that all the big wigs of said guild already have what they seek so they may roll on it, maybe not every guild is this way but i have seen it! you wanna help? after you all have the gear why not give it away, like a lotto! are the credits really all that important when you probly have billions? I personally think the so called rules which I might add are not the "official game rules" need to be reconsidered and others should be given the chance to do such raids. if they fail so what, its a game get over it. if they beat it then gratz to them. now I'm not saying that any one group should camp the raids and be unthoughtful to the next person, if you've done it recently let others have at it. don't be selfish and forget everyone else exists, its fun to do the raids even if you don't win anything (although its nice too!). i am happy to help with any raid if i can, don't matter what guild or if its just random people! one more thing to point out, i don't care for your rotations for they don't benefit anyone but those who put them in place! now if everyone chooses to ignore me in the game or not help me then so be it, its just more reason to do what i do and that's to play a game that i love and to get the things i can however i can! i wish no hard feelings towards anyone, i have had fun with and raided with a lot of you! with all this said it WAS us "Seekstrikedestroy" that triggered and killed gobb! it was a misunderstanding as far as the rotation goes, are we sorry? well truthfully no we are not! although we did try to do the raids on their respective public weeks just for this topics (complaining) reason! we just confused that one in particular! but since its out and we are being accused of purposely doing so, we have come to the conclusion that we will continue to do as we have. we want to play the game as it was intended and we want the good gear too! most of us have been in big guilds and honestly its more like a political party, its old and BS. we raid and everyone has the chance to roll, if we have it we let others roll first for the same opportunity! if its up, we decide to do it, and we have the means, we will take it! one thing you should know, is that we would not ever try to steal a raid trigger, we know this is a bad idea! if we see you there we wont disturb the raid, but if your cloaked and don't let us know your there to do the raid, well that's your bad! if you sit there for days and nothing happens (such as camping it), well that's also your bad! if we take a raid it is honestly due to we see no one near it or no activity so don't confuse it to try and get us banned! a quick message will help with this specially if your cloaked and trying to do the raid and not just sucker us in! "they should be banned", "we messaged them and they still killed the trigger" i can hear it and see it now, wait for it I'm sure its to come. we mean well, we just want to play, and I'm saying "we are here to play!" and have fun doing it!
  2. Hi I am a returning player, after a short break. i reinstalled EnB and net-7 on my machine and I cannot log into the game. But I can on the forums as well as the portal. Need help please  
  3. well atleast it didnt go down during the fb lol!
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