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  1. When I reach the EULA upon startup and click agree, my PC freezes and I have to re-boot. Windows XP, drivers updated. Tried un-checking Packet re-order and removing the global file. condition persists. Thanks!
  2. torkk


    Hello Folks! It's been quite awhile, was in South Africa - man what a journey! Back for awhile!
  3. torkk

    1st Secret Project

    Worked perfectly for me and I got an error message as well from net-7 but closed and re-opened and it updated and patched. All is well.
  4. Here's a possibility. What were talking about are ratios, number of guilds/size per spawn times and player/guild numbers increasing exponentially. It seems that a possible solution when we go live and test this in Beta, may be to re-visit these spawn times and update the spawn times as the number of guilds increase, from 1 a day to two a day etc. Were talking about a 24 hour time period here and there is ample room for multiple spawn times. The other aspect that would accompany these spawns would be to code a recognition statement when the spawn appears that would allow a guild 1 activation within a 24 hour period. Recognition might also include a predetermined number of guild tickers to allow for smaller guilds working together. Code would identity participants by their guild ticker(s). If said guild(s) had already taken down the spawn within that 24 hour time period or had participated with another guild the spawn would continue but the guild ticker(s) would prevent weapons damage etc to the mob or be disallowed by the spawn in some other manner. Guild tags might be coded as "Neutral" to the spawn, meaning that those participating in the raid were neutral until recognized. some of the positive benefits:[list] [*]end camping [*]require guilds to monitor their participation times [*]end agreements that only work for a time and seem to create more division than unity [*]lessen workloads of GM's having to deal with these situations [*]reduce lag [*]improve guild planning activities within and without to other guilds. [*]create the need for guild reps to work with other guilds in these raid plans [*]provide additional opportunities for guild officers in these guild relationships. [*]end the covert raiders (lol) [/list] .
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    [quote name='RojoMuerte' timestamp='1319156693' post='47516'] http://enbmaps.forlorn-hope.org/gamemap.php [/quote] Download that whole data base [url="http://enbmaps.forlorn-hope.org/NavData.zip"][b]here[/b][/url]
  6. torkk


    [quote name='RojoMuerte' timestamp='1319156693' post='47516'] http://enbmaps.forlorn-hope.org/gamemap.php [/quote] Download that data base [url="http://enbmaps.forlorn-hope.org/NavData.zip"]here[/url]
  7. One One of the continuing points of conversations is after 150, uber equipment, having done the big spawns over and over again, etc, What next? Consider the creation of AI factions that would be created from time to time at various levels as points of confrontation to defend the enb galaxy. These factions might exist as one or several at a time and affect various parts of the galaxy. Their numbers might increase exponentially until their base was found and destroyed. They might even have various levels of bases, a primary and some out posts in space. This would encourage inter-guild alliances to defeat these invaders and give us the needed adversary plus additional or existing loots. Maybe even new ship types. Home worlds for these factions might also be established with orbiting defense systems and planetary defenses that must be defeated to reach the planetary HQ, Two Consider the creation of intermittent wandering spatial anomalies. These anomalies might have various forms of appearance, some threatening and some seemingly friendly that would offer engines, devices, weapons, missions etc. They would appear from time to time throughout the enb galaxy and not necessarily in the same place. Perhaps a chance meeting? Some might appear to be friendly and then in fact be destructive and vise versa.
  8. In all honesty I do not like the idea of a player wipe. Yet I fully understand the need for this. It will be great when we are live and playing with a fresh data base. So despite the ominous clouds on the horizon I will continue to play. It is however a very valid consideration as this game has been in development far longer than most and in all reality there is really only so much that can be expected of beta testers before some break. Most of us already understand that player wipes were part of this testing period and yes some will quit. That is unfortunate. But as I said, we knew this would happen and we can continue to haggle over the inevitable or simply accept the wipe and continue on. We don't have to like it! Maybe we can expedite it and get it over with and behind us! LOL! Lastly though, I do think it a good idea to reach some point of being able to state 'Last Player Wipe" or something to that effect because; as much as we understand the need for a wipe, they do have very negative effects on folks including negative PR, word of mouth, to potential new players. So having a final announcement would inspire and encourage old and new player support. That being said, all these posts contain honest and great opinions and suggestions on the subject and I would like to make a few comments. [b]Declining player numbers.[/b] IMHO, I believe that we in fact do lose players who don't want to invest the time building an avatar only to have it wiped. Many of these players are waiting for enb to go live, then they will come back. Others may well be gone forever. When we do go live, many more players will be attracted to the game and our player numbers will increase probably much quicker than is expected or anticipated. People will come, people will go and new people, of all ages, will continue to discover this game as long as it remains! [b]Beta tester avatar rewards[/b] One thing to remember is that we already have many benefits of having tested this game and when we go live, we can utilize this knowledge. This includes:[list] [*]insta guilds [*]well established contacts within and without our guilds [*]mob and loot locations [*]weapons, devices, buffs usage, etc. [*]familiarity with missions and such of this emulator [*]other game play knowledge [/list] So at the very least we won't be entering the game completely new or blind. My advice to all and I am certain you're already on this, is to come up with a recovery plan for your player or guild. Working together, knowing these benefits, will enable all of us to re-gain the levels we enjoy much more quickly. Finally, I would not be against some sort of avatar conciliatory gesture such as a one time character per player being bestowed with 400 SP's (Snicker)
  9. torkk


    I'm sure you already have this but wanted to post ne way : [url="http://enbmaps.forlorn-hope.org/maptest.php?sector=59"]enbmaps.forlorn-hope.org[/url] Haven't been able to find a home page but if you change the last 2 numerical digits to other 2 digit numbers the maps for other sectors show up and they show hidden navs and locs. http://enbmaps.forlorn-hope.org/maptest.php?sector=59 <---change last two digits
  10. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1303392230' post='39568'] Definitely interested if it all works. I was unable to get archived copies on the internet to work properly. Send respective details to PM as I'm not home and can't get to TS here. [/quote] The file is about 35 megabytes that I can upload to??? Let me kno! Scott
  11. Hello, Yesterday I found a topic having to do with seeking content of the old ENB and where to post it. I cannot seem to find that topic again. I am also on TS. Please contact me in game or here. I found an old CD with mass info from the old EBIIA website having to do with formulas, mobs, classes, weapons etc and would like to get it to you. There is a lot of information on it. Thanks Torkk
  12. Hello! I am sure you have already seen this but thought I'd put the old link here. It shows a lot of different things stations offered and which ones had job terminals etc. [url="http://ebiia.net/Stations.shtml"]Station List[/url]
  13. [quote name='Dakynos' timestamp='1267151128' post='10071'] N7 launcher(click "check" and it will tell you) E&B notifier program - see the downloads section for a copy. The N7 website: [url="http://www.net-7.org/"]http://www.net-7.org/[/url] - it shows the server status in the upper right hand corner. [/quote] Ok I'm confused I went to the net 7.org and it indicates online status, but when I try to log in net 7 launcher says offline??? Any way I know they are doing the best they can and am not complaining. Tks.
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